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    2 complains have been put in by merc one for car 33 overtaking under saftey car and one for wrong procedures for laped cars under the saftey car......stupid
  2. I have been playing RUST for a couple of years now and RP there was not existing a couple years ago and even if there were any servers they would lose player count after a few days of the wipe, but in the past year RUST got a few updates that are realy useful for RP servers and there is currently a few RP servers that hold player count through the whole wipe. The only problem with rust is that some people may not like it because of the forced wipes every month becuse that would mean a completly diffrent RP playstyle.
  3. i understand you but im not realy in a rush to sell the barn so im going to decline the offer
  4. are you selling a barn?

  5. offer so i see where we are.
  6. i am aware but my attempt at being funny failed by the looks of it. Its north of Kore, the barn.
  7. its a barn they are all the same?
  8. Thanks for all help, i have managed to contact steam and they have reseted my account and put a new password on it so i could regain acces to it
  9. phone number got removed from the account, i think i found something to contact them i hope they respond
  10. I have tried to change the password on the account and it says that it changed secesfully but when i try to log in it says incorect, i have changed my email pass aleready.
  11. TY for that i just have a problem how do i open the ticket? i cant find any email that i can text or anything.
  12. Is anyone familliar with the procces if your steam account gets stolen and its registerd email gets changed and its phone number removed is there any way of retreiving it and how?
  13. I dont think that is an excuse to break rules.
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