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  1. Happy Birthday man!! 🎂 Hopefully you're back soon 😁

  2. Not whitelisted or anything, maybe in the future who knows. Just a known gang in the city who is looking for members.
  3. I'll pay you for comedy, that way your pension can rest
  4. Who's the ripped one in the middle?
  5. Yeah I get you, like I said if not extreme, I don't expect cops to give the suspects everything. Just want them to play it out like they should.
  6. Right so this is a reference of how I bank robbery with a hostage situation should go, I am showing you this for advice. 11 minutes in the hostage is known to police and they try to exit the bank. Once the hostage is safe they agree to open fire and pursue the suspects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jo_-WaacDQ&t=398s When a hostage is being used as leverage to rob the bank, the demands of the robber should be followed, if not extreme, and therefore the cops should not run in guns blazing and pan out the robbery with the hostages safety in mind. If a sniper is an option in the games future then a sniper could take the shot if the hostages life is being threatened. I am not mad about my experience with the police and my hostage robbery anymore and I would like to educate you on how to deal with it. If this is promoting the youtuber or server, take it down and i'm sorry if so. Thank you for your time
  7. So guess what, we do a bank robbery and have a hostage gun pointing to his head, the cops are told they are to drop there guns and they pretend they do then about 6 cops come into the bank, still point a gun at the hostage, spraying they're guns at us hitting the hostage, then we talk to them saying like what the fuck was that, then I get told " your dead shut the fuck up" I said who the fuck are you and then I get banned instantly! Then they revive my mate even tho he was "dead" how are we meant to roleplay when cops do that! I was down not dead so I can talk...
  8. Charles Jenkins former Lieutenant in the royal navy moved to Los Santos for a change and a break from the orders and rules of the navy, instead of kicking up his feet and watching football he decides to move into the drug business, transporting and selling big up drugs for the money, once he lay into the drug business getting paid a fair bit, he moves out of the drug business working for the Colombo Family. Its known Charles is known as another name for his.... 'dirty work' you could say, the name is unknown and is best that way. Then Charles decides to develop his knowledge for the drug and gun game and start a gang with his fellow associates named the MONKS. Charles is currently 27 and whereabouts unknown. You may not find him in legion

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