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  1. There are two ways. No.1: You can write /sessionheads in chat. No.2: You can bind it to something in settings, follow this procedure Settings > Keybindings > FiveM > then look for rpuk_playerid something like that and bind it to some random key on your keyboard, when you press that key it will show the person's session id. Keep in mind that it has a cooldown when you click it and do not call out someone's id if you see them breaking rules because it will be a rulebreak itself. I.e "Id 200 it's not allowed do not do that or saying ID 200 come here to me what's your name?"
  2. Report a player Your In-game Name: Noah Johnson Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 366 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 07/20/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 2140 What best describes this incident ?: G4.4 (Please be mindful that you are heavily injured and should act accordingly, you were downed and have lost the fight, you will not recover instantly.) Please (in detail) describe the incident: Hello, there was a money transport for G6 happening when we found out that someone broke out of prison, we showed up and found a door being lockpicked, me and my colleague Jack Melnikov went in together from the back gate and we found her standing next to the back gate of prison, I pointed a taser at her, I took her things away from her I was taking her back to normal prisoners or general population when I was told that I will be took to court by her, I then decided to not take her to normal prisoners and decided to take her up to a roof hidden behind a barrier so no cameras or anything can see me and I was gonna threaten her and maybe kill her but before I kill her or do something I gave her chances to redeem herself, I asked her to apologise to me and she told that she will not apologise and she wants a chance to fight me, so I did what she asked me to and uncuffed her so she can fight me and we can complete it fair and square, I proceed to beat her with a baton when she jumps down and starts running away, I injure her and proceed to bring her back to the roof for more roleplay when I was hit with words like these. I have been playing in prison for some days and everyday I am hit by some really aggressive words, I often go in OOC chat and ask for help because for some reason my instant replay was giving me a full green screen with no video to it but recently I've got to fix it so I proceeded with a report today after the words that were said to me, she did not act injured and I do not know the words she said were actually intended to to myself or my character. Small addition to this is that she called me for talking wrong about gender or something? Few minutes before she says she is not a female then she says "You Pussied out of a fight with a female" I called her to teamspeak later on after the situation and I did not feel satisfied at all with the chat I had with her, I gave it some time before reporting her on forums, I sat back and thought about it but there was a feeling inside of me that made me a bit weirded out with the words that were said to me, the way she moved forward to her mic and started to go loud on me felt like she actually meant these things rather than it being meant to my character all in all I have been called many things in life and I personally forget it and throw it in the trash, I will leave it to staff to decide the best solution to this and I for now would say that the rule broken here is G4.4 . Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QltopEUlTdw This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  3. Thank you father, I have had some fair scenarios with you and enjoyed all of them.
  4. "My cousin is a police officer or My cousin owns (anything)"
  5. Great I was waiting for your reply. "Great Character Separation" There are 2 other officers sitting with me they know who is who, we saw you driving around in a reaper earlier. Then later on I was told by Jack Willows or Fred Hoe unsure which one of them it was but they said Bobby Delta. If you are talking about this then I know who Luca is on my other characters as I have seen him around prison with Jaffa on other characters but I have dealt with him as John Davis on my police character so I was calling him out as John Davis, simple as that, lets not go down character separation path. I have plenty of stuff to say down there too, I would rather stay on topic. Not meeting me on police officer doesn't mean that I have not heard about you by other police officers and I have seen you in custody cells before and I have another thing called PNC where I can see who is who and who is not who. I am 100% sure that my police character have heard about you plenty of times before. I just have not arrested you. Longer clip is something I am gonna look for, I have a clip of us showing up to the scene and clips that are post this incident. I will ask some other people who were with me for some clips too. Most of the clips are us just flying around in the chopper so in terms of roleplay there was no roleplay but I would say how can you roleplay with a chopper in the sky. Doubt warning shots are a good idea. I do not know if you intended to shoot us down or shoot us to scare away but one way or another way it was not a wise idea. Moving on to value of life. I am flying up in the sky with a chopper is me actually valuing my life. I feel much safer up there than I do on the ground. I can 100% assure you after getting shot we stayed around for 4 more minutes and flew away. The thing that made us leave the area was that the chopper looked pretty damaged and we were getting shot so we decided to live rather than dying in a chopper. I don't have anything against you. I was busy confirming up most of the people after the situation who shot at me and who did not. All I knew was some gang members shooting at my chopper but I couldn't catch most of the people. I proceeded to play normally after this situation for 2 more hours and then I logged off for the night as it was 2 AM for me and I wanted to sleep. I woke up pretty late and then after a bit I got into looking at the footage I had and to find out who shot at me and who did not so I can confirm most of the stuff. Out of everyone I found you and few other guys shooting at us and I proceeded with a report. I didn't wanted to blame random stuff on Unknown people for no reason. Would've looked pretty bad if I made a random report saying "Report A Player - Random Aztecas". It was just gonna lead up to 7 or 8 guys coming here arguing for no reason so I prefer to find out who is who and then report properly. It is Report A Player not Report A Gang.
  6. I was not the pilot so I do not know what height we are on or no I was just busy controlling the camera and too busy catching license plates and firearms that visible for things that could be used for future. That is basically the job of NPAS, I mean if that is the case then I don't think there is any point playing as NPAS if the opposite party would say that " You are disrupting RP and Hovering above a building being too loud ". There is no way for us to gather intel other than this. There were some firearms officers who were there to gather information and some CID officers. Pretty sure one of them got took as a hostage and the other one was shot dead. There was 0 other way for us to gather intel, only option was fly up in the sky and see whatever we can. I don't remember seeing a firearm being pointed at me really whenever they were pointed at me they were discharged. I am not gonna name any random names as I am unsure who shot at me and who did not shot at me and I don't like to blame random people. I reported the guy who was obvious and was shooting at me, I did see guns pointed but they were pointed on members of the gang Vagos and they were getting shot. First of all questionable maneuvers, I don't remember anything like that happening I was in the camera seat so have 0 idea how that happened but if you have evidence sure go for it. I am not the pilot I am just the camera guy. Second thing if you are gonna go down the path of IRL then lets go down there. IRL you can not shoot a chopper with a pistol like this, choppers are pretty high and there are many factors, air pressure etc the bullets from a pistol can not go soo high and if they were to go high enough they will penetrate the windscreen and not go soo far, killing a pilot or injuring the pilot would be a bit hard, after focusing on bobby delta's weapon he had a M1911, IRL M1911 has a range of 160 ft (50M) usually so I doubt a M1911 would be able to shoot a chopper down or do much to the pilot IRL. One more thing M1911 shooting straight up in the sky wouldn't go too far so IRL it would make 0 sense. If some of you guys had combat pistols then IRL the closest thing to it would be a P226 and that can shoot up to 50 M or something along those lines so IRL it would once again make 0 sense to shoot a chopper with a P226 when you can run away. At the end of the day it's a video game so story is a bit different. I went a bit off topic for no reason but hey you brought IRL so I might aswell. Simple. Flee, if we see you in your motel and see nothing coming out we will just land back from where we came. Perhaps we will land in Sandy to get a car but I doubt it will go down that way. Maybe go search for the people who were in the chopper? Kill them and get rid of the evidence? There are many other ways you can deal with this but you decided to choose the shorter way that would be shooting us in the sky. I would rather not reply anymore as it is useless and we are gonna go nowhere. It is just gonna be back and forth fighting with each other and nothing good coming out of the report. Have a nice day.
  7. Lets get started. I have not said a single word in this report completely about Aztecas, not even a single word. You can read it again two or three times, I have written Vagos but not Aztecas. Technically you are not involved in this at all. I am not interested in reporting your gang members or you. I reported the player called Bobby Delta due to engaging with me and my colleagues, we were flying around gathering our intel. If a chopper is annoying then there is one simple thing you can do and that is flee from the scene so they do not catch intel on you. If you want to be a criminal then be one but a bit wise. Going around shooting people on their gang turf and expecting no backlash is not a great idea. We were just doing our job and not expecting to get shot, we didn't read any tweeds for most of our time in the chopper up there so I am really sorry for my grievous mistake for not looking at Tweedle where I was being told to leave the area. In short I do not care who Aztecas are and what they do, they are roleplaying and I am also roleplaying, I prefer not to bring IC issues OOC, Aztecas is a gang with humans and they come to enjoy their time and I also come to enjoy my time and have less stress over IRL issues. Final note on this I have 0 problems with Aztecas and I have seen some things here and there but I could not care less. It's a video game and we come here to spend our time and have fun. My fun was being a bit ruined as I was getting shot in the chopper for nothing. I prefer to stay on topic with Bobby Delta this report is in no shape against Aztecas. (G7.4) Using the in game phone to warn police You are unable to use the ingame phone to warn the police for example "“Any cops seen within ‘x’km will be shot on site” One more thing here is that I am unsure if this is the correct rule or no or if it is through dispatches. I.e Saying this through dispatch system but I am unsure of one thing if this also carries over to tweedle stuff.
  8. Report a player Your In-game Name: Abraham Mclean Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Bobby Delta Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 06/24/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1011 What best describes this incident ?: (G1.2) Random Death Match (RDM) - Attacking another player without engaging in any form of quality roleplay is considered RDM. (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. “Put your hands up or I will shoot” and countdowns are not considered quality roleplay, please at least attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before considering violence.) - Mass RDM is a permanent ban. Please (in detail) describe the incident: Yesterday we were around in NPAS heli near Vagos turf gathering intel, we heard about a shoot out around that area as one of the CID officer was around investigating, the CID officer decided to deploy in NPAS chopper and fly up to gather Intel. I jumped in with another officer, there were 3 of us in the NPAS chopper, I was operating the camera, the passenger was doing his checks and the pilot was obviously flying, we were looking at people when out of nowhere a guy with buzzcut proceeded to shoot towards us with bullets. I zoomed onto him and he shot my colleague who is Jack Willows in the chest 2 times, you can hear the blood splatter sound in the clip itself. The person in question in my opinion breached this rule "Attacking another player without engaging in any form of quality roleplay is considered RDM". I have seen some other people around that area shoot towards us but I have decided not to report them as I am unable to identify most of them. Shortly after being shot at we decided to evade from the scene and stopped flying around in NPAS chopper as it was too dangerous for us. I couldn't resolve it or speak to the person as I was busy trying to find out who was who and who was not who. I found out one but it is hard to identify most of them. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/4Z349sNwjmg This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  9. Donations don't give you faster queue time, here is a small FAQ for queues. https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/GTA:Queue
  10. Thank you for the kind words shepherd, appreciate it!
  11. Recently I have had some RP scenarios with Jyunichi Akuji which is a Japanese character made by Shepherd, I really liked some scenarios we've had today, I was around as Noah Johnson and really liked how he roleplayed as Jyunichi and did some great executions with quality of roleplay behind of it. I think he really deserves to be on this part of the forums after the situations he had created there and the first one was enjoyed by both parties, I would also thank Fred Hoe for joining in that situation and having a great laugh with us. He did pretty good as a hostage and wasn't acting immature and was going with the roleplay. Thanks for the nice scenario.
  12. I miss the smoothies more *ahm* I mean billy I miss billy too.
  13. Just wanted to add something on top of this, the same happened to me today and I had to relog to fix it
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