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  1. So I was looking through old videos that I had and was watching back on events that happened such as when I was involved with the first ever big bank, well I believe it was, and it got me wondering what stories have people had so please leave some of your best moments I'm really interested to see what peoples views of the city are like and what they are experienced so far
  2. https://soundcloud.com/frnch_drizzy/azteca-diss-rpuk
  3. Hello Niamh Mr Lewis Banks Here 🤣

    1. Niamh


      Hi Mr Lewis Banks 

  4. @Leche Look mum im on the news........ oh wait
  5. Thank you all for the amazing messages toward the death of john kiff 

  6. I knew you would say that xD now I'm wide awake I wish I put more names but how could I forget the wise Chris Noble the man who gave me my first car and job even though the memories have now been taken to the grave John kiff will forever remember Chris nobles located east of the city - El Rancho "would you like a bag with that?"
  7. Hello all as you may know John Kiff a FiveM character ,I started back in June 2020 i believe, I played has been killed off. It was my choice to kill him off as I believe I needed a change for the better. I had an amazing time and will miss the 1,000+ hours I played as him xD. John Kiff was known for many things mainly being a MASSIVE SIMP xD but I hope he was also seen as a friend. He did his fair share of crimes which includes the big bank 3 times and also the Nemours wars he has been in. He had met loads of people during his adventures and I would like to personally thank a few who was the
  8. Oi leave my kind alone we are a special breed #simplivesmatter
  9. Im guessing hes a top shagger Luke like
  10. Day 295 and still no wife


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      sad day

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