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  1. Its probably his civilian character.
  2. Yes i can see your screen from our high mountains🏔🏔
  3. you are probably one of the guys who has 100mil on his bank account and is afraid to lose an mxsw kit which cotst 150k....
  4. @Hayden Tacituswhen are you going to join????
  5. I think he just has to contact a trainer to do his test
  6. Metagame, where did i show any metagaming ingame i mentioned it here on forums after conclusion that the gang member i was talking to before then jumped in the same vehicle as you were inside and then all of you guys fired at us so i was assuming that it was your gang member/ally. And if PC Hyper was letting you be there with a weapon, well he shouldnt, so if you fell like you were not treated the same way you can file a PCC against me and we can discuss that there. But no need to discuss that anymore because we are not going to get anywhere, so lets just wait for staff.
  7. Just to make clear its not a personal report and but im starting to get sick of people who rather brake a server rule or get themselves in gunfight with police and take a 50% chance of winning a gunfight and getting away with their 250k loadout and if you ask me that is just avoiding RP with Police and 2 min before this occoured one of your gang member said to me "F*** off Loki, you are getting on my t***" when i told him just to put the wapon in the backpack/quillin , also you can have the same level of RP with or without a weapon you shuld not even have on yourself. And to get to the
  8. Report a player Your In-game Name: SGT Loki [6749] Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Ross Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 04/07/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1810 What best describes this incident ?: Exploiting and breaking blue zone rules Please (in detail) describe the incident: There was a lot of action going on in kavala PD he was the first person that i saw with an illegal rifle inside the Police station, when i tell him that he is going to be arrested he pulls out a lethal weapond ((5.2
  9. Yes try asking staff member if you can use the training server.
  10. Its been announced that it comes out on 30. Feb. 2022.
  11. Im not quite sure but i think you can store guns without any ugrades but if you dont have Resuply point you cannot store mags that also means if you have a mag in the gun you are trying to store you wont be able to store it. And make sure you click on items not resources when storing.
  12. Drugs are more expensive if they are illegal than if they are legal.
  13. I mean there is always a chance that you get robbed by other gangs while doing drug runs buying stuff at rebel outpost, poseidon isnt always there to protect you and also while doing drug runs there is a chance that you get arrested by police which can still patrol poseidon lands. So yes there is much less risk doing drug runs in poseidon land than queen lands but there is still some especialy if your solo.
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