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  1. Happy Birthday!! 🥳 Will celebrate when you're back! 🤪🍻

  2. Team "It's Madagascar" @HarleyRose @John Fletcher @Nikolai Belski @Nomad @jeffshawshank I got a donation towards GTA prize too! Let me know who's holding it all and i'll get it over to them ^.^
  3. Will add 600k to cover team costs to whoever the winner is
  4. The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @John Fletcher Why - Takes all his roles on with 100%, and plays them all well Commitment King / Queen - @Mick surf Why - Does he even sleep?! Dev of the Year - @Archie Why - Helping the council with new ideas & getting plans in motion! Staff Member of the Year - @Drew Why - He's fair & always full of fun! The Funny One - @Harii Why - I'll never get over "Open your nose" The Nice Person Award - @Cristi Why - Can you get any nicer than Cristi?! Has time for EVERYONE & is understanding!
  5. Team: It's Madagascar @Nikolai Belski @Dj Kendall @John Fletcher @BarryBenson10 @HarleyRose Jeff Super exicited for this!!
  6. Since Christmas lands at different times for everyone, I hope everyone has the best christmas & hopefully santa is good to you all! 🎅 Drink, eat & be merry, tis the season!! 🥂🎁xo

  7. Will have a team assembled by the end of the day!
  8. Awwwww, Happy Birthday Christi!! 🥳🎂❤️

    1. Cristi


      Thank you! 🎉 ❤️ 

  9. This definitely was Jeremy Kyle would be a riot on here
  10. This months meeting minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KoBkH4h1YaBNa9i3xX-cmPECfoTRt4wnR58ymxQ8U7w/edit
  11. We need to do this again It was so much fun!!
  12. The council had their second meeting on Monday and had a few new ideas to discuss along with updates on previous proposals. Here's an update on minutes taken at the meeting- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vsTsAm84Ru9Hq5yJFrTh3-5zElxLNDEYxPz76R8jpdY/edit#
  13. Surely It should stop you from leaving vehicles unlocked or unattended? Only the careless get caught out with that I've had it done also, feels bad. Learn to take care of your stuff maybe and it won't happen
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