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  1. hFq542S.png

    Eddie King's new life under witness protection. 

    1. Ponty


      I bet 5 years from now ur dead


    2. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      "Send him my regards"

  2. Lost MC Royal Rumble Saturday 23/01/2021 20:00 GMT It's been a while since the last Fight Night, perhaps you didn't get to attend before? Well either way, great news, It's coming back with a twist! Saturday the 23th, the Lost Motorcycle Club are hosting another Fight night. Only this time, it is a royal rumble edition with multiple rounds. If you wish to fight then speak to any Lost Member at the venue. Fighter fee is £2,500 per round. Just like last time, participents will fight bare knuckle so you better start training at the gym. Weapons of any kind will not be allow
  3. All Screenshots and videos are welcome here about the Vagos! We would love to see your moments and memories created with the Vagos!
  4. Another creative stream


  5. Any time I add and item into our stock, the UI disappears as it should do but my mouse is always showing and I can't do anything and need to relog to fix. This is the error in the F8, not sure if it is related.
  6. I have an idea for my next stream on the server. I will try to use the first person point of view to create a better immersion and get very dizzy in the process. Let me know what you think 🙂 I have a few characters I could try this on, some would show more content then others.


  7. Apologies for last night @Wilcobut thanks for being a good sport about it 😅 Thanks for all the memories everyone during 2020, love you all ❤️ 

    Bring on 2021!

    1. Wilco


      Cant renenber a thing! However I ve woke up and ny keyboard is a little snashed up, with a key nissing ?!

    2. Nikolai Belski

      Nikolai Belski

      Happy new year to us then 😂

    3. B0sh


      thanks for last night mate

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, our beloved facepalm has evolved


  9. Nice Banner bro

    1. Yello


      oh wait you cant reply 

  10. Come join Myself, Fletcher, Bosh and Harley enjoy some drinking games for new years eve! 



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