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  1. @SGT John Smith I am not complaining about losing MY gear, this was just a suggestion from what I have seen over the last few days. The thing I want to see changed is more police patroling the island stopping crime, and interacting with people. Because this is after all a Roleplay server hense the name of it. As I see it at the moment the police are playing as rebels, "The Police Gang" only thing is they're getting all their gear for free, so they're not losing out on anything at all.
  2. Police @ Red Zones Brief Summary: Limiting cops at zones and possibly changing their NLR to more than 5 minutes. Detailed Suggestion: Well since the update for the new zones That is all the police seem to be doing.... Red zone, kill people with gear that costs a lot of money, and if the police die they just respawn get all there gear for free and straight back to the red zone. Yesturday I drove from the Airport to Kavala and back again, currently wanted for a good few crimes, I was looking for a possible chase and some kind of interaction wit
  3. @Chilli lol I didn't know that, thanks very much
  4. Please could I have mine as 'Mr Mouse' when you have time to do it - I'd appreciate it a lot!! https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/65211-unknownmouse/
  5. This sounds really good @Matt, Just what the server needs. When I have free time in-game I am normally in Kavala helping hobo's out teaching them the rules and helping them do runs, setting them up with trucks and answering there questions. I hope I have helped enough to keep them playing regularly. @NotBailey That's a great Billboard for Kavala and I hope it gets implemented. It would be great to have that billboard around and maybe in the future some kind of Building or Kiosk in Kavala where hobo's can come inside and there would be "Sherpa's" waiting to help people and take them on a
  6. I am just wondering since the 04:00 update for the ear plugs, I have just jumped on I can use the different levels of ear plugs. But now I cannot see the player list, is there another way to bring the player list up? Ctrl + P isn't working anymore. Sometimes you have to manually go to the player list and unmute other players so you can hear them. Yes I can see the player list if I open the phone, but you cannot un-mute them that way.
  7. A friend of mine had his stolen, so he said so I believe they can be
  8. ill give you 32Mill, and a Taru you can steal, for 1 barn, thats all ive got lol. but im sure you'll get better offers
  9. Your In-game name FA. Mr Mouse Name of the player(s) you are reporting Daney Date of the incident 06/09/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2215 What best describes this incident ? VDM Trolling Other Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident So this guy Daney was in Kavala GZ I caught him knocking people out in Hugo Ross. Before I caught him on video knocking people out, he VDM'ed 4 people including a Police Officer (Cant remember his name) In the GZ. Apparently it was bec
  10. I have decided to cancel it now due to it being too long and I will think of something else to do as an event. with the same kind of prizes - if anyone has any suggestions or would like to help organise one, feel free to send over some ideas. Or if I see someone else has created an event which seems fun i would be more than happy to supply some cash as prizes
  11. I see your point, for me it wouldn't be an issue, as for others I am sure they could make space, or record in lower quality.
  12. If it was with paypal... Log into Paypal click setting / payments / Manage your pre-approved payments then click on whichever subscription and click cancel
  13. Barn has now been sold to a unanimous person
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