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  1. Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle, That’s actually a really good idea, have an app on the phone where people can add events, or (depending on how complex this is) Weazel News can sell billboard space in game to advertise events as well as business, or sell posters that work like the spray paint and you can stick them up on walls yourself. bit of a ramble but in short I think there is something to that idea. Teddy Wrinkle, that’s me!
  2. Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle,

    Thank you to everyone that came to the Weazel Beach party yesterday, hope you all enjoyed it. Big thank you to the Dev community for all their work and the RAF (including the Kamikaze pilot) for an amazing display. 

    We employed a lot of people after the event so you should see a higher Weazel presence in the city going forward.

    Teddy Wrinkle, that’s me!

    1. Kseniya



      ^pictures that I took during the event.

      I loved it Teddy, please make more events like this ^-^ Just never put @Qrowin a jet again until he passes his flight training. Do you have a link to the music that was played?

    2. Teddy Winkle

      Teddy Winkle

      Glad you enjoyed it! Not sure on music, think @Normanwas DJ for a while

    3. Stick3rz
  3. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, One more day to go, don't forget this is on a 'be there or be in the queue waiting to get there' basis. Teddy Wrinkle, that's me!
  4. No one every truly leaves. I am waiting.  

    1. Lawyer Eve Hunter

      Lawyer Eve Hunter

      Evening sorry for the late response.  I may return possibly in the future; however, it is highly unlikely to be on a different island and join the police faction.  If I  have said too much that could be seen as server advertising, I will be happy to remove this post. 


  5. Teddy pringle! 

    1. Thomass


      Father Arsehole x

  6. 13 March Things took an entrepreneurial turn last night as local multi billionaire power couple the Sinclair's invited business men and women across the island to pitch for investment. In the islands first Dragons Den style event 10 different businesses ventures were discussed, pulled apart and then discussed again. The judging panel consisted of the Sinclair's, Senior Judge Norman and Teddy Wrinkle. Weazel News openly welcomed the Sinclair's using its offices as the venue for the evening. Mrs Sinclair had this to say "Every so often its nice to meet members of the general public,
  7. 1st March Terror on the street, Policeman in the sheets Los Santos has been rocked by a night of Terror on Saturday evening, Weazel News is saddened to report that terrorists, acting on beliefs unknown would look to decimate the streets around Weazel HQ. Weazel News reporters Teddy Wrinkle, Katie Jane and Mr Diaz were on scene following reports of an explosion outside of the Triads compound. "It was absolute carnage" said one local who was passing by, "I saw a bald man in a shirt and tie fiddling with a large petrol truck, he then fled the scene and all hell broke loose!"
  8. January 25 Part time motorcycle enthusiasts 'The Lost' made a rare and brief appearance to Los Santos once again this weekend, Lost club member Nikolai Belski advertised a 'Royal Rumble' event on the governments website. The post indicated that for the pricey sum of £2,500 one could enter the ring with the victor taking the spoils of funds collected on the night. Weazel News reported Teddy Wrinkle who arrived moments after the event had started was met with what can only be described as bedlam. "The Police were everywhere" exclaimed Teddy, "Apparently, some guys in Blue, didn't like some
  9. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle,

    What better way to celebrate my birthday than winning the Quiz, few cheaters but they admitted their mistakes and lies which in my eyes takes balls. To openly lie and try to cheat a Charity quiz is poor but to stand up and say actually I cheated I am in the wrong shows character so good job guys on being honest.

    Teddy Wrinkle, that's me.    

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    2. John Fletcher

      John Fletcher

      Happy birthday!!!


    3. Nalurah


      Happy birthday Teddy! ❤️ And thank you for your wonderful contribution to the quiz, your presence was a delight!

    4. Punk


      Happy birthday my dude. 

  10. Hi I'm Teddy Wrinkle, It was an excellent quiz and an excellent charity, thank you @Nalurahfor running it! Teddy Wrinkle, that's me.
  11. The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @CMO Phoenix As others have already stated, Phoenix provides top quality Roleplay and in the background runs the NHS in an efficient and professional manner. I have never had a rushed or poor bit of RP out of Phoenix (on both ARMA and GTA) and Roleplayers Roleplayer is a well deserving title for him. Commitment King / Queen - @Norman I don't think there is a pie that Norman doesn't have a finger in. Rather than write loads I will share an old Meme of Norman, if you know Norman you know how accurate this is. Dev of the Year - @Loyalty
  12. Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle, Look let’s be real, I know when looking at who is in The Dream Team that you will in no doubt be ‘Shaking in your boots’ so to speak, and will be aware that there is no possible chance your team can win, but that doesn’t mean losing to us will not be fun. Who knows there could be a Christmas miracle and you come a close second to us. Sign up today to see how close your team can get ours. Teddy Wrinkle, that’s me!
  13. Hi I’m Teddy Wrinkle, @Wilcosure can and have sent an email to the gentleman in question to arrange. Just to note, this offer can be extended to anyone else who has an interest, send an email to Teddyboylovestwinks@weazel.news to arrange a ride along (//message me on forums). Teddy Wrinkle, that’s me!
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