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  1. You don't need any involvement but you need some form of roleplay, this is my primary issue. As stated many times - There was no quality roleplay provided towards myself prior to when danbu said "don't fly away or be shot". Danbu initiated on me with zero form of roleplay, not only making it invalid but also casing my death as RDM. I'm not disputing whether or not he initiated, it's the fact that it was done at a low standard.
  2. I think you forgot how much of an amazing pilot he is!
  3. Unsure if you have read what was previously said but please read what has been said regarding the liason as you would have found your answer there - from the words of danbu "yes i don't disagree i wasn't saying them in a sarcastic". So saying danbu was respectuful is not entirely true, infact he was very much provocating the situation by throwing out snarky comments. What do you mean by "attacked them with previous situations"? In regards to Jono he was civil however this is what I have said and still have to say - Indeed we had a liason - the point of a liason (atleast in my eyes) it is
  4. I've edited my last response to make it more clear as to my opinion on the matter. There was no interaction/roleplay before danbu's "don't fly off or be shot". This is, as stated in the rules, is regarded as low quality roleplay. - “put your hands up or I will shoot” etc is considered low quality RP and may lead to a ban for RDM/Fail RP. Regarding the compensation, as I've previous mentioned and which I will now elaborate on, I would have be more than happy to accept such if the offending party was respectful and knew what they did could be considered as low quality and intern impro
  5. It's less for the fact of clarification and more for roleplay - absolutley, you don't need to say anything but that's what makes the difference between non RDM and RDM. Like I said, telling someone "if you fly away you will be shot" is very much if not the same as saying "if you drive away you will shot" - which is not allowed since I know people who have been banned for such. Saying it's a robbery atleast has a minimal amount of roleplay for it to not be considered low quality but that even that was absent. The fact of the matter is the only verbal communication which was said from danbu
  6. In response to @Lord Steve As both stated in my previous responses and in the rules the initation was not conducted properly. You left yourself no room to include any roleplay aspect, which provided a helicopter variant of "hands up or die" or a vehicle variant of "if you drive away you will be shot". You didn't even mention as to why you wanted me to land the huron - was this a robbery?
  7. In response to @Lord Steve As previously mentioned, a fix to not having enough time to initiate would be doing it prior to me getting into the huron. However you chose the worst possible situation to do it in leaving zero room for roleplay which would consider it low quality roleplay casing my death as RDM. The situation was not getting hostile towards me, danbu told someone to lower their gun which was soon after stated as a joke therefore making the situation non hostile (which once again, didn't include me). We didn't "jump" in the huron in an attempt to flee from the situation but bec
  8. A little quality of life suggestion. Have what the 2x market appear on the forums? I tend to find myself sometimes hopping on the server just to see what the 2x's is. Would save a little time in terms of not loading arma up. Cons would certainly be the unnecessary factor.
  9. In response to @jonoh12 As mentioned It was a low quality initiation split in two halves between two roleplay scenarios. The person pointing a gun at danbu had no involvement with myself or any allies which makes me question as to why he used the prior "stop pointing your gun at me" as a reason behind his given consequenses towards us. Regarding you mistaking me for someone with a gun - that's a fair mistake. However you shouldn't have opened fire in the first place, it wasn't an active gun fight nor was danbu's initiation valid. Even in a case where it was, danbu stated that it w
  10. Indeed we had a liason - the point of a liason (atleast in my eyes) it is to see where you went wrong and where you could improve or to educate the party on how you weren't in the wrong but instead you tried to provoke a reaction with your sarcastic and condescending comments such as - "Have a drink of water and stop yelling." and "It's just a video game". Not to mention the statement of "going over the same point 26 times" which was exaggerated and unneeded. Secondly we never finalised or agreed on any compensation, we were about to start talking about the matter however your attitude in the
  11. Report a player Your In-game Name: Gruppr A Name of the player(s) you are reporting: sir danbu & Jono Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 14/01/21 Time of the incident (GMT): What best describes this incident ?: Low Quality RP / RDM Please (in detail) describe the incident: Unfortunatley I don't have a video any longer than the clip I have uploaded. This is what happened prior to the video. There were people already at salt trader as I landed however none of them I knew nor were any of them my allies. They were i
  12. A real astute businessman. Very trustworthy, no middleman required.


  13. Yea gotta agree with this post. Suprised this isn't already a rule in the first place, obviously we're all aware that you can request them to stop but like said in the post the damage is already done. There's no situation where sexual roleplay is acceptable to a stranger, under no situation in real life would it be appropriate to start sexually harrassing anyone. Regarding the age limit of ArmA, I feel like this holds no bearing - whether younger or older it's still inappropriate. However I agree it holds more weight when a situation arises and involves a minor.
  14. Absolutley. There isn't anything that I misssed out on the video nor any interaction I had with guap prior. Just me landing, waiting and leaving.
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