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  1. Sorry to dissapoint you, but when did I say I am homophobic? yea, exactly I didnt. I admitted to trolling, and I didnt admit to any shit roleplay Feels like you are just trying to get revenge on me because things didnt go your way. And yea I apologized but you said something of "that is not apology, I am not accepting that". this seriously got in to your feelings, but hopefully someday you realise that this is just a game.
  2. Let the admins decide the rest, but in liason punk you interrupted and I think I ask you to leave, but its your gang channel so I think its not cool for me to say that can you bounce. But I think ginge can relate to me that I was not given a chance to speak with out someone interrupting.
  3. Well clearly you should use //, because that is out of the character and the situation would had stopped there. If you cannot handle me being toxic or mouthly inform me about the matter by //stop. But I told you guys look gay. it has nothing to do you guys as person or who you really are. It is just me chatting shit in game for laughs. But clearly if that offended you I can promise that is not the first or the last game you play where you get called gay for no reason. And in my opinion calling people gay is mild insult thing to say what comes to insults. Its not like I went and call
  4. Well clearly the roleplay was issue to you, how am I supposed to know that half of the things I said didnt come out because my mic had a problem. This would have been solved in liason if you had send me the recording, but you didnt. And thats why we are here. I still dont think I need a reason to execute if you are my hostage. But I dont know why you begged me to give a reason so I told you that you didnt comply.
  5. Yes, I tried to tip the hemmt on its side to make it block the road and was trolling which is a rulebreak from my side. I apologize. But as for the homophobic stuff I am just being a mouthly bastard trying to piss you guys off. If you got offended about that or if that made you feel bad why didnt you put //Stop in direct chat? So I would have stopped. But bragging to me about the gopro footage and basically threat to report thats ok to do?
  6. First of all. Yes if you are accusing me about this and that and speak over me, and threat to report id rather talk with an admin. Now I understand how that shows poor rp, My mic is cutting my voice and I its really quiet. Like at 2:45, I was clearly trying to initiate, but now as I watch the footage I can barely hear anything. Why didnt you say anything about that? also at 5:40-5:48 I have a mic open but nothing comes out and at the end aswell, I can barely hear myself, Other than that I think its still my decision to spare your life or not.
  7. So you assume that because in game I am "toxic" and I am in "toxic" gang that I cannot talk through situations in teamspeak like an adult? And I dont have recording about the situation.
  8. Ayo, Gruppr sorry that you felt someway about me accidentally running you over. I glitched and after that I realised you were knocked over.. And this could of been easily resolved in Teamspeak, so why didnt you pop me a message, Dog? - TFR RIOT
  9. @Riadwell I dont think people need combat stance to be able to shoot you
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