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  1. Well since I do not have a say in this I can only agree. But I do understand this decision since it would be stupid for a character to disappear for such a long time and appear again without reason. I will be missing my vehicles but they can always be acquired again. I agree with the terms.
  2. Looking back, my RP wasn't always the most serious back then, though I never committed FailRP. My stance on RP has changed a bit since then and I'd take it more seriously. I would try to immerse myself more with the world and I'd have to make new connections as well since I doubt the ones I had in the past are of any use anymore. I'd achieve all this by roleplaying as the character I have created as I've done in the past. If your looking for an answer as to how I'd react to individuals who seem like they'd do what Izaak did, I frankly have no answer since he did not seem like the type of perso
  3. While I was waiting for a reply it has given me a chance to read other parts of the forum and I came across this post by Izaak, former leader of midnight club which I was associated with at the time. I have a feeling that this is the incident that you are talking about. I must insist that I did not take part in this shootout. I can not be heard talking on the video because I was not part of this mass RDM situation and if you'd like I could come into teamspeak or something to prove that I sound nothing like these guys in the "frag montage" izaak uploaded of the situation. I haven't
  4. I absolutely do not have any recollection of this since this is the very first time I had even noticed that I have been banned. I'm sure whatever it says in your logs did happen but I can't explain myself if I don't know what happened. I most definitely would like another chance at this and I will explain my actions and why they were wrong but I truly do not remember what I have done. I'm sure you understand since it has been over 6 months and I haven't even noticed the ban until now? Edit: I added this edit to clarify that I do indeed know which rule I seem to have broken and expla
  5. Unban Appeal for Foroxyne In-game Name: Abdul Shallad Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198164245973 Ban ID: rpuk#1464 Reason given for your ban: G1.2 RDM In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I have not tried to connect for more than 6 months and I seem to have been banned at about the time I quit playing so I honestly do not know. Last time I was playing I do not even remember RDMing anyone but I will not deny it completely since it may have happened on accident. While I was playing I was involved in multiple firefights throughout the month
  6. Foroxyne

    RedM RP?

    I completely agree with you, but it could be better to establish a RedM community earlier than later if the developers want a guaranteed success of the server, of course I know nothing about this, don't take my word for it.
  7. Foroxyne

    RedM RP?

    You people have done amazing work on both your Arma 3 and GTA RP servers, and because of that, they are thriving. But I was just thinking that you could maybe expand your RP community over to RedM. Incase you are not aware it's a variant of FiveM designed for Red Dead Redemption 2.
  8. yeah the joke definitely flew over my head lol 2/3 of my posts on this thread got a facepalm on them, amazing. ...and now it's all of them, superb.
  9. I started about a week ago and don't think I've had a single encounter with them but I did read about them on the forum's gang page. Atleast I think that's who they are referring to.
  10. Just wait until the list is only midnight club
  11. Great backstory! Hope you don't mind me rockin' a flatcap as well. I got a bandana too so hopefully I am not mistaken as one of you.
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