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  1. It's not a bug, but didn't know where else to report it. The Pista is so ''bumpy'' that the cruise control doesn't work.
  2. Report a player Your In-game Name: John Doe Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Id 310 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 09/01/21 Time of the incident (GMT): 20 What best describes this incident ?: Fail RP Please (in detail) describe the incident: Was about to go to sleep, because server was restarting. And two guys run up on me and stabs me, without saying other then "yo" Gonna wake up dead now at the impound! Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/c35a233827534e3326f9404c4
  3. Hi again. Is the clothing tokens ever gonna work? Got a few now
  4. Are the coke and meth bags, from before the big storm useless?
  5. Same happend to me, twice.. Got it out at the impound, and when I took it out at Legion it showes you the right plate. But a stock car comes out, stored it and took it out 4-5 times and then the right one came out.. Got it on gopro, if anyone wants to see it..
  6. Hi, I can't get my car out at my house, it says interact with house. But then you just enter, instead of getting the options???
  7. It works, but takes some time before you see it in the bar.. But they dont restore as much as before..
  8. koenigsegg regera: RIAD 948 RS6: XBCK 105 RS7: ZKDQ 622 hasn't worked the last couple of days, but today it worked fine. So just the 2 above.
  9. I can only open some of my car's inventorys, but not them all. I get stuck in the animation and have to relog every time.
  10. When I go to Ammonation, to buy armor. It's takes your money, but doesn't give you armor. Anyone else having this problem?
  11. Same happend to me, but with meth..
  12. Hello world... Are there any plans, for adjusting speed of the cars? To more ''realistic'' speed/top speed, of the ''real life'' version of them. Or are they gonna stay the same?- and still with overpowered police cars.. Example: Koenigsegg Regera, top speed 255 mph. Not saying it should go that fast. But in the city, it only tops at 150 mph. And the list goes on with a lot of the imported cars. And with the overpowered police cars, I don't know the speed of them. But they look fast AF. But just because it's the police, there should still be cars that are faster.
  13. You need some food Regi, they don't feed you at the MC. You look kinda boney
  14. The Mechanic job and Fuel delivery job is broken right now, and has been for quite awhile. But it's not on RPUK side the issue is. It's a CFX problem.
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