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  1. Unban Appeal for Neb In-game Name: NebYahontov Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198291545787 The date you got banned: 03/06/21 Member of the team that banned you: Robbie Reason given for your ban: Economy Protection In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Ok So I Was Handed By A Random A Lot Of Shotgun Shells , I Found This Very Sus So I Started Trying To Figure Out If There Was Some Sort Of Glitch Or Issue As I Wanted To Take A Video And Send It To Admin For Them To Figure Out.However This Was Late At Night Before This Ban And I Had To L
  2. Neb


    Another Forum Gang I Bet
  3. under the radar pulls guns on everyone hhaha
  4. can i please get Neb the guy hasnt posted 1 thing and hasnt been active since he joined
  5. just kinda sad how ur first thought is to scam a returning player dont u think
  6. bit of a prick move to scam on the forums
  7. Neb

    More loot

    Suggestion - More loot Pros - This means you can actually find guns that’s are not mp7 or g 36 also this would mean a simple 25x isn’t some rare commodity. This would mean mili bases would be more worth it and I wouldn’t need to camp vmc as much (because that’s where the only good loot is ) also this would fix the broken nw airfield where the bunkers don’t spawn stuff and atc which on most servers is a hotspot doesn’t only have canned beans in it also this would mean freshies would be able to find gear and people wouldn’t have to walk 2hrs to find a glock with no mag cons -
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