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  1. I think the option to accept / decline should be removed anyway. As you'd not be able to do this IRL. Potentially keep that you can uncarry yourself using /carry as if you were being carried by someone clearly VDMing or RDMing you could just uncarry yourself, however used in RP would be a rule break
  2. What's the plan ? What are your characters backgrounds going to portray in the future? are they going to be hanging around in the hospital making inappropriate emotes so to speak? How can you change this and give something to the community ? My characters have always had a good background, routes and provide decent RP, nearly all of the time. Thomas Greenwood, the goofy and gullible Police Officer, who just wants to make friends. Yu Wong, the old Asian Fagan, adopting and illegally marrying people into his family and criminal enterprise, giving drugs free to new playe
  3. Unban Appeal for DSP-Thomas In-game Name: Yu Wong Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198045213792 The date you got banned: 03/02/21 Member of the team that banned you: gurlanin and Appeal denied by Robbie Reason given for your ban: C1.12 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: A silly situation that happened at Pillbox including myself and Officer Lucas Marshall, I was roleplaying with a Teddy, pretending to be talking to it, it telling me to smother him, it was somewhat of a replication of a comedy set I’ve seen before done by Terry Aldert
  4. Just to add, my opinions on the Police have no relevancy to your Powergaming antics. I’ve been arrested today by veikkq, have no issue, got knicked by Raymond Fowler, Lucas Marshall and other officers this week/last week, me and Barry have great RP, the same as me and Fulton or Constable. The fact that I get frustrated about how the Police RP has no relevancy to the case of your powergaming. If I said “I hate the NHS” and then got RDMed by an NHS member, I’d report them for the rule break and not the fact that they’re NHS. Your argument is invalid, irrelevant and inappropriate. als
  5. In my opinion, it’s complete power gaming what you do, you hold people in cells, RP hostage, they can’t do anything because you control it all. (G1.5) Powergaming - Forcing a scenario where no matter the roleplay of the other party you will win. Inspector looks after a whole Unit? Pretty high ranked? (G1.7) Community leaders - Players who are business owners, organisation leaders or high ranking police officers/NHS personnel. These players should be a leading source of quality story lines and consistently strong roleplayers. Thus will be held to a higher standard under our
  6. This was regarding a Police Report. I have reported you to your seniors also. The same as how I said I would be Escalating it during the Court Trial. it’s funny how you’ve reported me, for reporting you? seems a bit revengey. Anyway, I’ve uploaded my video in full, because that’s a fair and honest thing to do, not just 30 seconds here and there like your videos. In my opinion, it’s complete power gaming what you do, you hold people in cells, RP hostage, they can’t do anything because you control it all. (G1.5) Powergaming - Forcing a scenari
  7. Finally TL:DR 2 hours of footage; there was more but it got too much- of Ins Chris Lee just holding people until they admit to crime or just give up. RP isn’t RP unless he wins.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/GYCF1FE its uploading, last one crashed pc. Downgraded the quality
  9. The fact that you hold people in cells and custody for HOURS. Until you can decide an outcome. You rarely have evidence to stand on. You try punish people with Max fines for no fucking reason. You don’t accept that someone else has an RP story.
  10. My video is still processing, has been for hours. did you not respond in /me? Saying [OOC] Cry me a river?
  11. My report has been submitted as mentioned in the above video. Due to the length of my video, it's still uploading... The reason I made you aware that I was reporting you, was because I've been reported before with no Liason or chance to defend myself, I believe that's a scummy thing to do. At no point did I break RP to tell you this, nor did I brandish it in your face as a threat. You could have let me go, given me a fine or sent me to prison, I'd still have reported you. I also waited over two hours in your custody before doing this.
  12. Report a player Your In-game Name: Yu Wong Name of the player(s) you are reporting: TikTak Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 30/01/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 1700 What best describes this incident ?: Powergaming / Metagaming Please (in detail) describe the incident: TikTak, or Inspector Chris Lee has had a thing for me for a little while. Which at first felt like a great way to create some interesting Roleplay situations, however, has since materialised into some sort of Super Vendetta from an officer with no grasp
  13. “This is not a revenge report” you’re literally reporting me because I told you after the shit RP that I was escalating this. The vendetta comes from you my friend. I will be submitting a report, however will be stitching together the videos.
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