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  1. Sorry i not been on in a bit life been crazy here


  2. Happy 40th Birthday you old man

    1. Nuclear


      Im no boomer ,yet. But thanks 😂

    2. Henry Atlas

      Henry Atlas

      Generation Z thank you very much @Nuclear

  3. Thinking of doing a thing to see if anyone want me to draw them or the charter i not the best but i been told i'm okay so it be fun to draw someone would anyone want that

    here some of my stuff - https://imgur.com/a/LFrR1fA

    1. Coco


      Do you think you can draw my boy @Boab in his uniform?



    2. Nalurah


      Looks great, Toby!

    3. Gordon


      Decent work!

  4. Great Event thank you for setting t all up and thank you for 15mill it 15x more money then i made on the server
  5. Just fished my Kingsmen BigToby thing got to say i really like this one and in game we have the kingsmen sign what came out really nice BigTKingsmen.png.85541281b3b4046f936d9006d3691bc6.png

  6. Why is it that so many people will hear my voice in game and insistently brake role play and say voice changer and talk out of rp it really pisses me of YES it deep it meant to be that is my rp that i do i enjoy my charter and there story why do you have to be a prick about it and brake rp every time this is a rp server right many once your should just rp not worry about my voice legit ticks me off 

  7. just fished my charters sign it dumb but it will do hehehehehhe629361753_bigt.png.44b01ab6ea44449509124f72aab98596.png

  8. Just put my NHS Application i feel good about it just got to wait and see

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