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  1. Miss you teddy x

    Alex and wong 

  2. I remember the day on my interview of weazel news and we were flying the helicopter and you said you like to interview in a high intense scenario so we flew to rob a bank while you ask me questions ill never forget that day.

    1. Teddy Winkle

      Teddy Winkle

      Its not known as the toughest interview on the island for nothing. I was planning for my next interview to ask one of the Gangs to zip-tie the person and shout abuse while I conducted the interview. Just to see how they handled it. 

  3. Gonna miss you Teddy at weazel news.

  4. 19th August 2021 Dear Readers, Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, It is with mixed emotions I announce that I will be stepping down as Weazel News CEO. Over the past 12 months Weazel News has become a big part of my life, so much so that it has somewhat taken over all other aspects, without a change I risk losing something very important to me. As many of you may know, Charles from the Lost MC and I have been dating for some time now, he recently proposed to me which I gracefully accepted. Over the last few weeks Charles and I have started bickering over mundane issues and after a huge blow out of a fight, it has come to my attention that I am negating my premarital duties to him. For this reason, I have taken the decision to stand down as CEO and have appointed Leche in my place. I am sure you will all join me in welcoming Leche to his new position and I look forward to watching the direction he takes Weazel in. As this will be my last post for Weazel News I wanted to offer some thanks to the people of Los Santos, without you there would be no news. Some key callouts for me would be Officer Chris Lee, your illicit gun trade really helped kick Weazel News off, whist many of the mothers who lost sons and daughters due to your actions would disagree with me, I thank you for your criminal behaviour. PC Pervert, gone but not forgotten. The Ballas, A good friend of mine Mo Salam asked to give you guys a shout out, he wanted me to say something along the lines of a hammer a being laid to rest and call out the Ballas shop for being low price / best quality. Every other Gang of Los Santos, you made me welcome in your somewhat protected turf's and provided me quality information on the happenings of the city alongside the general gossip which I most enjoyed. Los Santos Police Department, along side giving me almost every story to write, you also treated me very fairly and never took personal the attacks Weazel News made against you. Apart from the 'Cant Pay we'll Take It Away' evening, get the feeling you guys didn't like that one. Group Six, if ever you are owed £2m by the Police department for failing to pay their court issued debts, call Group Six who will initiate project Cant Pay we'll Take It Away. I enjoyed seeing Shepard's chair walk out the door the most that evening. Los Santos NHS, I spent a short while as a Medic, I am reminded often about my first shift and an issue with the Panic Button which was captured in 4k! I will always love the work you do, keep it up. The Lost MC, for putting up with me so hanging around the clubhouse waiting for Charles for so long, I have a reward for you, a certain car you want. Will drive it up to you at some point this week. Everyone, citizens and government, thank you for all the laughs and making a worldwide pandemic actually enjoyable. Lastly The Weazel News team, I love you all. Teddy Wrinkle, that's me.
  5. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, 

    Farewell Altis my old friend. If anyone can make a great job of Malden its the RPUK Dev team, in my humble opinion the greatest out there.

    Good luck to you all and have fun!!

    Teddy Wrinkle, that's me   

  6. Latest edition of the paper found below:
  7. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, I will be there for sure. Teddy Wrinkle, that's me.
  8. Please see below, yesterdays paper:
  9. Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle, All this just to get out of doing a speech in Arma! As you say real life does and should come first, when real life allows let’s cause some more Twitch drama.
  10. @TheCap Dear Mr Vander, Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle, Your comments have been noted and whist I will certainly pass on your feedback to the team, I would also ask you note the following. Weazel News staff go through a rigorous selection process, most if not all of our staff have covered various world events including and not limited to actual War zones. We at Weazel News provide staff with top of the range bullet proof vests and training on dealing with violence against and around them. In short they are trained professionals who have experience in dealing with far worse situations then a couple of street gangs firing pop shots at each other. However we respect the Law and if any Laws are broken we expect you and your fellow officers to prosecute to the full extent. I trust my response is adequate, if not and you wish to discuss further please let me know. Teddy Wrinkle, that’s me.
  11. Hi Teddy Wrinkle, did you ever develop that app Dik Dok (asking for a mate) 

    1. Teddy Winkle

      Teddy Winkle

      Can’t get past the dev work, start looking at all the vids that would be on it, then suddenly just stop working. 

  12. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, I would like to formally open the Weazel News Complaints process, If you are feeling a bit like a Karen and would like to get a Weazel Reporter the sack, then please submit your complaint below. please use the following Format: Your Name: The Weazel Reporters Name: What they did that made you get all Karen about it: What you feel would resolve the situation: Any and all reports will be taken seriously, where possible we will arrange for you and your accused to sit down at Weazel HQ, where you can get all 'Karen'ee' with them or apologise for your own poor behaviour. //Please keep all reports in RP, any actual rule breaks etc. use the report a player section.
  13. It’s a fair point re trolls coming along, perhaps if possible we stick a password on the server an release it in Discord shortly before, if all goes to plan it will be full in a matter of seconds anyway. With I expect most of the staff team on anyone who slip through will be dealt with pretty quickly. Coming back to the main question, What would you like to see/do on the servers last night? Whether that be post an unsuccessful wipe or not. //Not saying the wipe would be unsuccessful, merely if it wasn’t / it wasn’t actually done. Teddy Wrinkle, that’s me.
  14. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, lots of talk at the moment about why the server is dead etc and although it pains me to say this, asking why will not sort the server out, ever. It will never be the same, it is in the past now and there is no resurrection spell that anyone, staff or community can wave to sort the issue out. At the risk of having the most unliked comment on the forums ever, I thought I would share with you all my idea. I feel rather than have the server up in its current state, and the heated debates about who causes what etc. we should be having a conversation about what we want to do on the last night of Altis. I am sure if we spread the word far and wide that the server was closing and all those past and present (even some that are banned) were going to get together for one final send off, we would be back to the spamming Enter to join the game. Lets plan that night together, I for one would like to see @Wilcogive a speech in Kavala Sq. Have some people past and present share their experiences, and have one last time on the server we all love. We have the chance to do anything really for this one night, could be a RBA where all staff try to stop the community, no restrictions on weapons or vehicles (even TANKS!), could be anything. So, in short, lets accept the end has come and start talking about what you want to see on the final night, which in my mind is the 31/07/2021. Its not with pleasure I write the above, just being realistic. Teddy Wrinkle, that's me.
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