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  1. Date / Time: 15/04/2021 20:00 Release: Gone Fishing Changes: Vehicle handling changes @Loyalty Range Rover Velar Subaru BRZ BN Ford Mustang GT15 Fishing changes @Stealthee Pools of Fish New fish types Rare fish Plastic bag manufacturing (from plastic) @Stealthee Added more Blackjack tables @Mike Polo Various UI fixes @Mathias Various map & door fixes @Stealthee Drug price increases @Stealthee Final notes: Testing: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/
  2. Videos and Screenshots of memories and moments with The Ballas.
  3. Date / Time: 01/02/2021 00:30 Release: Imports back in 2025 Vehicle Changes: #ToBeFilled Map Changes: Various map and model validation fixes (For client crashes) @Santo Carwash interior and exterior changes @Loyalty LostMC Exterior tables and BBQ Area @DELETER Added additional trees to prison and altered collision interaction on various fences @DELETER General Fixes / Changes: Various staffing changes and fixes @Hawaii Allowed single bagging interaction of cocaine @Stealthee Resolved police star wanted level issue and
  4. Leadership: fulfilled Hostile with: Aztecas Despite their street thug appearance, The Vagos are in fact closely tied with the cartel and are heavily involved in drug trafficking. They are a multinational group, with most of them being made up of illegally residing Mexicans. The Vagos have a long running feud with The Aztecas, after forcing them out of the city with their tail between their legs for underground arms deals in the south side. Identified by their yellow clothing, and calling themselves ‘The Yellow Bandits’ a large portion of the original Vagos members are now incarcerat
  5. Two days remain to submit proposals.


  6. Calling all potential gang leaders, you have two days to submit any remaining gang proposals, or edit any existing ones. Goodluck
  7. You in the Wrong Hood! This is the pre gang update thread. Within this thread and in subsequent comments(if there are any) we hope to answer some questions you may have and layout our plans for the future of gangs within Los Santos. The layout of the thread is official gang snippets followed by features and questions. While there is a well structured wiki for the GTAV universe covering gangs, the lore below has been ‘loosely’ based off real GTAV lore as well as written for RPUK to fit a more tailored experience to how we want the gangs to react with and co-exist w
  8. Accepted on the basis that a proposal was already accepted by the council, however it wont be through PDM, it will be through a player run business. But you will be able to get rid of your unwanted / old cars in a similar way. Thanks for your suggestion. Assigned #363
  9. Loyalty

    More MiniGames

    Accepted, with no time frame for implementation. Assigned #362
  10. 12/10/2020 Weazel News were approached for the first time today with a breaking story minutes after it happened. A man known only as “Vir” Came forward to give this following controversial statement: “I was in Legion square, and suddenly, I heard this bush rustling behind a wall. So naturally I went to look at what it was. I heard some whispering and some giggling and none other than two police officers emerged from it.” Weazel News pressed Vir for more information, our mouths on the floor as he confirmed these two officers were in fact in full uniform and o
  11. Loyalty

    More MiniGames

    Haven't missed a meeting yet, was completely sober when we started a gang war with the locals, and during a recent prison break. Fake news. Also, albeit a cool feature, I feel like it's another one of those things that a lot of time and effort would go into and everyone would be bored of in a day and would be back in legion and forgotten about. Maybe some time spent on features that could be implemented into things that are used everyday/quality of life improvements should be prioritised over fancy money sinks.
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