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  1. Tbh when hes past auction house u can see the vans there which is enough time to react
  2. Atleast we are trying to rp instead rdming or vdming people get a grip and have a laugh
  3. Bro we just trying to rp and get a gun for one of our friends and you come out of no where and ram ur truck into a suv behind the block incapacitating urself and us
  4. Let me translate for you haha you got stinked casual day of rpuk since we all get robbed at drug dealer aka reverse scamming so casual day of rpuk
  5. Hahaha stinky poo funny money stolen funny haha usual rpuk day on arma stinky funny get robbed at drug dealer haha reverse scamming hahahaha casual day of rpuk
  6. Rook with 50 mags good deal take it or leave it
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