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  1. @DELETER I think the problem might be to do with symbols such as - | It's whenever I add a contact for the first time its fine, but when I want to edit a contact and add any of these symbols it breaks the phone. Not sure if others symbols are effected by this.
  2. Yep I'm getting this issue whenever I change a name in my contacts.
  3. It's not anymore, new issue is when you want to customize your bike you need to go to Benny's. After you finish you will be teleported outside of the Custom Motorcycle shop in Paleto.
  4. I seen a few different variants of this car and was wondering if it possible to get my plate removed from the front at all? If it's not possible then not to worry. I just remembered that a car from months ago was able to have its livery changed.
  5. I can't remember what error I was getting but I think it was part of the phone script, I will check later
  6. Anytime I go into my phone and edit the contact name of someone, my phone is forever stuck on my screen and can't be interacted with. I need to relog to fix this problem.
  7. Meet-up location is at the sawmill, spread the word. (Map has been updated)
  8. Route is the off road path up and down Mount Chiliad, better get practicing!
  9. Just pop up to the bike shop to see stock, find any Lost member to get one ordered.
  10. Location will be revealed in the next few days, it will be up to you to decide what bike you would think is best for the route.
  11. Was nice meeting you all yesterday even though we won the dance off
  12. Lost MC Bike Time Trial Saturday 20/03/2021 21:00 GMT Want to show the rest of the island how to handle a bike? Join our Free time trial to prove you're the best and to have a chance at winning £100,000 to spend on any bike of your choosing. Location will be posted at a date closer to the event. We will not be held responsable for any injuries. - Nikolai Belski Lost MC Road Captain
  13. Lost MC Fight Night Sunday 07/03/2021 21:00 GMT Lost MC events are back! Future events are in the works, fight night will be the first to return. 3 categories to choose from (1v1, Gang vs Gang or Royal Rumble) If you wish to fight then speak to any Lost Member at the venue. Fighter fee will vary on fight category. Just like last time, participents will fight bare knuckle so you better start training at the gym. Winners of each round will be given a cash reward. Weapons of any kind will not be allowed inside, you will be searched at the door. 1v1 Do you
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