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  1. Big up to the devs Gang wars was fun as fuck.

    1. sciencefreak74


      They didn't get much mention in the changelog due to me writing it up while doing 5 other things so I'll give them credit here. Thanks to @Gordonfor fixing up the map locations that I left damage on for every single object and @DCC LastNickLeftfor finding the icons for the new UI.

      The old icons looked like this: 😂 GreenTruthfulCaterpillar.jpg

  2. Aight so this might be alot to read trough. It also might sound biased but here it goes : GENERAL - There needs to be a strict despawn script for cars. The ammount of vehicles left everywhere probably caused major lag. - The same goes for Money and body bags they need to get despawned faster cuz at some point there was more body bags than people in zones. - The ability to insta F no matter if your inside of the cap zone or just the normal zone. - I know it was said during the event already but a 5minute NLR time is good enough. - So this one is more a QOL but the point were covering up the NLR timer and i know it fucked me over a few times. - Now this one is probably the most annoying one that happaned but before there was any poseidon member even online cops were already capping two zones. Since they got on before most of the poseidon members. I know i was probably in the first wave that got in and started pushing a zone and even then police already had arround 600 point head start. - One of the thing that was also annoying for both sides is the camping of roads leading to cap zones I know there was a massive fight with police at Aggelchori fuel station nowhere near a cap zone but on the way to them. The same happaned near Charkia where police were also waiting for poseidon to enter inside of the zone. When this started happening is also caused poseidon to start doing that with the solar towers. -I still think that the rewards for winning are unbalanced on all sides. Lets be honest here if poseidon wins we get 15% off gear and thats nice but the 10% of drug sales. For that to actually be usefull you would need people to be doing poseidon drugs in the first place but since they pay aboslutly nothing no one actually does them. The police while winning new land also dont get much more than that more land to patrol maybe if they win they should get the ability to see normal drug locations for that week i know that would make some thing easier for em. Rebels other than money from kills and holding the zone get fuck all so for them its just a big ass redzone and thats it. Make it so that rebels actually get cheaper gear by some ammount (maybe diving it into 0% if police win, 10-15% if poseidon win, 20% if rebels win) that would in my opinion make rebels cooperate with poseidon against police or even make rebel groups cooperate with themselves against both factions alot more. POSEIDON - Even with Poseidon paying half price for their gear I myself wasted arround 3mil for gearsets. While not really getting much back from the kills (Now here i will agree that i have no idea how many kills were actually in the cap zone and i wasnt paying attention for the kill rewards being payed out). In my opinion buffing kill rewards for Poseidon and civs would be a smart idea ( Maybe making a larger zone where kill rewards will be payed out but not contribute to actually capping (This could go along with Akula's Suggestion to make it into a capture the flag type cap zone)) - With that i would also suggest higher cap zone rewards that are payed out cuz poseidon was getting arround 5k ish each. - The zones or cap zones in itself were not balanced with cops having 2 zones almost next to their spawn and the closest one for poseidon being at Rodopoli. the Police had the Dome right outside their spawn so contesting that was a proper fail to even attempt. - I dont know if this was a bug or if i misunderstood it but between the event i saw the notification for the Poseidon dirty bank pop up multiple time's as far as i know Banks were disabled or was that meant for only HM,AR,Drug Stash, Continental. POLICE - So if anything yesterdays event showed that number matter. With police able to have people set up to hold zones while also contesting every zone they wish with more spec ops units so as many have said There needs to be a cap on the ammount of police Either a 25v25 or 20v20 with faction command setting up priority as they wish. - So i dont know this but while poseidon had a hardcap of 2 ifrits im pretty sure police were not following this rule at all i literally saw atleast two hunters in every zone i was in being driven by police (They might have gotten them from rebels tho) - The ammount of flashbangs used was also a bit strange ngl. Flashbangs give a clear advantage the same with teargas. Also the ammount of times i was spiked yesterday just trying to get to cap zones was actually absurd. There should be strong limitations on using these or not even allowed to use them at all. - Poseidon heard alot of Police also havign DARTERS above every zone just that in itself gives you such an advantage that they need to be limited also or not used at all. - Ive heard multiple Police officers say that poseidon has better gear yet the ammount of PCSO'S yesterday running arround with MX's and Promet's was stupid while poseidon was limited to gearsets in their arsenal we literally had people fighting with AK's i do not know from where the idea comes that everyone was getting a CAR 95-1 with 100rounds cause that was not happening at all. Ofc people with arsenal acces to these guns used them but not everyone. REBEL - What was the point for rebels fighting border wars yesterday? (no offense but did rebels actually gain anything at all from that?) - In my opinion rebels should have a reason to fight so maybe make it so that if police win gear prices stay the same if poseidon wins all rebel gear costs 10-15% less and if rebels win the gear cost goes down by 20% or less this will give rebels something to actually fight for and a reason to work together to fuck both poseidon and police over.
  3. So I'm gonna throw my opinion out here but ill try to separate it onto points for a clearer view. The event in it self should maybe not be only faction based? Since aight the rebels by themselves gain money from kills and from ticking points. There was something posted on this forums a while ago and for the love of me I cant find it ( just suck at searching I guess?) that said something of the following : If police win gun prices stay the same If poseidon win gun prices are reduced by 5-10% If rebels win gun prices gets reduced even more 15%? This is gonna combat a few thing : It will probably prevent teaming from cops and rebels or rebels and poseidon. It gives rebels actually something to fight for since 15% decress and combine it with a decressed vehicle price. Why would we exclude the faction that both whitelisted faction literally need to have anything to do at all? Or lemme word it better why would rebels be excluded from having a major benefit? Now down to something else : POSEIDON : (gonna put this here since im in poseidon this could be seen as biased) - Jesse already pointed out that even if you only die every 10 minutes the ammount of money we would spend for gear in itself would NEVER be payed back from the 10% drug price increase. - Maybe make it so that if poseidon wins we get cheaper gear and vehicle % based ofc. - This one is out here but. Instead of the paycheck increase why not make it so that poseidon make a certain % from all gun's sold at Rebel outpost, Advanced (I would personally leave Rebel FOB out of it cuz the ammount of guns bought there is alot?) POLICE: - As said before in this thread since cops do not pay money for their gear there should be a limit on the ammount of them who can join the event in itself. Now if its better to cap that at 15 or 10 thats up to the dev's and input of others. Priority should be Command >AR > NCA. - This was already talked about but the MRAP limit should stay in place with 3. - Maybe limit or dont allow the usage of teargas and flashbangs? (Strong Maybe here) - Give cops if they win the ability to see the normal drug locations as a reward since some of them were complaining about it taking forever for normal units to find and verify all locations. In the end of it all while this border war is more of a cop vs poseidon with rebels annoying both it would include rebels into the fight and give them a reason to fight for. Cuz in the end of it borders means shit if theres no Rebels.
  4. This made me chuckle.


    1. Nikolai


      i mean that is a valid Reason for a impound 

    2. Toca


      Still funny tho

  5. Resolved, talked with boab on TS. An admin can close this report.
  6. Your In-game name Toca Triton Name of the player(s) you are reporting MasterCriminalBoab Date of the incident 08/23/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2345 What best describes this incident ? Other Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident So the situation happened when poseidon were doing an HM we decide to sell the gold at the gold buyer at oreokastro. When we arrive there a gunfight is already ongoing when i decide to take a strategic point at the Gangbase. After a while i see an orca aproach me and lands above in the tower. He decamps and i move position so in the first part of the video you see Boab trying to get an advantage with "V" over the small ledge that prevents you to look down. I decide to take cover right below the tower to prevent him from getting an angle on me. Later on the video at arround 4.47 you can see me dying and boab reloading his gun while being stuck in the wall. The only way to get an angle below me is to "V" over the ledge that prevents you to get an angle. You can also see him trying his best to not fall on the ground and later in the video he fall on the ground but gets ported back inside of the tower. At 5:30 you can see him trough the window still inside the tower when he casually just presses "V" to get outside of the tower again. Unfortunatly he was not on teamspeak when I had the video ready so I was not able to talk with him about the situation. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O8NrnTJYiQ This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
  7. Your In-game name Toca Name of the player(s) you are reporting Mitch Date of the incident 08/07/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2 What best describes this incident ? Poor/Low Quality RP Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident First I would like to state that I myself was not involved in this incident but got asked by one of my gang members Ling to report this person since Ling is curently unable to report him in the required ammout of time (24h) since he is away. From what Ican see in the video itself is ling is staking out the diamond shop when he hears a HEMMT approaching. When the HEMMT aproaches he gives it a bit of time for the guy that is selling to be comfortable. After that he proceeds to initiate on the guy to start the robbery and after a bit the guy simply vanishes and from sidechat its clear he aborted to loby (Combat logged) with all the money he got from selling the diamonds. Ling also lockpicks his HEMMT and it shows theres only 8 diamonds inside. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN5qYnUDs_o This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
  8. I mean... Back to work it is. Cya boys arround
  9. Kavala never change.


    1. M


      Did you get it down? 

  10. @George-Harris The person who you hear telling me where to move is Lee the Bastard, he and rotate were the guys in the hellcat. Also Lee is the person you can hear clearly while rotate is the one with a bit of mic eco since Lee was in coms with rotate on discord.
  11. Well since my name is mentioned on this report I am going to reply. Firstly you yourself acknowledge that before the situation escalated to the gun fight there was good RP provided. The problem you seem to be having is that the person who was dead was apparently giving me information about the location and the positioning of yourself during it. May I ask you if you have seen the hellcat hovering above (not close but still in range) and also if you know that Hellcats are equiped with thermal visioning cameras the cameras see movement from people since we give out heat. In the video I am posting below you can see me getting information about your location from Rotate trough Lee since Rotate dislikes the use of Teamspeak. Notice that even thou Rotate is not in the teamspeak channel I still hear his callouts from Lee's teamspeak. During the video before you got shot you do not hear anyone else give me any information regarding you or your location. And even in my video its clearly obvius that I had a pretty good idea where you were for most of the time. I would also like to point out that while the person was saying "Behind the Hemmit" multiple times over and over on my side of the coms I hear absolutly nothing. I would also like the adress the part where instead calling me to teamspeak where we could talk about the whole situation where I would happily provide you with a video from my perspective you went straight towards the forums to make a report (mind you im not bothered that much by the break of RP you make with yelling towards Someone getting banned, and that you have a video of it.). Below is a video from my perspective. Also I will not be responding to this report anymore unless and admin wishes for me to talk. LINK:
  12. Hey im the person that is in the video. Firstly let me start with apologizing towards SGT Felix and SGT KeirT about this whole situation that happened. When I intiated I was certain I did it in a proper manner. When SGT Felix got out of it (helicopter). And in his hand he already had his gun (I did not know that if you have a gun drawn and enter a vehicle that when you decamp from it your gun stays drawn). Being in the heat of the situation I shoot without thinking that Sgt Felix and SGT KeirT might want to engage in roleplaying. After I checked my video of the situation I saw that I was at fault. I talked to SGT KierT and asked him if he wants to go into the liason to talk about it. In it I admited my mistake and I apologised about the whole situation to SGT KeirT unfortunatly Sgt Felix was not on anymore so I could not apologise to him also. I would like to apologise to SGT Felix On this report for the mistake.
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