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  1. You were asked to stop commenting on our recruitment page.
  2. Yeah he totally got us good xD https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/814566637063766110/814566666733224037/Big_Brain_Time.mp4
  3. Dude the hunter is a shit vehicle, even 5.56 can penetrate the thing... Its probably built from scrap. Smooooooth brain. (Imagine thinking the hunter is worth 5 mill, absolute joke.)
  4. As far as im aware they don't keep the skin, but it is quite difficult to steal a police helicopter, there should definitely be a reward for doing so.
  5. I already spoke in a liaison, but if i am needed i am available.
  6. You were in Pleb Uniform so in the heat of the moment i thought you were shooting people... As i explained earlier during that time i assumed the plebs were committing mass RDM so i proceeded to execute you, Idk why Drex moved you but i still RDMed and there is not much else i can say.
  7. From my perspective it looked like the plebs were committing mass RDM so i felt my life was threatened and i opened fire, i shot Gordon on accident as i was trying to kill Maxim (the d sync was so bad it looked like Maxim was still alive,) i let the medics revive Gordon and i even first aided him so he could escape, i executed Maxim as i still thought it was mass RDM, after getting killed i still proceeded to execute plebs without even thinking about it. The event as a whole was a clusterfuck, it didn't help that cops opened fire on the plebs without second thought... Anyway back on topic, i didn't join the liaison as i still believed it was mass RDM, but after a day i went into a liaison and spoke to YoCo so i could understand their side to the story, from their point of view it looked like i was targeting plebs and as i explained it looked like mass RDM. Well im not gonna sugar coat it anymore, i RDMed. (And no i don't have any recordings from my point of view.)
  8. Tbh it just seems like an unfair system. If the word "retard" is just as bad as the "n word" then why is the punishment different?
  9. "Bring ANY UNMC members to a police station or to a police officer" That may be a bit hard...
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