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  1. Its about time this happened after all the false promises made to the playerbase. That being said it was a blast and I enjoyed every minute with the community.
  2. Thats odd, I did an RBA with @Mads Frostwhen there was about 60 players on and we could do it. In the case that there is a min. popcap in place there shouldnt be any imo. Only police min limit.
  3. Let them make an unban appeal. There will be no mass unban for this.
  4. Yeah A sounds good to end it with a blast!
  5. How do you plan to have smaller gangs? Gang forming is a mentality which usually ends up with people flocking to the bigger sized ones. Will there be a hard limit how many members a single gang can have? Will allies be disabled as this will end up with smaller gangs grouping up to form a big alliance? (Also again the common mentality) If no hard limits are going to prevent big gangs things will just end up the same as is now regardless of the new activities or landscape.
  6. No one does runs? People have been doing runs again ever since @sciencefreak74changed the entire scheme. Is there enough content for rebels? No. How about some transparacy of the development, people want to look forward to seeing nice things come to the server yet it's been quiet for some time. I am not going to dig at development as its easy to point fingers as to what people are not doing right even though development has been trying despite many people slandering them to bring out updates to the server. They're putting in their own time to work on things yet every update people start to whine about them wasting their time on things people dont want, I wouldn't be motivated to bring my best if people are going to shit on me regardless. Yet again I do think that if you're less into it that it would be best to recruit more developers to the team and have them work towards something. Right now, they have done a good job at bringing QoL updates and ofcourse they revamped the runs which was a big succes as we had 130 people on when it was updated. We can see that there is a pattern though that when people have done their runs they get to the 'end-game' which is just buying xians, blackfishes etc anything expensive but when you have alot of money there is just ample things you can do with it. The flag system was a good idea to get rid of some money like gambling addicts like me (Spent more money than I wanted to on them ) Now the way going forward is going to be hard seeing as people only want to play when there's people on obviously but the start is in my opinion by revamping rebel life at this point. There is just simply not enough things to do for a rebel once they start stacking millions in the bank. What should be added to make that different? I have no idea
  7. Are you using any MSI hard/software?
  8. Good to see you back! #bringbackaltianrookbangers
  9. Yes, I made the mistake of running into the purple zone, this was after I got told to leave the compound. I realised this mistake early on by running back towards the compound but ended up getting shot so I ran back again. Shouldve ran out the gate towards pyrgos in hindsight. This was a poor decision I made and thus will face the punishment that comes from it. This would be my POV after we landed and got initiated on but I won't include that initiation as its already in kierons vid. If so desired by all parties I can show 5m/full situation aswell.
  10. Half of the people on there don't play anymore... so when is it getting an update?
  11. Good job with the video, loved it!

    We have plenty of years of good times waiting for us at RPUK 🙂 

    1. Jolly


      Thank you 🙂

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