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  1. Hi Dentibus, @Dentibus I welcome your thoughts and agree to an extent, however for that to work the selling of Drugs would need to be limited to the Gang Turfs only (I don't believe it is currently i.e. why would you bother sell on that street). Also some form of alert (could be an animation) would need to be generated as selling drugs looks no different than walking down the street (to my knowledge). I guess an alternative would be just to give Whitelisted Gangs a buff and increase what they can sell for or reduce time taken etc. What I would like to avoid is Whitelisted Gangs bein
  2. Hi Jaffa, @JaffaBenitez I agree you would want to protect your turf, but I would suggest that is aimed at other Whitelisted Gangs, you wouldn't want to see Vargos rocking up to the Triads to sell over there without some form of grievance being lodged. However, with commoditization of non Whitelisted Gang Dealers, it adds a layer of consequence for the Gang i.e. Grove are friendly to all and protect their turf from Police / Other gangs people would choose to sell there more, trying to add consequences for how a gang conducts itself. Overall I think the Whitelisted Gangs need to have
  3. Just to add to this... this only applies to non whitelisted gangs, e.g. if you are a Grove there is no benefit from selling in Grove. The additional money for the gang will only be seen when a non gang member sells in their turf.
  4. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, In a nutshell my idea is that drugs sold within the turf of any given gang the owning gang would receive a nominal sum of money i.e. £10 per transaction (added automatically). This should create a bit of rivalry between gangs and see gang members having to take steps to protect the dealers on their streets i.e. act as police lookouts, protect dealers from robbers etc. I would hope this would also lead to gangs looking for dealers in other gangs turfs looking to convince them to sell within their own and perhaps take action where the dealer declines. Essentially
  5. Teddy Winkle

    Debit Card

    Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, I get the thought process but feel people would just have one guy that robs you, steals the card and gives it to a second guy, this guy could then proceed to empty your account while guy number one ensures you don't have a chance to put a stop on the card. Effectively this could mean someone's entire bank balance is lost through two guys and a musket. Teddy Wrinkle, thats me.
  6. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle,

    What better way to celebrate my birthday than winning the Quiz, few cheaters but they admitted their mistakes and lies which in my eyes takes balls. To openly lie and try to cheat a Charity quiz is poor but to stand up and say actually I cheated I am in the wrong shows character so good job guys on being honest.

    Teddy Wrinkle, that's me.    

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      John Fletcher

      Happy birthday!!!


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      Happy birthday Teddy! ❤️ And thank you for your wonderful contribution to the quiz, your presence was a delight!

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      Happy birthday my dude. 

  7. Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle, Look let’s be real, I know when looking at who is in The Dream Team that you will in no doubt be ‘Shaking in your boots’ so to speak, and will be aware that there is no possible chance your team can win, but that doesn’t mean losing to us will not be fun. Who knows there could be a Christmas miracle and you come a close second to us. Sign up today to see how close your team can get ours. Teddy Wrinkle, that’s me!
  8. Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle, @Wilcosure can and have sent an email to the gentleman in question to arrange. Just to note, this offer can be extended to anyone else who has an interest, send an email to Teddyboylovestwinks@weazel.news to arrange a ride along (//message me on forums). Teddy Wrinkle, that’s me!
  9. 15th December Free the Press Our Dear readers, Weazel news has remained publicly quite the last few weeks while Legal proceedings were being conducted and justice being sought. Weazel is now free to publicly shame Los Santos PD and their vicious brute of an officer Redacted. In early November our reporter Connor was minding his own business carefully flying his helicopter gathering intelligence on the crime ridden Los Santos PD, some time into his flight he experienced a technical malfunction and had to make an emergency landing. With great skill and care Connor lightly touched
  10. 21st October Public Apology Weazel News must today post a regretful acknowledgement of our failure. We are not too proud to admit when we get things wrong, though we wished and hoped we would never have to write something like this, when the time comes we will stand up and do what is right. We were wrong. A recent post has drawn a lot of questions across Los Santos, questions like where we got our intel, who we had spoken too, and even some had claimed we had been given fraudulent and falsified documents. I didn't want to believe those that had questions our standards and inte
  11. 20th October The Cummission John Kiff, recently mentioned in our article “ Callaghan or Kiff “ has been seen yet again, although this time, not as you would quite expect. Mr Kiff has been caught “ dogging “ behind Bean Machine with no other then the known criminal and fellow gang member to Kiff, Jaffa Benitez. Mr Benitez, believed to be the leader of the street gang “ The Commission “, can be seen giving oral sexual pleasures to his associate Mr Kiff as well as receiving Mr Kiff. It is clear Mr Kiff is the dominant of the couple. Weazel News managed to capture a few
  12. 1st November A lawless couple of evenings in Los Santos this weekend, Weazel News has too many attempted and actual murders to report on so will only provided a high level overview: The Police- 1 Everyone else- 0. Weazel News suffered multiple casualties, so extreme in fact, that the last member of staff alive has now been appointed to the role of Editor in Chief, Teddy Wrinkle. Mr Wrinkle had the following to say upon taking on his new role. "As the new head of a News company with no staff I would like to open the floodgates of applications to join the Team, I can offer compe
  13. Getting a bit of Purge withdrawal. I really enjoyed it so well done all, special thanks to Chris Lee for putting so many weapons in the loot boxes, the one time stealing weapons from the Police had a fun consequence.  

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      @TikTakWell done sir good contributions to the event!

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