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  1. Solid idea. Glad its getting the support it deserves.
  2. T-Ohm

    Money objective

    I have to disagree There's violence and gun crime yes, but believe it or not selling guns isn't exactly great. You can't plan to do it differently, you have your clients and slowly expand. Maybe AI isn't the best way of doing it but it would still create a more believable scenario than robbing a bank. You can't expect every gang/criminal to sell guns and do bank robberies, else everyone has guns and no way of losing them cause the banks aren't worth doing if negotiations are ignored in favour of the police.
  3. T-Ohm


    I assumed we had to leave medics alone
  4. T-Ohm


    Then why are the police giving the weapons to other ppl lmao. Police can't lose their stuff but they will be attending? If your going to say this surely everyone should risk their stuff.... bit of a half assed reason tbf
  5. T-Ohm


    Are police aloud to search people during the purge? Been told about last night in regards to police looting downed individuals. So if this is going to be a thing surely everyone can search or else its just unfair, for example in a gunfight there's two outcomes, win or lose. If I lose a gunfight to an officer, he can take my loot. If i win a gunfight to an officer, I can't take his loot. I'd like to know a straight answer and not just speculation, if someone could confirm the servers stance on this before the purge tonight I'd appreciate it.
  6. https://gyazo.com/2daa32f850212dff707f41b87625729c
  7. I don't agree with this. If an officer is randomly killed to be stripped of his weapon - then that's poor roleplay. If a group of criminals are in a shootout with police I think this is 100% plausible. If a criminal is running low on ammo or is lacking in firearm power and there is a downed policeman armed with something like an smg or even a better pistol, why should the criminal not use it or if that isn't possible, allow the criminal to steal magazines? Also the ' you shouldn't be able to get a cops gun unless good RP has been provided from both sides and they also see it fit. '
  8. Report a player Your In-game Name: T-Dog Bolina Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Ahcmed Akbar Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 09/29/20 Time of the incident (GMT): 21 What best describes this incident ?: G2.4, G3.3, RVDM Please (in detail) describe the incident: During an attempted robbery Ahcmed told me he had nothing on him, when prior conversation he said he had a gun. Following this Me and a colleague had Ahcmed out his car, with his hands up outside the furniture store. During the robbery Ahcmed said I�
  9. T-Ohm

    Mechanic Job

    1. When attempting to impound marked cars via the car impound list, some cars work fine. However some cars wont get on the flatbed and you cant grab them but they're still on the vehicle impound list. 2. Some NPC jobs dont let you impound them after taking them back to the impound 3. Impound list jobs are paid in cash rather than bank transfer - Not sure if this is meant to happen Also a mini suggestion which probably isnt worthy to the suggestions board is that if a mechanic accepts a job off the vehicle impound list, a waypoint should be given to that car.
  10. T-Ohm

    New Flatbed Issue

    Today, 29/09/2020 I went to complete some mechanic jobs as usual and noticed there's additional vehicles to be rented. The new flatbed with lights and custom paint however, doesn't work. Upon Trying to use this flatbed to grab a vehicle for impound I'm greeted with an error message from Highway Los Santos 'Flatbed Required' Gyazo Video: https://gyazo.com/780e9b0ecc874796fbf5b78912c1b8cb
  11. Dont agree, GTA V first person is clunky and I hate it, can we not just make cars 3rd person when shooting too?
  12. Your missing the big picture, if the Bank is worth 30k why would people risk 1 Pistol let alone an SMG. If the Value goes up then 5 trojans is fine, but as you said if robbers use SMG's then your looking at roughly 200k+ in lost guns if 3 people don't succeed. Whereas if they do succeed they get about 10-15k each. Loads of people have voted down the post, with only 2 comments and no one mentioning gas station robberies either.
  13. T-Ohm

    Zipties are pointless

    Brief Summary: Zipties in the city atm are pointless. People can be restrained however once restrained they cannot be put in a car or escorted by us. Therefore if a kidnapping has to take place the hostage could always go on phone and alert friends/enforcement entities. Detailed Suggestion: - Allow the person who ziptied an individual to escort them just like police can - Allow ziptied individuals to be thrown into a car - Allow zipties to be broken with sharp objects - Dagger, Switchblade or Machete The Pros: - Kidnapping scenarios would have a more threaten
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