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  1. defo give 5m ago, dont go back to arma, its dead
  2. honsetly would be amazing for the server ( obvs i cant play ) but side note, last time we tried suggesting something like this we were told the mission file was "already too big"
  3. most of the gang didnt even want redzones, alot of us were focused on runs n that, a select few focused on redzones, ( me, ginge, you and anyone that wanted )
  4. zones do not need to go. keep zones in thbe server, just change the way they pay and there location. all the other i agree with
  5. thats true, when i started around a year ago i got bullied by all the rich and well known players making it too hard to get money etc
  6. either this, or do a full db wipe ( aka that suggestion ) could bring back players etc
  7. its just stupid at this point, we get done for having an opinion too, kinda a piss take ngl
  8. FiveM killed it, and well, the admins/management neglecting the server, get more devs based on altis life and make staff focus on it a bit more and it might come back
  9. 001hZTV7ovLIWjiXEb0FE1OxeBc0UkS0cPiVP.pn

    damn, crimzon still hasn't reported the bug with the gang base clothing shop.

    It appears to work just fine anyway...


    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      @JaffaAFAK it is meant to be advanced clothing, yet it still isnt

    2. C R I M Z O N

      C R I M Z O N

      with the fact that in the last update you guys said that you made the clothing advanced, but it still isnt. whats the point in reporting it if you guys already know this, and said youve fixed it multiple times but still havnt.

  10. can i point out the fact that literally every time we've run into you, you guys break a rather large amount of rules, yet act like you dont break them, you act like your perfect. get a fucking grip honestly, learn to take a fucking joke
  11. as i said, im willing to resolve it in others before this report continues, if your up for it. because, most of the time when i say this stuff its a joke. + you explain to me, why would i want to find where you live?
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