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  1. Well, El Hog will be remembered I guess. See use all through metal bars. o7
  2. El Hog signing in, Just to throw my 2 cents in, I completely understand what you're saying. People should go out there and create their own interesting, fun for all roleplay scenarios that everyone gets a kick out of. However, in my personal experiences, it is sometimes hard to go out there and create your own quality roleplay scenarios without people just shutting it down, whether that be due to the opposing side going for the win or caring more about their assets such as cars, guns etc. Now don't get me wrong, I have created and have been part of some quality roleplay scenarios that everyone involved has enjoyed (for the most part), but recently, I feel like the quality of roleplay has dropped among the player base. Now if you was to ask me, "How do we fix this?" I wouldn't have a definitive answer that would solve the problem. Now if there's one thing I do know, its that everyone has to play their part in helping increase those quality roleplay scenarios we all enjoy. I have already made a more detailed comment on another post similar to this so I wont go on forever, but one thing I would like to mention is that I do feel like people in powerful positions such as faction leads and gang leads need to understand the influence they have over their inferiors and use this in the correct way to better the server as a whole.
  3. adaco

    Yo what it be ya big staffhead, think its about time you start spawning me in some stripper peds yeah?

    1. Liam


      Only if Lucas Marshall the best driver in the LSPS comes back

    2. adaco


      Best driver, best shooter, best roleplayer, BEST COP. I was an ASSET. Didn't even offer me a payrise before I left #yourloss

    3. Liam



  4. You've changed bro. I thought you were better than this.
  5. Hi Fluqi, please return my calls, me and the kids are getting really worried. Thanks x

  6. Liam

    When is Antonio gonna stop being a lil bitch n come back?

    1. adaco


      When John Pope comes back

    2. Liam



    3. adaco


      Denny Lebus

  7. I was a cop in firearms for over a year, was a Sergeant & CTSFO and have been playing the server since June 2020. Shit was fun at the beginning and overtime, as the force grew, in my opinion the quality declined. Now the reason I mention the rank my character was and the training he had was to put emphasis on my POV of the LSPS. I was in (what I'd say) the best position I could be in, I was at the rank I wanted to be at and had the highest level of training (I had access to pretty much everything). As the majority know, I didn't just step down from a decent position, I chose to leave completely because I felt the police had gotten that bad. Few of the main points from me are; Going for the W 24/7 - Some (not all) cops were always going for the win and providing little to no RP for the opposing side. I believe that I provided good RP in most of the scenarios I was engaged in, but it got hard to maintain that standard when the officers beside you are only focused on the win and the gunfight. For example, you'd be at a bank or shop robbery, you would approach, shout inside to try and initiate the RP and then you'd have some random Frontline officer sprint right on in there, taser out and tase the guy straight away. Essentially, what I'm saying is I believe there was a lack of care and effort into who got into the LSPS and how well they were trained/raised throughout their area. Seriousness - I believe that the LSPS got way to serious in terms of systems & rules implemented which took some of the fun out of it, such as the TFC system. I am not saying that the TFC system was awful. It had its pros, ands its cons, for example, it was useful in grouping officers and knowing who was with who etc, but it also took the fun out of being able to do what you wanted in a sense, almost felt like it was an actual job, a chore, being told where and what to do instead of being able to chose what you wanted to respond to. Now during my time in the LSPS I did voice my opinion and raised any issues I saw, but in my opinion, things got worse, hence leading to mine and others characters retirement. I personally believe that the Police should be more strict in terms of punishments and warning points. I'm unsure if its changed, but back when I was in the police, you did something 'bad' you got a warning point which would expire after (I believe) 3 months, an if you got 3 warning points, you'd be out. Ultimately, I get what @Pontyis saying in terms of; As I also believe that the quality had decreased that much that it was beyond the point of no return. I've had the opportunity to equally view the server from both Police & Criminal POV and on the other hand, I also agree that it's not just the police where the quality has declined. It makes no sense for civilians and other uninvolved gang members to be getting close to Police V Gang shootouts as its just straight up stupid and no value of life and it also makes no sense for gangs to be having shootouts in multi-million pound vehicles (sportscars etc) in the middle of Legion Square. In my opinion the server has became more of a GTA online server full of 'fraggers' and has been for quite some time now, hence why myself and plenty of others have either stopped playing or play significantly less because its just not enjoyable to be a part of. Now, how do you fix such an issue? I couldn't say exactly, but I think starting with stricter punishments for rule breaks and enforcing rules more would be a good start. I've seen way to many people get away with blatant rule breaks, especially staff members. This is not me having a dig at anyone or trying to cause drama, I am just simply voicing my opinions and thoughts on the matter and the state of the server. El Hog & Big Lucas Marshall out x
  8. You're beautiful x

  9. I love watching frag clips in the gang Screenshots | Videos topics 😎

    1. Liam


      I like your frag montage from your Trojan days

  10. adaco

    Bike tire pop

    This bug has been on the server for quite some time now
  11. Happy Birthday El Hog

    Never forget, ADACO YOU'RE BANNED MATE

  12. Used to work last year, been broken for a long time.
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