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  1. When i park a vehicle in my driveway, go in my house and come out it despawns (becomes invisible). After some time it spawns in again. Also when i take a vehicle out of my garage, it sometimes takes like 5 minutes for it to actually spawn. Me and my friend had this problem for a long time.
  2. Merryweather We work in the shadows and spread fear around the globe. Merryweather is basically a group of mercenaries lead by many people over the world. The leadership changes again and again as the older people either get killed or get retired somewhere hidden. People in Merryweather do jobs that they are interested in and/or get enough money from. This could be anything from kidnappings, gathering information or anything that people don't want to do themselves. We are willing to provide escorts and protocols to people who really need it and have their life in danger, people who
  3. Brief Summary: A couple more houses added at some point in the future. Detailed Suggestion: I know that there are a lot of houses and a lot has been added not that long ago but i still feel like most of them are already owned by someone. I came across some nice houses that i would personally buy. The Pros: More houses in different locations The Cons: More work for the devs Does this suggestion change balance on the server? Nope These are some of the houses i found. Prices: 480k-900k
  4. My friend took it out for me so it was only bugged for me. But ty anyways:)
  5. Happens to me a lot. Sometimes i loose like 3-5 ungrown plants, then i go out of my house then in again and they appear to be fully grown. And then i can't plant or water any plants because it just gets reset or the pots i put down dissapear.
  6. I've got 100 ammo in my storage and why i'm trying to take it out it says the following: Not enough ammo in the trunk. I tried taking it out one by one or all at once and nothing works.
  7. I like the look of the new ATM but i think the old one was more practical whatever the word is. I think there should be a button for "deposit all" and u should be able to see how much money u have in the bank/cash. Other than that i like the look so good job on that.
  8. Since the big update some cars have been nerfed and some stayed the same. Like the McLaren Senna has been nerfed and it only goes 120-140mph while the Porsche 911 is much faster. I think it would be cool if the imports had realistic speeds.
  9. +1 expensive houses could look like michaels or franklins(mansion) house interior:))
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