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  1. Okay Aiden so first, veikk is a friend of mine for some time, i thought we are complete friends, we used to do a lot of banter and what not so this message was gonna be my joke, i was gonna send him this and if he said yes then i was gonna say something that you are gonna get banned like me from police, it was just simple banter, i was gonna say something like this as he raided my house yesterday, so i was gonna be like oh yeah break my friends out, it was just gonna be banter between him and me, if he said yes then i was gonna be like do you also wanna get blacklisted out of police like me lo
  2. would appreciate if we resolve the issue on teamspeak
  3. @Nice Guy Mate you are not allowed to reply to reports where you don't have any direct relationship with , second why we shot you back there was because you were getting robbed after you hit our vehicle with your emote hammer, we told you to put your hands up 6 times , you were screaming hard while contacting police so you got headshotted and then we wanted to throw you down somewhere but that guy up there had some sympathy in his heart and left you at the side without throwing you down anyways don't comment on posts where you have 0 relations with the actual incident. If u feel like u
  4. I reckon if we give "Dev of the year" to @Hawaii. Idk what u guys think of but this person has helped alot to the community and is mostly active and try to get a solution for the one in need of it. Just my opinion, i know other devs also do the hard work and maybe i might be wrong, but for me its a 100% Hawaii
  5. I reckon we all should agree with DJ's suggestion ngl. Just for the downed person we must be able to carry them without giving the option to refuse it
  6. I think so i will go with what Gutzy suggested, cos if there will be a keybind to just remove the truck that is bugged or blocking the path of the impound lot or anywhere else, we can just press a "key" to delete that one (Must be eligible for only level 4 mechanics)
  7. I modified my elegy retro and everything's fine with all the upgrades except the neon kits, whenever i relog the neon is removed from my car and i have to buy it again. Num plate : YDCL 676
  8. Hey sorry for the late reply. This will be my last reply of today since im currently in hospital taking care of my family, This gang named TRD i joined like 3 days ago and this report was made, the guy that was being chased by the cops named Connor White ( He is already banned due to some other reason ) never speaks in game and infact uses " /me " to communicate with us but he said he will buy a new mic soon. The last he used " / me " was when he was told to find a car for himself. Whereas about the point where he stepped out of the cop vehicle i really dont have any clue why he did that plus
  9. Just to rewind a bit more.... We all were at coke Field and came back to legion just to swap cars and chill out a bit, so that's when he was told by another gang mate to find himself another vehicle and this actually happened not gonna lie, so for me i just started roaming around legion and was having a good time but after a moment i saw him stealing a car and a cop that saw it and started pursuing him, went pass by u guys twice while u were in a pursuit and as from u can see in the longer video that im standing at the red light, and was near the Bank before that. That t
  10. As Liam said earlier we were near pill box hill before , we saw cops cars going straight up to the construction site and if you compare the distance then it is not alot and anybody who knows the locations can go there easily and follow a car while not being seen , it is pretty easy , i don't know why that guy wasn't speaking , i have no relation with that , him not speaking or doing weird stuff of his own is not my problem and i don't care about it on my side , lets make a scenario right here okay? So lets say i see you at pillbox and i know you are my gang member and i know how you look and w
  11. @DELETER As u stated : " How did you know it was a gang mate ? How did you communicate with him since he did not speak in the entire video" I knew it was a gang mate since we were clearly able to see him in that car for a long time and we were just waiting to strike. This is why i requested to have a long video from where the pursuit starts since my gang mate passed me like 3-4 times and i was clearly able to see him sitting in that car. Before this pursuit even started that gang mate was sitting with one of our other gang mate in a car but then was told to grab another car for some reason
  12. I would like to say one last thing before i stop replying and let the staff do their thing but hey ho here have it , i have no connection with my group Since i surrendered myself now and left them or what they have done in past , i joined them before yesterday and i don't think if they shoot somebody or do something it doesn't affect me anywhere and anytime , The group is different than me and i am different , if they shoot somebody and kill then it shouldn't affect my name on OOC side of the game , if they shot a cop down then it is them who did it not me , other than that some cops have prob
  13. As u are stating : "1. But you decided to then metagame further in a private DM with me?" I have explained u the reason that one of the police officer dmed me saying i rdmed a police officer even tho i wasnt even in the city at that time, I mean if u got a dm saying that u rdemd a guy when u were not even in a city so what would u do ? i mean for me i would just go dm others since it wont be fair me getting reported for no reason if i wasnt even in the city and get a dm like that As u are stating : "2. I never said that you shot the other police officer . I stated "Your friends"
  14. My chat with Connor : Coming to Sir Liam's reply : As u stated : "Unfortunately you deleted whatever you said above Simen and I can't remember for the life of me what it was that you said. Then after my reply on this picture, thats when you private messaged me." - I deleted those messages since i was told my the staff members that this can be considered as meta gaming which later then i explained to ConnorTheGreatt and settled it. As u stated : "I don't even know if Nigel has a recording considering he was only there at the arrest and when you shot at him later on
  15. Alright the time i dmed u on discord was actually yesterday before this report was made. I actually dmed u and also typed on public chat about the grey koinigsegg my friend bought that day. The reason for all that was some police officers were confused that it was me messing with the cops at that time since i got a dm on discord by one of the police officers saying u "rdmed me", so getting that type of dm was quite shocking for me since at that time i wasnt even in the server plus i didnt want police to report me instead of reporting him. This reason i later explained it to one of the staff
  16. Since i was 762 or maybe one of my friends was, regardless of that i will explain some stuff how it isn't metagaming , if you have a longer version of this video then you will see a koenigsegg on the legion who was standing near the street light and u were chasing another gang member non stop , I clearly remember i saw the gang member in a red car and 2 police units chasing them and we knew it was our guy , we were already following you , It is quite obvious that we know u will directly take him to the PD so the guys that were with me on the radio said they will check around the area where we
  17. Whenever i try to get my vehicle from the legion parking, ppl say that my car is not visible even tho they are able to see my other vehicles. Some ppl told me to go near prison and jump out of vehicle and come back to city cos that is a way to prevent this bug and so that the car will be visible. But sadly they are never able to see only this vehicle of mine. I bought this vehicle 3 days ago and till now no one is able to see this vehicle of mine This picture below is taken by one of my friends that were also not able to see my vehicle : This is the picture from my side :
  18. Using this in the meantime is an exploit or we are allowed to use till its fixed ?
  19. @CC mryan19brother let me be honest with you, all the stuff i wrote on this appeal was exactly what i replied on my last appeal. What happened was i never ever used ragdolling to save my life, like never and im being bare honest with you. That day i was ejected out of my seat and used "U" cos what came in my mind at that time was to press AltF4 which i didnt cos that was really against the rules so i managed to press "U" muscle not knowing what would happen next. i can say "On god" what im saying now is the truth
  20. @Robbietrust me it was my fault not following the appeal rules, but since then as i was told to wait 1 month. I patiently waited the whole month without bumping or bothering any staff members and will follow every rule since now on and i promise to do so
  21. Closest to death is much better cos if a person is given a choice to respawn at any location that can cause ppl to fail rp and ezily get away with stuff they wanted to.
  22. Maybe give medics also an option to spawn on those hospitals when they get into the city.
  23. Unban Appeal for Hola Beep In-game Name: Hola Beep Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198913337973 The date you got banned: 10/10/20 Member of the team that banned you: Simon Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was told by Robbie to wait for 1-month and write an appeal on 10th Nov, as today is 10th Nov im writing this : It's a bug where in ur screen u crash into a vehicle even tho there is nothing infront of u, so that happened to me. I went flying into the sky as soon that happened and then sta
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