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  1. I don't really like this police "always want to win" like yes as I'm sure anybody playing a game wants to win. As police we want to do our job on the server and make arrests. I believe sometimes people are saying this as although they have put effort in they still lost. But you have to understand that I'm certain many people want to win the scenario on both sides, it's just when people go to far to win such as breaking the rules / intentionally. creating shit RP such as "put your hands up don't press your panic button". People just need to find what works and what doesnt as police I have seen many tactics people use to get away and we try and adapt to stop that. However that then creates gaps to get away.
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    @Avion SolarToday seeing a person in police who clearly cares about the RP experience more than just getting arrests. Seeing a custody Sergeant as I walk into the cells and book the people in properly not only made sure that my police work was up to standard but also gave that extra immersion was amazing and something I havent seen in my 9 months as police on FiveM. So just thought it deserved a big shout out and appreciation post. Thanks for adding that extra RP element and keeping bent coppers at bay as well as saving me the effort of finding the custody rights for the 80th time that day.
  3. There's a marine department of the police the NHS Also have boats and the sea sparrow available for deployment as and when is nessecary there is not normally a permeant deployment however
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  6. JonJo, So following on from us talking in liason after the report. Firstly after the video ends i did apolagies for this as if i was honest i have heard mixed things about this rule. I will fully admit as i said in the liason that i should have said it in a more "injured" voice, I admit that this was wrong and I am willing to take any punishment on the chin regarding that. However i believe that i did not give away tactical information as i never disclosed anything regarding to the gunfight. The man I did say about was in cuffs and just walking away. He was not about to kill anyone nor was he going to get very far with the amount of officers around. In regards to the video, I believe the legnth of this video does not give the situation justice nor does it show the context of multiple people on the ground screaming about how they "got shot for no reason"; so due to this can you provide a video that does in fact show the context behind the scenario. Secondly, In the liason we tried to attempt to resolve it however you were quite set that you wanted to keep the report which I understand however I would just like to ask what are you intending to get from this report as u did not outline this when i asked you simply shrugged it off, almost alluding to this being a report because you lost the gunfight. If you need an independent party of how the liason went Josh (INS Raymond Fowler) can provide you with this, unless you have a recording as i did not get the opertunity. Finally, I have been a member of this communitiy (Altis and FiveM) Since i joined the Altis Police in July of this year and i am sure through my time in Altis police, FiveM NCA and LSPS anyone that has known me can vouch for me never intentionally breaking a rule, even when stressed out. Howvever as we can see from the clip everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect and i do apolagise if i have annoyed anyone throughout this. In English law two things have to be taken into account actus reus which is the guilty act, I confess to this and mens rea which is weather you had the intent to do anything. In this case and im sure with the extended video you will see that i did not have the intent to break the rule. PC Nolan Wyatt LSPS
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