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    @Simon Ross yh I grabbed that one few days ago
  2. As I've commented earlier "This literally happens all the time whether it's you or some other cop." this happens quite frequently. Unless every single time they just thought, "you know what, don't really feel like being at laundry anymore let me go to church." after going down by 2% at church "Don't feel like being here either might as well head down to OG now. When i'm talking about this particular problem i am including everything that's happened before as well (talking about it as a whole) since Dan has brought this up just now. Just because you didn't do it doesn't mean other's didn'
  3. Well speaking of stupid, obviously they're not going to ban everyone now are they? We just want to spread a message to all of you which have been doing this for quite a while now, and infact a verbal warning would be quite nice to those who enjoy pissing off more then 5 people who are in a gang which have capped red zones, only to be tapped by you guys. It usually goes either way: You tap the red zones it and leave. You tap the red zones and then fight at OG, aim being that us rebels make no money (dont know why this bothers you so much as you guys get free gear) while we are i
  4. Not surprised you're trying to play it off by saying that. This literally happens all the time whether it's you or some other cop. You know it takes quite a bit of time capturing the zones and the fact you can just tap all the zones and then come fight us at OG afterwards so we're making absolutely no income at all and we can't afford to send our gang members to capture them back as you're all now deployed down at the OG. I wouldn't mind it the first few times but now it's just getting out of hand, followed up by you guys saying shit like that to get away with it.
  5. No, -1 Why would people even bother playing as medics if the rebels are just going to constantly revive each other. Ruins the whole purpose of the Altis NHS faction. Just the fact you're actually able to revive people inside of the hospitals with the rank of SUR+ while there are NHS online is enough in my opinion.
  6. Yeah, no longer interested, thanks.
  7. Nah, I said i'm out, plus i heard you have a reputation for scamming people so i'd rather not.
  8. 53 Riad, don't you already have 2 barns? correct me if i'm wrong. If i am then sorry but just to let you know you cannot own 3 barns at once.
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