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  1. AZTECAS A place for all screenshots including the Aztecas. #AztecasOnTop
  2. I was down and my friend came to get me and it wouldnt let me accept the carry
  3. Either a do not disturb mode or maybe another way your phone rings and you get a notification in the top of your screen instead of it bringing your phone up?
  4. (G4.4) When you are revived/downed: You may not actively enter or continue any combat situation for the next 10 minutes. Regarding the new bed system on fivem is this rule enforced from when you get off the bed or when you are revived as currently it takes around 10 minutes to get revived from the bed? I feel like the new bed system enforces the rule and should be taken into account as its 20 minutes currently
  5. @HawaiiWhen you go down your mic turns to voice activation and you can literally hear every word being said instead of it being push to talk
  6. When you get downed your voice chat resets to open mic and doesnt fix till you relog
  7. When blindfolded you can see the street in the bottom
  8. North East Crew @JaffaBenitez @Warwick @Mick surf @MaxSniperidge @JonJo @Katie Jane
  9. Dont really need to say anymore
  10. @Dan BEvery time I come out of a house my voice chat crashes
  11. Sometimes when you are speaking your voice chat stops working and you cant hear anything especially when you come out of a house. The way you used to fix it is turning voice chat off and on but it doesnt work like that anymore so you have to relog. The voice chat crash happens very frequently for me. Is there any other way to fix it?
  12. THE AZTECA'S Who are we you may ask? Let me explain. The Azteca's were a gang formed in the Jails of EL Paso in 1986. A loyal gang willing to commit murder of civilians in order to keep fear in the minds of its members and ensure their loyalty and obedience. Currently residing in the Sandy Shores area of Los Santos, The Azteca's have been hiding in plain sight, under the name, The Commission. Under this artificial name, The Azteca's have been able keep up to date with the Drug Trafficking and Weapons Trade within the city of Los Santos, whilst also inf
  13. Isnt that because someone else has claimed it before you? Only one gang can claim them every hour @TikTak
  14. Im not replying anymore as this guy has taken it away from the incident and now it talking about things towards me. This seems like he has something against me and my gang and if you cant handle a gang war then dont be in a gang. If staff have a problem with aztecas rp then let me know via discord or ts and ill sort it out with the boys and will make sure individuals know if they do something wrong.
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