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  1. 1.8 Help in case someone try to failrp etc... 4.3-In case someone comes back to the same place lets say they kill you and you come back and try killing them again and not waiting the timer that would be NLR also remembering things after your death.
  2. Yeas i confirm and yes i do understand the rules now. Rules Provide a scene of predictability and consistency.
  3. its up to you but trust me i have changed
  4. Not going no lie to you i have no clue about them other two i am more mature now and i got annoyed pretty easy at most stuff but now i have learned and i miss thie server its really good and i should of not done that i understand but it was a while ago i have changed i promise you.!
  5. 76561198855650696 sorry mate my bad try this.
  6. Unban Appeal for Chunks In-game Name: Cameron Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198855650688 The date you got banned: 25/05/20 Member of the team that banned you: James Travers Reason given for your ban: NLR In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: It was nlr but i did not know a lot about the rules on the server cuz i was a bit new. i was a friendly person never did anything wrong to anyone but just messed up on NLR. Why should we unban you ?: i was new at the time did not really know what i was but i have learned from joining ot
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