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  1. oh wasn't aiming it at people specifically just every time i see that word it triggers me ha
  2. More like 6 years old, its full on Altis police force (at least fromwhen i was in it way back when) focus to hard on winning then complaining out the arse when they dont
  3. Lets just remember that the realistic argument only gets thrown out by the side on the losing side of an argument
  4. I have to admit the few times I've had a chase with cops on my relatively slow bikes talking about 110 at best(I dont have any crotch rockets) the cars almost instantly stop chasing but the damn chopper was always on me so that could possibly be utilised a bit more but i cant really comment on car chases as the few chances ive had to see them they get shut down near instantly before a chase can even begin i.e. coming out the bank the car is instantly boxed in so it cant go nowhere or its rammed enough that it breaks (and to be quite honest i think its a load of crap that this call is even
  5. Vader Streamed on here when no pixel was down he was only on for an hour or two but he didn't get banned, its almost like following rules and not crying stream sniper every time he doesn't get his own way or "win" works
  6. ive played on a whitelisted RedM server and the RP is much much slower the fivem and not at all suited to public server mentalities plus RedM is uber new and does not have anywhere near the support or access to assets that fivem has
  7. if the dj booth uses voice to play the music turning the game music down should do it
  8. i asked for the mpu strider like 5 years ago ha

    1. sciencefreak74


      I remember many moons ago when DMPU sciencefreak got MPU Striders approved in board only for dev sciencefreak to then deny the request.

    2. Anonymous Eagle

      Anonymous Eagle

      everything i asked for mpu was shot down because they didnt want to do stuff in the sea 😞

  9. happy not your birthday

  10. i know you can on some servers and this was suggested a good while back but was rejected i think cant quite remember
  11. there is not, im fairly certain its against FiveM TOS to monetise any part of the server or its mechanics
  12. Lost MC Imported the biggest flag we could find
  13. you cant have 2 cop chars same with the gangs you cant have 1 in triads and 1 in ballas or both in the same one
  14. We've sold plenty of BF400's im sure that were all for the time trials
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