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  1. Gruppr

    HMP Altis remake

    Yea, I agree with Coco. I think a redesign is a needed but I don't think this is it. The yard is rather bare and enclosed with low security fencing - add a few different elements into the yard and buff the fences up slightlest so it doesn't look like someone could just break into prision with some pliers. Also somewhat similar to the current layout of the prison where it consists of the front, processing area and then the yard. Possbily introduce new elements to make it more interesting. I will say having a helipad is a nice addition. Ultimatley I don't feel like enough has changed and/o
  2. Gruppr


    i dont even play fivem but you fellas look like you've really got the groundworks for a solid gang. the detail in this post was astonishing
  3. I'm so sorry Ruthless. If I'd known you've been searching for this long I would have made a deal.
  4. Cheers Alien Overlord Elon. @TheOwen


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      You're so late Gruppr smh

    3. DCC LastNickLeft

      DCC LastNickLeft

      What do you mean time wasted 😡 @TheOwen

    4. TheOwen


      WHAT YOU THINK I MEAN @DCC LastNickLeft🤠

  5. Cheers for the input guys. Appreciate it.
  6. Need some clarification If someone is VDMing, what is the procedure (outside contacting the admins or reporting them since this isn't always an instant solution.) to dealing with them? Am I expected to carry out the 3 minute chase (which will most certainly include more crashes from the VDMers side) or do I have leniency to disable their vehicle?
  7. You don't need any involvement but you need some form of roleplay, this is my primary issue. As stated many times - There was no quality roleplay provided towards myself prior to when danbu said "don't fly away or be shot". Danbu initiated on me with zero form of roleplay, not only making it invalid but also casing my death as RDM. I'm not disputing whether or not he initiated, it's the fact that it was done at a low standard.
  8. I think you forgot how much of an amazing pilot he is!
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