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  1. (thanks you to all who decided to add onto this report with information. to quickly elaborate on rex's point within the time it took for you two right both responses to this report who could of made your money back ,saying that every word you write took you 2 seconds times by all 709 = 23 min and 30 seconds which would of made your money back ) firstly to comment on you calling my comments in the liason to be sarcastic and condescending. yes i don't disagree i wasn't saying them in a sarcastic but never to condescending in any way, just at the time telling you to calm down as you
  2. firstly one we joined the liaison and after 40min of going over the same point 26 times we decided to compensate you and your gang mates for there gear, but then you decided to leave the liaison and refused to return. secondly why at 3:24 in the video provided did you open the gang tab and look at the number of relic members ( this is clear as you didnt scroll down to look at any other gangs) thirdly the reason i didn't follow through with my first initiation was because we were waiting for more people to roll up plus a couple seconds later i realised it was joke. also the reason i
  3. i am the biggest sad man xD
  4. ~~~ok lets see how much 1 mar 10 with 4 mags will go for . at this point i am just seeing how much it would go for !serious replies only!~~~
  5. Brief Summary: Add new profession trees could be called logging profession ? Detailed Suggestion: As tree have been affected by the double money for legal runs I have found that tree don't have a profession and are still classed by many as a useless run so maybe adding a profession might increase runs for people trying to get prestige and maybe for hobos or people wanting to do a simple run. if a prestige was to be add each tree could give you 50xp as they are 25 virtual space. Pros: -ability to prestige from it -will bring more life to the south of kav through the buyer
  6. serious replies only 1x ar hunter 1.5mil 2x command hunters 1mil each bid away
  7. +1 from me use to do this back in the day and had great fun hope you do to if you need money or help, my name is Lewis south or danbu
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