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  1. In this situation, I realise I was severely out numbered but the only people who I seen with guns out where the people in your car the rest of the car windows were tinted and for all I know it was only the people in the Freecrawler that weapons on me. So I thought I would take the chance and try shoot as I knew I had other Grove members coming and they weren't too far out as I was calling them when getting chased and boxed in. And can I also ask why 80% of the video is Muted.
  2. Lamborghini Huracan performante Badge is gone Missing ever since some of the cars tints where changed and also the headlights are no longer able to be tinted and it has no tint on the front glass . Before Now
  3. @wilco de roos First of all i didn't know the other guy's name who was doing it so that's why i just gave his id. This isn't aimed at know one i just don't appreciate people exploiting. Now you're throwing wild accusation's at me saying I'm revenge reporting. I'm just gonna leave this here and let staff decide.
  4. @wilco de roos So you have small inconvenience so you then decide to exploit and think its ok because you have a minor problem with people getting in your way.
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