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  1. Ive not been on Roleplay for a while was going to come back but can't believe how quiet the server is at 8pm at night. Is tonight just a bad night or is this normal now?
  2. I have a video of you voting lol same video when we were booing big lez @Potato_Aim123 hes gone im the new mayor
  3. @Shambles looks like the best man won and guess what its not you. Need to thank tinkerbell for voting for me as well. Peace.
  4. Sorry dude need more practice i think about the only time i was not recording lol
  5. @Wilco sorry if you believe this to be a rant, I cannot stress enough that I am trying to be sincere and I am genuinely sad that you could not see that. I do understand that the person reading is trying to gauge the content creator’s feelings and how something is being put across. Could you read my post again and please try to assume if possible that I am being sincere and genuinely want to be part of a good community. To end I will need to quote Einstein "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". Peace.
  6. Maybe I joined the server at the wrong time from what i'm reading on this thread, but I think things have got a lot better. Still feel that police and gangs are working together however, police roleplay is 10x better than when I first joined. With all the lockdowns across the world you would expect the server to be packed and its not. I read the report a player section an it is constantly getting reports every day, Kavala is constantly getting bombarded new players (which means possibly new content) and are put off and just end up not caring. With it being a roleplay server surely pl
  7. My mic was recording maybe a blessing but you get the idea, hope you enjoy the video. Happy Easter.......
  8. @Shambles If it makes you feel good enjoy, Peace.
  9. @Shambles Then I hope you get it don't want to make anyone sad, good luck.
  10. Happy Birthday

  11. This sort of thing happens too often
  12. Always free beer from daddy for mayor votes
  13. The new mayor not bringing the love to Altis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YINkvqhgyDw
  14. Excellent video keep up the good work guys
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