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  1. Imagine getting raidedXD
  2. I feel we gave you enough chance to unlock the vehicle and i think if there was footage of what you was saying i think that would help with this and I cannot remember you asking me to come and resolve this or maybe i didn't see it i could be wrong tho
  3. Yeah when theres like a few days left until it goes lmao
  4. i would happily log back on for this
  5. Easy mistake you shot Danbu I thought you were in the zone because you shot Danbu well I believed it was you and the liaison thing didn’t see it thought it was for someone else a lot of stuff happened that’s why i shot you
  6. I have instant replay and I didn't really think it was gonna be a problem i thought in that sit i done what i should have so I didn't record sorry
  7. you do not ask that in game you ask that in ooc other wise that's classed as breaking rp im gonna leave this up to the admins to deal with
  8. I think the audio in this video will prove it was not rdm and was there any reason why you was talking to your mate in discord and not talking in game saying he's on me now ?
  9. me shooting him but there is no audio and dumping him
  10. point number 1 I would like to see a clip with our audio us telling you to drive off and to not back chat whilst driving off and 2 how did someone find where you was in the sea and brought you to a hospital and in the clip any reason why you were talking to your friend on discord what steps did you take to do this report because I do not believe you tried to resolve this and there was no audio
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