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  1. if we vote do u think they will release arma 4 ?
  2. Maxim just ended this mans whole career
  3. Unban Appeal for DylannS In-game Name: s1m0n ros Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198261146661 The date you got banned: 11/25/20 Member of the team that banned you: Autoban Reason given for your ban: C1.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: was trying to write none and put nonce instead https://youtu.be/PD6YH4R5q5A Why should we unban you ?: was a typo i didn't mean to do it i was just trying to write none Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  4. A better roleplay in my eyes is someone who can make someone feel immersed in what they are doing and make them feel differently about the game as if it was something they really could see themself doing in real life. I understand that this must sound hypocritical due to my actions. But that is what I endeavor to be , a person who can make someone feel immersed in the situation they have found themselves in and make them feel as if it was a real encounter which they could of had in real life
  5. Thank you for the response Bowen. What i really was plagued by was my difficulty providing quality RP before discharging a firearm contributing to RDM. I personally believe i have gotten better at providing quality "initiation" and role play before deciding to shoot at someone and taking into account a lot more but i cannot say i am perfect but no one is and everyone can make mistakes and i understand that i have made multiple mistakes (probably too many) but i look at it as a learning curve and something to learn from. When i came to this server it was with the hopes of playing with my friends without knowing much about the game-mode and looking at it as the Arma 3 i knew before which was military simulation. but i have since i believe learned from this and became a better role-player and i believe i have. thank you for your reply Bowen and i hope this has answered your question
  6. Wouldn't have missed this for the world sadly i cannot attend i am deeply apologetic to the brides
  7. Unban Appeal for DylannS In-game Name: Dylann Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198261146661 The date you got banned: 11/19/20 Member of the team that banned you: Samantha Reason given for your ban: Exploiting - Fairbans System In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned because i had placed a spike strip under a car in an attempt to pop the tires adn prevent them from driving off Why should we unban you ?: First i would like to acknowledge my rule break and sincerely offer my apology to the people i effected by exploiting the spike strip system i now understand that this is an exploit and vowe to not do it again should this appeal be accepted. I understand that a big part of my ban was attributed to my history and the fair bans system but should you accept my appeal i will work hard to better myself knowing what i know now and improve the way i conduct myself on this server. I really enjoy playing on RPUK and playing police and making friends along the way as i have and i this is a very big drive for me to play RPUK in a rule abiding way as i do not wish to lose these friendships which i have made along the way and would be deply saddening to me. I hope that you can forgive me for one last time and allow me to play on RPUK and prove to you that i can be better and will make it my goal to prove that you were right to forgive me as i said i didnt know this was an exploit even though i should have common sense and recognize this for myself and would never try to break rules intentionally Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  8. i see one major issue you are not the guy i ran over how would you know how i interacted with him after and how is my RP earlier in the day related to running someone over And Also i was available all night on team speak i was even spoken to by maxim and maverick delta after he had been done with you so that is another lie
  9. 1. Lying in your report you did not try to resolve this by any out of character means before reporting 2. I was looking backwards - 3. i sent the guy an apology ooc saying that i was sorry for VDMing to which i did not receive a response had the person who was impacted by me running them over messaged me and asked for compensation of such even tho he did not lose anything i would of been more than happy to provide
  10. I am in no way affiliated with this report. please leave screenshots including me out of this. Thank you
  11. This would be really good to see and is a vast improvement from the currnet one +1
  12. because i dont need to talk with the rest of the group to resolve the killing of 1 person
  13. i am willing to goto a liason with the report maker and none of the others and i shall talk with the person making the report
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