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  1. It's been 2 years since my arrival to RPUK and my character Nikolai Belski was created. How time flies! Thank you for all the awesome memories so far. I've met so many amazing people along the way. Here's to 2 more years ❤️

  2. I started off as a slave on a boat back in June 2020, now I'm a Russian who works his "legal" business.
  3. In-game Name: The Lost MC Game: GTA RP Steam ID: Not to be disclosed The date when this happened: 04/16/22 Please provide full detail and evidence: Illegal raid, no warrant was ever shown. Link to any evidence: Lost items and total value of compensation: Check the evidence (Long list) Please confirm you have read and understand our Compensation Request terms: Yes Thank you for your submission Our staff team will get back to you in this topic ASAP! In the meantime please ensure the details you have submitted above are correct.
  4. I wonder how much my fine will be.
  5. Report a player Your In-game Name: Nikolai Belski Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 744 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 02/25/22 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 100 What best describes this incident ?: (G2.4) Value of Life Please (in detail) describe the incident: I was just having a relaxed evening on the server with different people throughout the night. Just before this incident myself and 2 others were going around driving a taxi chatting and having fun, We then came up with the idea of reverse robbing taxi drivers and other people who we didn't know. We would hold someone up and get their hands up but instead of actually robbing them we would end up giving them some cash money or bank transfer. We enjoyed the different reactions people gave us for it. At the point of the clip it was me and Miguel driving around in a different car. We followed 744 for a while before his taxi broke down then started our reverse rob on him. He was very difficult to get out of the car and when he did he refused to listen to any commands and put his hands in the air. This went on for a few minutes, he was tased a few times to try and encourage him to comply but he wasn't having it. We decided to beat him up due to him not listening and leave the situation. (Apologies for me slurring in the clip, I had drunk quite a bit since it was my birthday) Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1407558686 This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  6. Since the recent update that brought in more rim choices for customising your vehicles, I have noticed that some of my vehicles rims have changed back to stock. This video shows that I have bought rims other than stock but it is still showing them as stock. I think a little over half of the rims under the off road section are showing as stock as seen in the video also. https://streamable.com/wnz7ko
  7. I believe it was 150 before the update was released. Would be great if this could be upped, thanks
  8. Currently the car has a fuel capacity of 60 litres, it would be nice to get this increased to match the other cars in the muscle car class.
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