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  1. Keep it as is, its an easy moron filter, its not hard to not agro them, the lost have about 8 at the club house most the time and aslong as you dont pull a weapon they leave you be
  2. Dentibus


    I would say look at your phone a little bit more
  3. did he give you the history and backstory of the beloved Yeasty joy that is Marmite?
  4. im all for less rain, it rained more in los santos then it did in Britain
  5. its good but its no meme team of Danny Ric and Lando
  6. ^ The above comp request had the same happen to him, not sure if its of any use to you but it was in the normal parking lots not the impound
  7. Pope just bringing that t-pose
  8. Dentibus

    Stuck crouched

    same happened to me appears that changing your walking style fixes it
  9. seems to happen at all of them, the one by the airport is a bit more lethal due to the water and also freezes the car at the entrance https://streamable.com/569wh7
  10. i've had it a couple of times where ive stored it long before server going down and when i bring it back out the stuff has gone, its one of them that i guess is hard to replicate
  11. Dentibus


    its far too cheap and is currently i think one of the only guns you can get your hands on that isnt from someones storage or from robbing cops
  12. are you that scouse you had to steal new years day


    happy birthday

    1. Mick surf

      Mick surf

      Not sure but i was the first scouser to stab a guy [in fivem obv]

    2. adaco


      Stealing is out speciality 😉 Appreciate it brooo

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