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  1. @Maxim plus the music of a Year 10
  2. Just returned to RPUK whats the Server called? @ACC Greenhalgh 8181
  3. Oh I do love this Seems about right just a hovering helicopter on the main road This is my greatest photo since I've been on the island I'd say I got some good photos the past few days
  4. You'll have to take me out in that at some point mate @Alex Maximillian
  5. Loving that new TARU @Alex Maximillian Also nice to see you as a Surgeon now!
  6. I've never seen such a busy Bits and Bobs store 

    1. Wilco


      never seen so many status updates from one person! 😆 use this forum for pictures/videos


    2. EMERS62


      @Wilco sorry! 😁 I also put this on the forum! Just want some more content on my profile! But cheers for reminding me and for now I'll use the screen shots and videos section.

  7. Got my vote Mr Wrinkle! @Teddy Winkle's Wrinklers! Myself and @masll, @Tatwaffe, @PsyGames, and Teddy Wrinkle himself did a road trip from Kavala to Airport in the good old "Teddy Tractors" to support Mr Wrinkles Political Party, we want to build a bigger Tractor Nation so if anyone has one grab it and vote Teddy Wrinkle for Mayor in Kavala square to show your a true Wrinkler!
  8. standing_helis.png

    Now this is what you call a photo!

    @Redux Gamer @Jxshuaa 

  9. Here we go again Another huge incident with multiple vehicles exploding, flying cars and causing a catastrophe but only 4 injured?... @Morty044
  10. Cheers! Looking forward to it too Appreciate that Norm and I'm excited too!
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