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  1. @foxyyi have a mar 10 sand with 2 mags
  2. Report a player Your In-game Name: Ginge Name of the player(s) you are reporting: EPR Gamer Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 19/01/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 12 What best describes this incident ?: EPR Gamer shot me whilst looking the other way Please (in detail) describe the incident: So me and 2 other people slammed castle and we decamped on this guy and i started shooting him and he started shooting me whilst he was looking the other way Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/ljv
  3. Yep same here think let’s leave it up to the staff to see what they think
  4. i would also like to point out the fact that you have only included the part of the execution, not any of the rp before?
  5. How about 20m up front and sort a payment a day
  6. So u want 50m would you do finance?
  7. How much do you even want for 1 mate
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