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  1. Suggested Plate: SHERPA Apply to: KU20 RQE Bid Amount: £10 Million
  2. Hello all you beautiful people of Altis, I have been helping new people on the Island of Altis for many weeks now and I think I would be ready to become a Sherpa. Everyday I dedicate my time to helping people and have a goal of helping at least 3-5 people a day. I enjoy helping and assisting people on the Island especially new players. I've given in total over £10,000,000 away for new people in helping them progress through the server and ensure they have a good time with me as to encourage them to come back. I have also spent countless hours explaining and assisting new players in how to do runs and general knowledge of the Island. I want to become a Sherpa ro get more noticed and hopefully help more people. I really wish I can help the community blossom. Kachow from your fellow Hello Kitty lover, Ashoka, out.
  3. Hello you beautiful people of Altis,

    My operations are in full speed now and I will be helping more people than usual as a very nice person gave me £5,000,000 makingt my operations much easier. If anyone needs help, as usual feel free to message me on here or on discord @ Ashoka#3798. I will be helping out everyone I can. Again thank you for reading and stay safe in these tough times.

    Kachow from your fellow Hello Kitty lover,

    Ashoka, out.


  4. Hello you beautiful people of Altis,

    I want to introduce myself as I am getting more active on forums and you will see me around often. I typed up a whole About Me yesterday so you can check that out. I also am on the island to help people and especially new people. I am always active and anyone feel free to massage me for help or guidance. All new people can message me and we can chat and I will help you get situated on the island. I wish you all the best in these hard times and I wish you all stay safe and careful.

    Goodbye from your fellow Hello Kitty Fan,

    Ashoka, out.


  5. Krists

    Black Market

    Great start! I would recommend removing the Fertilizer plot, aka the blue tarp and tires bit, the gates as they are pointless and someone the props inside and it might actually get accepted. Good luck though.
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