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  1. Possibly make it so you can log into multiple accounts and switch between the accounts depending on what character you're on.
  2. This happens every time when you use the 'change clothes' option for £250 and click 'save'. It has happened when on as a cop with the firearms balaclava or when on as Lost, it happens with any purchased balaclavas leading you to have to go and put it back on at your wardrobe.
  3. adaco

    Tools needed for banks

    I think this is extremely needed with the amount of baldies who run into banks, trigger the alarm and then run out and continue to do it multiple times.
  4. adaco

    Face mask isusues

    I believe the only way to fix it (or the way I got mine fixed) was changing my characters face with the help of an admin/dev, although some sort of plastic surgeon may get added to the server were you are able to change things like your facial structure in the future.
  5. adaco

    Whisper Distance

    Unsure if this is intentional or not, but the 'Whisper' distance seems much larger than it was originally was.
  6. Appreciate the kind words mate, the roleplay on your behalf was also brilliant. Keep it up.
  7. adaco

    Panic Button Change

    At the end of the day, the only issue with this suggestion really is the fact that Panic buttons are ideally used when you are in a situation were you cannot use comms. For example if you're at gun point of if you're being robbed, you cant just go onto your radio and say you're at gunpoint & give a location of where you are otherwise lets be honest, you'll end up dead. So how I PERSONALLY view this is that this will effect Police/NCA/NHS in a negative way in SOME situations were comms are not accessible.
  8. adaco

    Panic Button Change

    I think this says it perfectly.
  9. For example: Character A (Lost MC) Character B (Police) Yesterday I was on a police patrol as Character B, when I received a message from a unknown number. I looked at the message and saw that it was clearly intended for character A (Lost MC). @L12Masonalso had this happen to him at the same time it happened to myself. Prior to this, I had been receiving phone calls on character B (police) which had clearly been intended for my character A (Lost MC). To shorten it down, it appears that phone numbers or something to do with the phone system crosses over between characters, c
  10. adaco

    Stuck crouched

    Would just like to further add this is still persistent after the recent changes to how crouching works, it happens 9/10 times when crouching and there are also no errors in the F8 menu.
  11. adaco

    Stuck crouched

    Just to add, this has been happening often. The CTRL key works in game when using it to wheelie bikes or control vehicles mid air but does not work to un-crouch any of my characters. I am not aware of anyone else having this issue but myself.
  12. adaco

    Stuck crouched

    Not sure if this happens all the time, but I have had it happen to me twice both as cop and civ were when you crouch, you are unable to stand back up using CTRL. I have tried using the Z & U key to fix this but unfortunately it had no effect. The only way I have found to fix this is to relog.
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