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  1. Report a player Your In-game Name: Ember Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Korez Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life Date of the incident: 09/01/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 2213 What best describes this incident ?: Combat logging Please (in detail) describe the incident: Me and my gang pulled up to a Huron that was located at salt trader to rob him, when we go there he had already sold most of the salt in his Chinook (we know this as we lockpicked the Huron afterwards), he attempted to fly off as we landed and so we broke his rotors. After exiting the vehicle he attempted to run away however my friend initiated on him, after this he still carried on to try and flee and so he was shot. we realise that he probably had money on him after selling his salt so we decide to attempt to pick him up so we can extract the money off of his person. And then he disconnects ruining the experience and meaning that we gained little money out of the encounter. We then asked his group what happened to him and the responded that "He rage quit". we have asked their team multiple times to join the TeamSpeak server so that we can discuss the odd behaviours happening to do with their group but we have been rejected every time Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiYlxcuNW1M&feature=youtu.be This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  2. i will agree with you, i am stubborn, and i will help you carry out your goal by facepalming your comment, you are very welcome
  3. I have followed the rules and i have not been safe if police can lockpick in greenzones then why does it not say in the rules. to answer your "dialemma", the rule should read: (6.1.4) You must not lockpick or steal a vehicle from the green zone, unless you are a police member and the vehicle is illegal.
  4. nomad, if the rules don't contain all of the rules, then how am i meant to know what i can and cannot do?
  5. nomad, if the police can break into your cars then why is there the GZ rule (6.1.4) You must not lockpick or steal a vehicle from the green zone. if the police could then it would say (6.1.4) You must not lockpick or steal a vehicle from the green zone, unless you are a member of the police force. ps. i didn't say i was right because of how many thumbs up i got to face palms poor maxim got but that it seemed i was getting further in this community than him pss. time does not equal knowledge
  6. maxim, you have not answered my question as you have only said things that can be shown to be incorrect as they do not line up with the rules. I do not wish for the rules to be changed, the only change that i want is for the police to follow the pre-existing ones. also i seem to be getting further than you based on all of the thumbs up i have recieved and all of the face palms you have received
  7. nomad, i do understand what you are saying, however, in the rules, it says that the police are allowed to try and arrest you, but it doesn't say that they are allowed to taze me, shoot me, break into my car etc. where does it say in the rules that "under certain conditions" they can?
  8. Maxim, You said that "Police are allowed to lockpick in the GZ" whereas in the rules it states that [(6.1.4) You must not lockpick or steal a vehicle from the green zone.] This rule goes against your sentence therefore it is a lie and you are in turn a liar. So tell me, where in the rules does it say you can lockpick in a green zone?
  9. where in the rules does it permit you to lockpick other cars? and i would also like to mention that tasing someone is a hostile act as it involves inflicting pain on someone without their permission.
  10. I have been informed that if you are zip-tied inside of a car, sometimes it will give you the option to use your mobile however you should refrain from using it as in roleplay you should have your hands tied together so you wouldn't actually be able to use it. my first question is that when police pull you out of your car if it is locked, wouldn't they in roleplay terms have broken into your car to open the door to drag you out? and if so, wouldn't police pulling people out of their cars in green zones violate rule (6.1.4 - You must not lockpick or steal a vehicle from the green zone) my second question is about rule (6.1.3 - You must not knock out and rob other players in a green zone), does the police tasing someone (which knocks out the player) break this rule if it is in a green zone? my third question refers to the sentence describing green zones as "“Safe” areas where players are able to convene without hostile interruption. They are not safe havens from the law however, Police can attempt to arrest you.", isn't being arrested against your will a hostile interuption? This isn't because I want anything in return, I just want to know for future reference
  11. Hi Maxim, I would like to state that the reason why I did not respond to you directly after i was revived by the NHS was because i was explaining the situation that had unfolded to my "body camera" before i remembered how i had already stopped that recording. Secondly, I think that your statement that "At no point during this scenario did any officer use their vehicle as a weapon in an attempt to injure you, and any statement to the contrary is simply false" is false within its self which i shall elaborate on in the points below: 1. The white police SUV (that you drove) : During the video at 2m39s, the SUV spots my vehicle and then in turn directs itself towards me whilst accelerating leading to a head on collision that deals 18 points of health to my character. At 3m37s, the white SUV is seen to slow down to round the corner (to avoid collision with the white barrier thingmebob), then he proceeds to accelerate extremely fast with no attempt at breaking resulting in a second head on collision with me, this time dealing 15 points of health to my character, After that collision the SUV is bounced back an amount leaving space between it and my own vehicle, it then again bumps into me dealing between 4-3 points of health to my character (I am unable to decide what damage was caused by the redgull and what was dealt by the SUV but damage was definitely caused by both vehicles as both can clearly be seen bouncing off my car) 2. The black police hatchback sports (i am aware that there are two of them however i cannot tell the difference between them so i am going to pretend that they are the same car for the sake of simpleness) : 1m17s, not an attack but i think that it is amusing. At 2m48s, the black police hatchback clearly realised that I was going to go behind him/her and so decided that instead of just accepting that he had failed to stop me, decided to reverse backwards into my vehicle, (i am aware that this didn't deal any damage to myself however, it is clear as day that there was an attempt at damaging my person) At 3m26s, you can clearly watch as the Hatchback sped towards my car at a speed that if i did not swerve to avoid the incoming attack, could have very likely resulted in my character being dealt a high amount of damage that could have incapacitated my character 3. The redgull: I would first like to mention the fact that this car should not have even been involved in the "chase" in any way whatsoever, I believe this because if the driver is a civilian, then he/she did not initiate on myself and to my knowledge of zones (which isn't to great), the only people that are allowed to initiate in green zones are police if they intend to arrest somebody. And if the driver was a police officer, then they failed to make it clear that they were such as they were wearing what looks like a white/red polo shirt and white shorts (non-police attire) and they were driving an unmarked car without any indication that it was indeed undercover police e.g. sirens. This vehicle can be seen at 3m36s creating a space for me that i would not be able to fit my car through, and my car was going to fast to slow down in time not to collide dealing 14 points of health to my character. 4. The red sport hatchback: i would first like to mention that if you are in fact telling the truth, then the car should not have been involved in the chase at all for the reasons above. However i believe that you are not telling the truth about how he is "a random rebel who turned up at the airport", for two reasons, first, before the start of the clip the red hatchback rems into by back whilst my engine is off dealing damage to me and the officer in black says that "we have you blocked in", the word "we" suggests that they are together. Secondly, at the start of the video, he can be spotted stood away from his car and talking to the police officers. The fact that he wasn't stood next to his car for a fast getaway in case of an attempt by the police to search or arrest him leads me to believe that he came with the police to the aviation shop (if I am in fact proven to be wrong about this then i do apologise for calling you a liar and i would also like to question the intelligence of the driver), You can clearly see when he uses his vehicle as a weapon, i'm not going to go through and pick out any particular moments. In regards to you saying that you would have caught me and taken my gun: Yeah, no. you had not blocked me for many reasons in which i will state now, Scenario 1: The redgull nor the red hatchback were not involved and i hadn't been damaged by the police - I would have driven off to the left, then carried on driving on full hp. Scenario 2: The SUV didn't head on collision with me - I would have had enough space in front to weave past and driven off. Scenario 3: I hadn't previously been damaged by the police leading to the possibility that i didn't die from the explosion - I would have driven to the left as the redgull is no longer there then carried on driving. Scenario 4: The redgull doesn't blow up - I would either drive backwards as there wasn't a car behind be which you can see from the lack of a shadow, or i would have driven to the right over the barrier, still in the green zone, then kept on driving. [After keeping on driving, as far as I am aware I could have without breaking any rules, driven across the border and entered a purple zone (which i am permitted to do as a car chase is not a firefight) where according to the rules, you cannot attempt to kill me and your lethal weapons must be holstered {this in my opinion should include tasers as they down, the equivalent to shooting someone with a bullet, and in real life tasers can and have killed people}] I put it to you to come up with any way in which you would have caught me and taken my gun right then and there without any damage being dealt to me or the help of citizens that shouldn't have helped as they didn't initiate and they couldn't have as we were in a green zone. {reason for edit was that i was informed by Yu Wong about some rules}
  12. Your In-game name Ember Name of the player(s) you are reporting Unsure - Police Members Masked, can probably make out their voices & Outfit / Gun Combos? Date of the incident 07/19/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2030 What best describes this incident ? VDM Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident I was in the Airport and drove over to the Airport Shop to look at the costs of Jets. I drove onto the Runway and then down to the Shop. I then was approached by a Police Officer who told me to "Step out the Vehicle" whilst his partner drove into the back of me dealing 20 Damage, my engine wasn't even on. I then get out the vehicle, I forgot that my Microphone was unplugged, I plug it in and ask him what he wanted. He said "I ask the questions here", I told him to calm down. He said "I'd like to speak to you about Driving offroad, that is a scrappable offence.", I then asked him if this is something they can do in a Government Controlled Green-Zone. Ultimately I then hopped back into the Vehicle, said "Have a great day" and drove off. I was then chased by a barrage of Police Vehicles, wrecklessly drifting around the Car Park of the Airport, narrowly missing me and sometimes clipping and hitting me. You can see in the video that they do make attempts to reverse into me, nudge me and encourage me to crash, etc. The situation finishes where a Hatchback is behind me, a Hatchback hits me and then the SUV drives directly into me causing the other Hatchback to flip, he then continues to drive forward and blows me up, killing me. They then cheer with joy. Around 30 seconds later, they all stand around me, I am revived and then my weapon is removed from me, I am subsequently let to go on with my day (Which makes me think why they engaged and chased me in the first place) This isn't the first negative experience I've had with the Police in the last week or so, and I honestly don't think it will be the last. How do you expect smaller groups of players to play on the server when everything they do is shut down for the enjoyment of the Police Forceful. As a Police Officer, you have responsibilities and duties, the gear these officers had make me believe they were of a Specialist or Advanced Unit, so they 100% should know better. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIuNN1rbMRs This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) Yes
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