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  1. No idea mate, police career went into early retirement...
  2. Lube

    Tujm Makmud

    Bumped into this god of a man today. Provided insane RP displaying a character with a kink for feet. Never had such in depth RP with someone, let alone trying to lick my feet. Felt complete emersion and genuinely felt like a real life confrontation at points. I will never forget the quote "I will lick your feet dry for £20". Again, can't believe the Marabunta offer such high quality RP. PS - He would make a great game tester. @Flutter
  3. First time playing in a few weeks. First encounter was with Carlós Emanuel. Spent a good few hours with some amazing furry RP and another hour pretending to be a cow. A few other farm yard animals were also involved. Also a shout out to @Harri Atlaswho also showed some incredible RP. Never knew he was that good at roleplaying as animals. Great to see some alternative rpers about. I know Carlós Emanuel doesn't like the spotlight and might get a bit embarrassed by this post but I just want to say well done @Johnathon Reeds! Also @Jan Polanskioffers some really good rp too.
  4. Met you guys a few times and you all seem decent people with good intentions and high quality RP. Good luck lads
  5. Witnessed this today. I had 6 radios on me, dropped 5 and it somehow let me rob a shop. Once it had been hacked, the countdown began but was stuck on 240 seconds. It would not let me use my radio again until I had dropped my final radio and picked it back up again.
  6. When editing a PNC report, you can back out with the report not saved. If you do this however and open a different report the opened reports content is the previous report. This isn't a major issue but if you save this report content before exiting, it overwrites the new report with the old one deleting it's contents. My personal experience with the issue involves accidentally overwriting a warrant losing valuable evidence never to be recovered again. Very easy mistake to make and I am sure multiple officers have done this unknowingly resulting in lost evidence. Bit of a tongue twister so included a gif of what I mean: https://i.gyazo.com/6a5321dc1feaacccb8a6625c6ff70f33.mp4 . If you still need me to explain, more than happy to do on twitter
  7. Does my nut in so thought I would report it. Doesn't let you use the door as if there is some sort of invisible object in the doorway. https://streamable.com/ozhmnr
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