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  1. Hi Drex, cheers for the reply. At the time during the situation with G6 I briefly remember it was one of the first raids of the server for a gang. In a way, it was exciting. It wasn't that I wanted to win which it probably looked like I did and I know that is not a good mentality to have on a server where it's meant to be roleplay. I remember everyone fighting and in that moment I got ahead of myself not taking the rules into consideration because there was so much going on, so many people in prison and guards going crazy. It was after my ban I realised how much I got caught up in the moment but I can assure you in that moment there was no "I have to win", I was just too caught up like I said. Months have gone by and I can assure you that I have went over rules, even the newly changed ones. I have no intentions to return with any "winning mentality" as I said before it's a RP server, situations happen and you just got to let them go however they go without throwing server rules out the window and without caring about winning or losing. I intend to come back with a good attitude and a positive mindset.
  2. I was originally banned for G4.4 which I went into the infirmary after I respawned in the Boilingbroke Prison after a previous situation occurred, the Gruppe 6 officer started talking shit to me so I punched him. Then I proceeded to run outside and an officer started shooting at me and I put my hands up and ran away to get away from the bullets which resulted in my G2.4 ban. As far as I remember I may have been revived by NHS but Im not 100 per cent sure. I realise from this that I shouldnt have ran away when the officer started shooting and I shouldnt have hit the officer after I got revived/respawned
  3. Unban Appeal for JaffaBenitez In-game Name: Jaffa Benitez Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198271942858 Ban ID: !!rpuk4585!! Reason given for your ban: G4.4, G2.4, C6.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned due to an incident where I received a 7 day ban for breaching G4.4. At the time I was confused and went to the JFS channel on TS to discuss my ban with staff. George Harris joined and originally he couldn't tell me due to their being no notes on record. After this occurred Deleter then joined the Teamspeak and we started a conversation regarding why I believed I did not break rule G4.4 and then he started speaking about a G2.4 (Value of Life) which I was not originally banned for but was still a relevant comment non the less and I should have been more careful with my actions. In this conversation I got frustrated and told Deleter to "Fuck himself" which was in breach of C6.2. This then resulted in me being permanently banned. Why should we unban you ?: I'm not looking to use any excuses as to why I was banned. As time has passed it's made me understand more that the reasonings for my quick successions of bans was down to my own doing and nothing else. At this moment in time I was frustrated and felt like I was being targeted but I now realise that wasn't the case and it was more down to my mindset. If given the opportunity to return I will be putting much more effort into improving the quality of roleplay that I provide. I have truthfully missed all the people I've met from RPUK and hope to make a return. I'd also like to address some comments/questions made in my appeal 3 months ago which I wasn't able to respond to due to it being denied. I'd like to specifically apologize to Deleter and George Harris for having to deal with what i said during the TeamSpeak conversation we had. I can assure you that if given the chance to return you will not see this sort of behaviour again as I know feel im now in a better mindset than I was in the past. You might ask "what is different this time?" Since my last appeal ive played fivem since and I havent had a situation ive got mad in or complained about. . In my last appeal Robbie said "Staff aren't verbal punching bags" and that is true and that situation in ts will not happen again. I have a different outlook on everything including fivem and I want to show that if given the chance to come back. 3 months have passed since my previous unban appeal and nothing has changed from me wanting to return to RPUK. I have missed this server and it's definitely the most fun I have ever had on an RP server. I miss this community and it would mean a lot to be able to return and connect with everyone again. I know I have probably gave a good few of the staff team a headache at times but I promise you I do not intend to come back and be who I was several months ago. The server has changed and so have I. In regards to the server it is probably not like it was when I was there so I can assure you that I would come back with a good attitude. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  4. In this clip that is not me with the voice changer. That guy is southern and I am Northern. Also my voice is more nasally and doesnt sound like this at all
  5. The words in bold are you admitting that your friend should have been shot and that you think the report isnt necessary. Never once said that me being a cunt in game means i can RDM. This is me saying my side not bumping it. It sounds to me like you would have been fine if i had shot your mate and just left you?? Like why would I shoot one gang member and let the other one shoot me? Makes no sense at all in RP
  6. The report has already been said to be unnecessary and he has said his mate should have been shot so I dont see why this report was ever made never mind still up
  7. Last reply before i leave it for staff. Aztecas and Vagos have been in an active war since the gang update. Things like this happen all the time and nothing is said until the report recently. No liason was made. Jack admits in one of his replies that his mate should have been shot due to his actions so my question would be why would i kill a gang member and let the other one live just to shoot me? Im just really confused now why this report was made. I interacted with a guy stood next to him in the same gang clothing just for him and made them very aware I was Jaffa Benitez before i did anything. I feel this report is clutching at straws and just a way to get back to me because they lost a gun. I hope admins see it this way. Vagos clearly knew who I was and I made sure that they knew who I was before I did anything. I want a longer version of the clip where the guy is down afterwards talking shit to me and not acting like he is injured at all. I made sure to act first so I wasnt killed. I also am in a difficult situation as there is not much I can do in this situation if this was in the city I would have held him up and actually done some kind of situation with him but in the water there isnt really a way to do that
  8. Are you saying you want to just leave this conversation at that or you want the report to be taken down?
  9. The only reason you were shot was because you were with the guy mouthing off. I only shot you because you were with him. If i shoot a Vagos member i would expect you to shoot back at me hence why i got you both at the same time. Thats literally it
  10. ive only just noticed KOS is on this. How is this KOS. I made sure you knew exactly who i was before i even decided to put my mask on and shoot. I could have just shot you the second you turned up
  11. So you tried resolving it by talking shit to me in the water? All you had to do was ooc and ask me to come ts instead of breaking RP. Many people there dont like your gang in character. I shot because its out in the middle of nowhere and not a built up area like legion. What if i dont shoot first in that situation and you get the drop on me 1v2 im going to go down. I thought fast and shot first. Thank you. Ive built a character up to be a complete cunt and not take shit from anyone. If you talk shit to Jaffa expect to get shot. Its literally what my character is. Im not going to get disrespected around a load of people and just sit and take it.
  12. This is getting beyond a joke tbh. You clearly knew it was me and for how long as the war been shooting on sight or whatever. I gave you more than enough chance to stop and you clearly knew who I was. Did you really expect me to just sit there and let a gang I was at war with talk shit. You havent once tried to come speak to me in liason. Also to add to this where is the rest of the situation were you and your mate are sat in the water talking shit while down. How can it be RDM as you clearly knew who I was and I made sure to put my mask on before I did anything. You are saying you had no interaction but your mate is sat talking shit right next to you. Im not going to risk shooting one and letting the other one shoot me. I honestly feel like this is getting more and more like "lets get Jaffa banned" instead of lets talk it out or do something in RP. We have been at war for months if you dont expect me to do something when you clearly know who I am then thats on you. Im so confused why this report has even gone up. I would like to request you put up the rest of your bleed out timer when you are talking shit with your friend. This Aztecas and Vagos war has been going on since the gang update was first put out. They should know by now things like this will happen. I feel this report has been put up because they lost a gun and wanted a way to get back at me. I dont really see anything wrong. If i dont pull my gun first then they pull theirs and shoot me. I made sure to catch them off guard and strike first before they did something to me
  13. We never spoke on TS. I joined and you said "I dont want talk to you Im talking to Triads." You didnt try speak to me on ts at all. You cant force me to die. You also cant tell me where i have been shot. I could have been shot in the cheek or the shoulder. You cant just say that its powergaming. Ive held my hands up and said I probably should gone about my words better. Its more I was trying to talk about what was going on and I probably should have put more effort into the roleplay of acting injured and thats on me. But at least still come talk to me first
  14. I agree i probably shouldnt have said what i said. I was pissed off. My intentions were i can roleplay my injuries and not be forced into a certain aspect of RP. In the latest gang meeting it was said that stuff like saying "Ive shot you in the head shut up" is stupid and shouldnt be said on the server and he is clearly doing just that here. As for me and what i did I accept it might look like i didnt care but it more the fact i wanted to try talk to the vagos and learn more about the situation not just bang you are dead be quiet lets move on to the next gunfight which is what is being doing here. This individual didnt try and speak to me in ts about it at all and i remember the last time something happened with this CC didnt we let you off with a liason when you literally said in an active situation "Just shoot me in the head I CBA with this situation." Maybe come talk to me about it instead of going straight to a report and you could see what i was meaning and how i wanted to rp my injuries. Also in this situation you said and multiple times during and after this clip you said "Lets camp Jaffa's body till he dies" "Im watching over his body till he dies" Some interesting way you have gone about this if you ask me. Also to add to this i feel if Luke Link hadnt have reported someone yesterday then this report would never have gone up.
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