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  1. That’s so good to hear.
  2. I don’t think they need to go but definitely nerfed a fuck tonne. Zones in the old style of capping a flag and getting counterfeit cash over time could be good because u still have a chance to get money, but it doesn’t encourage sitting and capping it the whole time. I think money for kills should also be a thing because it’s added cash from zones, whilst not being an insane amount. As dumb as it may sound, some sort of a database wipe (have no idea how that works) could be good, bans included. Whilst it may make the server atrocious for a little bit, people that want to fuck around and waste their second chance at redemption should and, I hope, would be banned quickly. I’m sure there are many people that have been banned for dumb shit such as saying banned words, that they then regret and ruins their chance of having fun on the server again.
  3. I definitely agree with everything here. I especially love the idea of an even in which we hunt down police bosses to turn them into posseidon bosses for rewards. Think it could be so cool to have thermals up in the air, people roaming on the ground, maybe even people on boats if the situation occurred. That could definitely be loads of fun.
  4. I think a final send off event is a must. The server can’t just shut down without some sort of party where everyone, new and old gets together for one last time. As for a wipe, whilst it could be good, the main reason people no longer play is because they are bored of arma. I think resetting the server wouldn’t necessarily breathe new life into it because if people wanted a fresh start then they probably would’ve just moved to another server. I suppose anything is worth a try though.
  5. Yes it’s normal for a helicopter to fly at low altitudes over a heliport, however it’s not normal to head straight towards a group of people and crash within 10 metres of them. I don’t believe I’m wrong in saying that Kavala heliport has more than enough space for one hummingbird to land comfortably away from other people, especially when said people are all clustered in one corner. Could this have just been a coincidence? Maybe. From our perspective however it was not, and after watching your perspective it seems even more likely to have been intentional. C4.4 states “Your character cannot return within 1000m of the location of death or be involved in the same combat situation until the 15 minute NLR timer has expired.” So why is it that you decided you were exempt from this rule? Not only are you blatantly attempting to VDM us, but you are also breaking NLR to do so? Something about that doesn’t seem right. Nothing in this statement is true. All you are doing is inferring and reaching for any scrap or slip up that you can find. Anybody could infer anything from what Andre says. The only thing that is definite is him saying “Once again, today you are placed under the restrains of Vulcan therefore executed by Vulcan for clear fucking crimes that you tried to commit against them”. You can read into it any which way you want. No matter how you do so, you have bias because you want us banned, so are only seeing the worst in what he says. Simple as. We also did not just put you in restraints and execute you. After shooting you both we then revived you and placed you in restraints. We patted you down and then played a game with you which resulted in both you and your friends death. You are picking out the words “once again”. This has absolutely zero relation to any previous role play scenario. Andre says "once again" as he was in belief that he had already told you his intentions. You can hear him state in your video “oh you are so getting boated” which is a form of punishment that we like to employ as a type of execution. This is where Andres confusion comes in. He is not saying “once again” as he knows we have executed you before, he is saying it because he believes that he already relayed his intentions with you. Are we really nit-picking every little detail now. It was 6am for him. Sometimes slip ups happen when hot mic-ing a roleplay situation. It is part of human nature to yawn. Yes it did not fit with the frustration his character would’ve been facing, but by no means was it intentional, he wasn’t planning to force a yawn during our interaction with you, it came out of nowhere. As yawns tend to do. This is an unfair and unreasonable point to make. Once again this is false. At a time where there are little people on the server, any human interaction is greatly welcomed. I can assure you in no way were we annoyed by you coming back to Kavala. In both scenarios that you say we rushed your executions and deaths you displayed no intention to want to engage in any form of roleplay: Situation 1: you pulled up to a situation with your gun out ready to fight. I politely asked you to put it away so I could finish dealing with the situation (that you had absolutely zero part in) you said no and ran behind a van to set up for a fight. Showing no intention to want to engage in a peaceful roleplay scenario. Situation 2: As already discussed, you attempted to VDM us. No part of this showed any want to have a decent roleplay situation. We thoroughly enjoyed our first encounter with you and your friend and would happily of carried out more role play had you shown us in any later situations that you had any intention to do the same, unfortunately you did not. No. As mentioned in the point above you displayed no intentions what so ever to want to roleplay. I would also like to further point out that throughout the whole you activated your direct communications a maximum of 4 times throughout your 4 minute 32 second video. None of these times did you attempt to provide any sort of roleplay. Your first time you laughed and said whoops. Would you do this if you crashed a helicopter and were bleeding out in real life? I don't think so. The only other time you said anything somewhat valuable is towards the end of the situation when we take you into the building and you ask us not to kill you. We did. Andre told you that you were being executed for crimes that you committed against us. Yes we could of told you that we were executing you for attempting to ram into us, however, it was not necessary to do so. Attempting to ram and kill multiple people is not a good enough excuse for wanting to kill and execute somebody? I would think it is to be quite honest with you. We told you multiple times that you were being executed for crimes against Vulcan. That was our reason for executing you.
  6. Hi there Nema, First of all I would like to apologise if you feel as though you have been wronged by myself and Andre. As a senior member of Vulcan I speak for the whole gang when I say we strive to achieve the highest level of roleplay possible, and am disappointed to hear that you feel as though we have not done so. I would also like to mention that I am speaking on behalf of both myself and Andre in this report. I would like to start by explaining this situation as I feel as though it is untruthful/lacking detail. Andre and I were roaming around Kavala after just making friends and roleplaying with a newer member of the server. We then hear a helicopter crash over by the drug dealer church and head over to investigate. Upon arrival we discover that our new friend is being robbed. We pull up and Andre initiates on the robber which then results in me killing said robber. The area to which this happened was therefore an active gunfight. You then pull up in a vehicle and jump out with your gun out to see what is going on. I politely ask you numerous times to put your gun away as the area is an active situation and stated that if you did not do so I would be forced to lethal actions, to which you refused and decided to run behind a Qilin to try and get cover and prepare for a gunfight. It was then that I shot you down. We then revived the downed friendly's in the area, as well as the downed robber as we become aware that he is a member of volatile (to which we have troubles with), and wish to carry his execution out in a different manner. We proceeded to execute you for being "a threat to the life of a Vulcan member", asked if you had any last words and executed you. That was the end of this encounter with you. Now, for the second situation of which this report is based on; Andres reasoning for wanting to kill and execute you was not unjustified nor metagaming. From our perspective, a random helicopter has just come out of nowhere and decided to head straight towards us, very nearly ramming into us and killing everyone in the area. From our point of view this was a blatant attempt to VDM. When on the ground you made no attempt to apologise for nearly crashing into and killing the people in the area, which could have been done through either direct communication or OOC chat. Had you have apologised to us, the situation could have turned out differently. However you did not and we are not willing to deal with people who are willing to break server rules lightly. It is true that I do not state that I am putting zip ties on you, I apologise for this, however, at 3:04 in your video, you can hear Andre state “today you are going to be placed under the restraints and executed by Vulcan”, therefore, right at the start of your revival you were made aware that once you were up, you would be placed under restraints. If you listen, Andre says "for clear crimes that you've tried to commit against Vulcan". This is referring to the attempt to VDM. He never once mentions anything to do with a past character or past crimes. He is talking about the 'Crime' of attempted VDM. Therefore, what you have stated above is incorrect and you are just making wild accusations. Once again, we told you many times why we were going to be executing you. Andre even states in the video (4:14) for a final time , right before me shooting you down "Today you are being executed by us, any last words". Also as previously mentioned, amid your revival he states “today you are going to be placed under the restraints and executed by Vulcan”. The execution was not rushed. We did not feel that the execution needed a long roleplay scenario, such as the one we gave you in your first life where we made you and your friend race. We are very sorry about how this situation turned out. As I mentioned at the start, Vulcan strive to provide the highest quality of roleplay possible, especially with the people who are willing to provide the same level. With that being said, we would definitely like to take this into a TeamSpeak liaison so we can try to resolve this situation in a friendly manner. Had you made an attempt to communicate with us after the situation, we would have been more than happy to try and resolve this without taking it to the forums. Thank you for your time reporting us. Hopefully we can come to an agreement on this situation .
  7. I can understand your POV so I’d just like to provide some more evidence that I am the one who took the screenshots Toaster is using in his response, for when the admins look into this case.
  8. Hi Joseph, I know this report is not mine however I would like to comment on the statement as quoted above. The screenshot was taken by me, to send to Toaster, today at 19:27. This is also proved by the fact that discord displays the date, rather than the time, which happens at least 24 hours after the message has been sent in discord. If I am mistaken and this is not what you are talking about then I am sorry for commenting on this report, but just wanted to try and clear things up.
  9. Police better behave themselves from now on.
  10. Looking for some Mar-10 mags. Any amount, even if you've only got one ill buy it. Alternatively, If someone wants to give me a good offer for a Mar-10 with 2 mags then ill think about selling it.
  11. Reports just in, Anyone who can bring me, evidence of this mans murder will be granted a life time Vulcan pass. An opportunity too good to miss out on.
  12. On behalf of Vulcan, we’re offering £1 Million to anybody that finds the man in this video alive, and brings him in zip ties to us. We have a boat with his name on it prepared to take a trip across the globe.
  13. Report a player Your In-game Name: Kooki Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: naked martin Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 05/18/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 220 What best describes this incident ?: RDM Please (in detail) describe the incident: I had just finished selling my artwork at the artifact seller when I decided to head over to the auction house to check out what was up for sale. After previewing the listings I headed over to the nearest ATM to store my money. After storing my money I decided to head back over to my helicopter and fly off and just carry on with whatever I felt like doing. Upon spooling up my helicopter I was shot and killed by a Naked Martin. He then ran over to me and pulled me out of my chopped and tried to (I assume) see if he could take any of my items, which of course is not possible. When I asked him what he was doing he said "You shouldn't have tried to shoot at me"; evidence proves I did not. His friend seriousRPer then drove over and as I was executed told me something along the lines of "VDM is not allowed on this server", this leads me to believe that these players' only purpose on the server was to troll. I asked both of them if they would like to talk about the situation in TeamSpeak to which they ignored. (sorry about the youtube video playing in the background of the evidence.) Evidence 1: https://youtu.be/zHCeZFeW0dw Evidence 2: https://youtu.be/9DOX6NJFLZI Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/zHCeZFeW0dw This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  14. Report a player Your In-game Name: Kooki Name of the player(s) you are reporting: hasan & IBatuu Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 04/25/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 2242 What best describes this incident ?: RDM and Poor quality roleplay Please (in detail) describe the incident: I had just finished my diamond run and was about to jump in my heli to take off when 2 armed rebels (hasan and IBatuu) come out of a nearby house. I hear them start saying "hands up hands up" and turn around to see who it is. Before I even got a chance to react they shoot me (once by hasan and finished off by IBatuu). There was no sort of attempt to RP or start a formal initiation, which I believe does not meet the high quality roleplay that is expected on this server. I asked them many times to join the TeamSpeak so we can talk about this situation and try to resolve it however they declined and stated something along the lines of 'no man we're only here to play for a couple of hours'. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/ngh5cjF33WI This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  15. I can guarantee this as I will no longer give him my steam authenticator when I am not around to moderate what he is doing. As for appealing his ban; he knew that there was no way for him to try and argue it as he was blatantly ban evading. As I said he felt terrible for getting me banned so decided to sacrifice any chance that he might’ve had at making an appeal to try and help me get unbanned, by admitting to an admin what he had done.
  16. Hi, I completely understand your point about it breaking the steam subscriber agreement and I cannot argue with that. However, I can guarantee that this situation would never happen again. Branchy is the only person that I’ve ever shared my steam details with and that I because he’s also a very close friend that I’ve known all my life. He felt terrible about getting me banned which is why he came into the TeamSpeak with me to openly admit what he had done. I know that he will not do this again. I have been playing on RPUK since last April and have a clean record, other than one auto ban which I received on my first day but was shortly resolved. To my knowledge I have no reports against me, nor have I purposefully broken any rules in my time here. I would hope that this would suggest that I would never purposefully do anything that I know would get me banned (such as ban evading). Thank you.
  17. Hi Bowen, I believe that it is possible to see the IP history of those that connect to the server. but if that is not enough both me and my friend (Branchy) can connect to the server at the same time and potentially speak in game to prove that they are two different PCs and accounts. Another way to prove that this is my friends doing, we can both connect on the TeamSpeak server and speak to an admin either about the situation or to further validate that we are two different people, from two different IPs and two different PCs. We also have lots of clips where we are in game at the same time, there will also be chat logs to further back this up. Thank you for your time in advance.
  18. Unban Appeal for Kooki In-game Name: Kooki Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198268349400 The date you got banned: 03/19/21 Member of the team that banned you: Stavik Reason given for your ban: Ban evasion In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Hi there, today I was permanently banned for ban evasion by Stavik. The reason for this is because my friend Branchy was banned for 1.5 whilst in a situation with the police. Branchy has access to my account details as we game share with each other, he also often uses my account to play CSGO so it is not uncommon for him to ask for my steam authenticator code. He asked me on Wednesday night for my authenticator code and as I was at work, I was more than happy for him to use my account. It wasn't until today when I tried to join the server that I saw I had been permanently banned for ban evasion. He openly admitted to me and has apologized for using my account and joined the TeamSpeak server with me in which we both spoke to Kamren Brody and explained the situation. He is able to provide any proof necessary that it was him that was using my account and I'm sure it is also possible to trace the IP in which I play from and the one that he plays from as evidence. Why should we unban you ?: I think I should be unbanned as Branchy is the person that was ban evading. He used my account without my knowledge to do so, which of course, resulted in the banning of my account as it would seem as though my account was an alt. We are able to further discuss any details or information if needed and if Branchy needs to comment under this post or speak in Teamspeak again, then he is more than happy to. As a result of this situation, I will ensure that I am more cautious when handing out my steam authenticator code to him and make sure to check with him what it is he needs to use my account for. Thank you for your time and sorry if this is difficult to understand at all. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  19. That’ll be mad, is it gonna be first come, first serve for getting in?
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