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  1. Will we be able to get Spar-16's and MK20's as normal rebels? I miss my babies
  2. One issue I think MIGHT be a part of it is how absolutely unusual the market is, runs just don't really seem worth it even with the rework, and vehicle prices put you in a hole when it comes to wanting to upgrade your runs with more capacity, that's my opinion though.
  3. I acquired it through the magic of.... ROLEPLAY Was being revived by a lovely mr medic man and I mentally overpowered him to the point that he dropped it for me
  4. Not sure on price as I've not seen any around so they're random Initial Price: £2m Bid Increments £100k Ends 09/06/2021
  5. I think they can IF they've initiated on you properly and are giving sufficient high quality roleplay, if they're not giving you roleplay then record and report it
  6. Then I'd suggest something like this https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-l85-a1-etu-series-airsoft-aeg?pv=13351 A really nice CQB and mid-ranged rifle which I've found works REALLY well inside and in fields and you can even adjust the fire rate into a 3 rounder if that's your preference over full auto, I used to use it in Tuddenham and I took a fair few drops so I can also attest to it being fairly robust and able to withstand a bit of a beating
  7. Don't bother using the Phantom, I've owned 2 and both have ended up going really badly after a while, the first ended up with the gearbox stripping and the second ended with the trigger mechanism snapping off, if you're looking for a non-dedi marksman rifle I'd go with [https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-combat-machine-cm16-raider-l?pv=2438] as I've used it myself and it's great in CQB and mid-long engagements (Scope might need to be changed out if you're sniping for a round ofc), it's reasonably priced as well! G&G do a huge range of weapons if you're looking for different styles as you go and they have a brilliant rep, personally and generally.
  8. Big +1, new prison gives new RP opportunities!
  9. I'm -1 on this but only for a few simple reasons, Church is one of the primary cap zones on nearly every server, be it KoTH/Warzone/CqC and it's well known the locations, callouts, advantages and disadvantages, I personally feel it needs to stay that way to keep it feeling fun. Hhaving a lot of objects in the area COULD affect people with lower end PC's as well, and that could mean they end up going there less, meaning the capzone dies either way, Maybe have this map layout in a different area, somewhere at the top of the map called "Farm" or "Farmland" or something like that, that way Capzones are still classic AND you have the newer map elements My only other complaint is WHY SO MANY HAY BALES?! I live in Suffolk and I see enough of them, I don't wanna see more next time I go to a capzone
  10. Your friend committed a scumbag act, not like he deserves anything other than to be driven out, I'll be genuinely honest with you, and any admins/management who want to read this: People like Aaron Carson are the reason servers don't get more of a chance, because this sort of act will go about being spread by word of mouth and it's going to severely tarnish the reputation of this community (Which is why I believe it genuinely needs to be a rule against it), he'll whine and cry about the server dying then when people begin the path to come back, he takes advantage of it and scams them, do you REALLY think that what management/staff have done is an overreaction when he's probably done more damage in 5 minutes than the community has been able to resolve in a few months? (NOT MAKING A SNIDE COMMENT ABOUT ANYONE WITH THAT BIT! JUST SAYING THAT REPAIRS TAKE TIME!) You think he gets the point? Then why hasn't he acted like a man and apologized? Why hasn't he taken a few minutes to sit there and say "Well yeah what I did was wrong, I've looked back at it, thought it through and now I realize the error of my ways, I'm sorry!", It takes literally less than a few minutes to act like a reasonable and respectable human being.
  11. Imagine scamming on a video game... What a freaking sad act. I don't know you Mr Gamble but I've heard a lot of positives about your RP, I'll throw 1.5m in the pot (I know it's not a lot but any little helps... I think!)
  12. Community votes would be a HUGE +1 from a lot of people I'm sure, as for the events this year, why not turn the rewards for redzones up? Make it so that kills reward sizeable chunks of cash and XP, runs offer say.... 25% more (until say Jan 1st) and Faction Paychecks get a slight increase? These are all IMO but I genuinely believe they would help! I have a lot in this server (Despite not having played it hugely!) and I really don't want to see it die and I'm sure the majority of its players, admins and devs dont want to see that happen either!
  13. One thing that I've seen a LOT and I mean a LOT of players complaining about is the licensing system, doing a run is already risky enough and having to carry a wad of cash on you to buy the license adds to that risk and means a fair few players just tend to not want to take it because if they lose all that on their first run they're effectively bankrupt because they've lost vehicle, cash and gear! Maybe there should be a system where you buy LEGAL Licenses at the DMV In Kavala Square (Metals/Sands/Basic Gems/Stone/Trees etc.) and have the illegal licenses available at a Rebel DMV or something like that. Another thing that gets complained about a lot is the XP System, you can spend 40 minutes harvesting, get robbed on the way and you get NOTHING, not even the tiniest bit of XP, have it so that you get a reasonable amount for harvesting, a larger chunk for processing and then you just get a smaller amount alongside the money for selling it, as an addition in regards to the XP thing, XP Needs a buff, you can spend an entire day roleplaying and helping people out, repairing cars, healing people and things like that and you won't even gain a single level which is insane IMO, people have asked for a while to buff XP Values so the levels system actually gets something to it
  14. Wait, he got a warning for Sexual Assault within RP? Erm... I don't care if you're 12 or 200, Sexual Assault/Erotic RP is not something that should be warned for, it needs a genuine punishment IMO.
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