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  1. You deserve a medal I think anyway, I told ya boss that you are a top guy today also. Keep up the good work bud.
  2. Yeh he’s amazing and top guy, always delivers. Flying needs improving thou lol
  3. andys

    Red Arrows smoke ?

    Hi I don’t if possible ? Is there any chance you can add a smoke trail to the red buzzard ? Also I would to love see 9 in formation over the island. I know it would be hard with the Atmosphere of the island. #AV Geek
  4. Hi I don’t if I’m allowed to add to this.......but I was coming here to file a report. first of all, I parked that white SUV in the government car park in Kavarla and the driver there stole it as I got out. both of these were causing absolute mayhem yesterday in town. Running loads of people over and driving into cars. I have some video as well if need be? I spent around 100k on medical equipment trying to save fellow islanders that were caught up. thanks Andys
  5. All the best to you mate also Good bye Mr GB gang member. Keep up the kills on you know who
  6. Cyanide, you know also you had a place in my bromance as well. we had some fun times together mate also. you are a top lad and chilled as hell. All the best mate, maybe Scott might come back one day with Chloe. He was a top lad also. That’s what I call a proper leader in this island. Shame he left.
  7. Omg Calvin, I always felt you were an honest friend and a reliable guy. I know that you see what happened to poor (M) and also tried to stick up for him. on the island we did have some wicked times together. And also our far share of frustration. I have no doubt that you will be a leader again and will remember that this will be a lesson learnt. All the best Calvin Andy
  8. You to Tom all the best mate You to mate, nice to meet you stay safe
  9. Thanks Simon, i have had some good interactions with you over the island. actually with Poseidon you helped me get away with a bank robbery at Atheria you turned up as Poseidon on your own and took over the scene with about 10 cops. You drove me out with almost a mil. That will go down as one of my best moments
  10. I came to the island about 4 months ago looking for a short break away from the hectic life of work. I quickly had to learn the hard way of trying to make money to stay alive on the island without very little help and guidance. To be honest I had no idea what I was doing at first. What amazed me was the fact a lot of people are willing to help you, if your new to the island. I was handed money from a few people and suggested I started my own business doing diamond mining. A few people chipped in and brought me a massive truck. I started making a mint from this, but the work was hard
  11. Hi shambles thanks for replying, sorry I couldn’t talk sooner all the best Andy
  12. Hi shambles Hi I have uploaded the clip. Please review my clip to see my side of the accident. this was a total accident as previous mentioned. I wish you could we could speak to discuss after reviewing both videos quite a few times, I think there is some D sync that contributed towards both of us ! I did say in chat on discord that this was an accident on both sides also. plus if I wanted to RDM you on purpose I had plenty of opportunities to have done it before hand for approx 5 mins. Apologies again Andy
  13. Hi sorry I have just replied on discord. This was a total accident. I have watched the video and both parties fly into each other in a forward motion. i did honestly try to avoid you. I will upload my video also so u can see my attitude and speed etc. as mentioned i haven’t got TS. In the rules it says to try to communicate other means if possible. You can hear me in my chat that my dinner is almost ready and misses is telling me that coming. I do apologise for having to come off. I messaged you ASAP when finished dinner. https://clips.twitch.tv/Outstandin
  14. Actually sorry it was Moon that killed me. Apologies
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