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  1. I find myself on the receiving end of TikTak's reports yet again. What a surprise and joy. Before I begin to pick apart what seems to be a slap dash attempt of a report poorly written at 6'o clock in the morning, I would like to use this moment to point out my frustration with the fact that police officers with live ammunition weapons took it upon themselves to loiter in the main cell block of a prison and even move around unsupervised by other officers or prison staff. This is without a doubt an unprecedented decision that I would wager has never taken place in the history of modern jail s
  2. Strong +1 Would like to see a tier system of the varying qualities and technology used for growing equipment to bring an element of progression to it (Lamp, LEDs, self feeders etc)
  3. At no point whatsoever did you put a seatbelt on me which is very clear police practice to avoid this exact problem from happening. You also failed to search me which again, is a very clear police practice so who knows what I had on me, I could have pulled out a crowbar from the back of my pants and pulled the door handle to release the door. So.. I'm not sure about exploiting there bud, the doors clearly could lock, you're just lazy in your practice as proof of you unlocking the vehicle at 00:13 in the second video. I recall a time in a different city where traffic units were reprimanded
  4. Brief Summary Bishop's Chicken Shop proposal Detailed Suggestion I've seen some awesome looking restaurants and clubs popping up around the city since the big update like Morrispoons, Wilco's comedy club, a cocktail bar and taco stop and I'm loving it. However, there wouldn't be an ultimate nightlife scene inspired by the British people without the infamous 'Chicken Shop'. Thankfully, the GTA map has already provided us with a good starting point and without further adieu I would like to propose the construction/installation/functioning of Bishop's Chicken. Located on the corner of Davis
  5. Huge +1 on this one I think the mechanics process could be managed a lot better with the ideas contributed here, provided that there isn't any foul play I couldn't think of a reason why having a player-controlled impound wouldn't provide more roleplay potential and having a system of time-money ratio and timers on vehicles that are impounded so the players might have to negotiate a deal with the frown-wearing counter attendant working at the impound whilst on-duty but whilst away an automatic time-relative method could take place Regarding the on-road repairs/kits/tyre-replacements I wou
  6. Just three quick things to point out on this one 1) After a number of Impound mechanic jobs have been completed, the flashing circle-y yellow icons that appear on the mini-map and map will stay flashing etc on the map long after the job has been completed and don't disappear unless you relog 2) Once you have detached the vehicle into the impound red circle at the bottom of the ramp and go over to it/inside it to impound the car, the process can often go through multiple rounds before it works or it just won't work at all and fails to impound 3) Even if it does get impounded mechanics
  7. Thanks for the reply Robbie. To be honest with you laying there dead or acting injured was the last thing on my mind after what I believed was an RDM situation and I accept that the reaction I had to this was completely unacceptable and a sure break of 'roleplaying everything'. In my defence, I was angry following the argument that took place and was appalled by watching my friends and gang members getting mow down and VDM'd with little attempt to have a normal, let alone peaceful conversation. I personally had no idea what was going on until after I was rdm'd due to being absent mindedly wal
  8. In-game Name Jay Bishop Steam ID 76561197987208004 The date of your ban. 09/10/20 Member of the team that banned you. Robbie Reason given for your ban. 2.3 Which server are you banned from? GTA RP In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. The main issue from what it seems to me was not allowing somebody to pick me up. It's a well known bug that after you are downed you cannot interact with the game through keyboard actions in any way shape or form and despite pressing enter on both buttons and attempting to press 'T
  9. Thank you Robbie, I guarantee it won't happen again
  10. @Robbie thank you for your reply, sorry for the lateness of mine I didn't get your notification or Wilco's until I came back in. Essentially avoiding any form of conflict in the first place is my number one priority. However, in the unavoidable I have learned that it's a lot better and things can progress a lot smoother and also I've found with a much more positive outcome for all if you just chill, establish the facts and then act properly and calmly on what needs to be addressed. Getting banned from the Teamspeak and having staff members asking to speak to me about various topics and then
  11. In-game Name Jay Bishop Steam ID 76561197987208004 The date of your ban. Member of the team that banned you. Deleter Reason given for your ban. C.6.2 Which server are you banned from? Teamspeak In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. C.6.2 was awarded to me for swearing and using offensive language in the Teamspeak Join-for-Support channel during a conversation with Deleter and Robbie following a 24hr ban I received for abusing OOC. Why should we unban you ? I understand that emotions were high in the chat surrounding t
  12. Apologies for the misunderstanding
  13. The Peaky Blinders are an urban street gang based in Los Santos, UK, originating in Small Heath, Birmingham. From the beginning of the 20th Century, through WWI and into the post-war era, the group clawed their way out of the harsh economic depression of working-class Britain and bolstered their ranks from the large pool of war-battered and experienced young men who had forged bonds together in the trenches of France. They seized their social standing, criminal influence and power through their brutal mastery of robbery and protection racketeering, extortion and blackmail, marketing and pr
  14. Link to Car - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/volkswagen-golf-7-5r-2018-add-on How will it be obtained? - More than likely from a car dealership, plus the modification capabilities would be awesome and could contribute towards car meets, races in the future
  15. Brief Summary: Despawn vehicles once taken from impound Detailed Suggestion: When vehicles get bugged out or broken down beyond recovery at far away or hard to get places in the City and recovery is impossible, it's common practice to go to the impound and get a copy of the vehicle sent to the Upper Legion garage. My suggestion would be that whenever the vehicle is impounded and sent over that the previous copy of the vehicle would be despawned/removed from the map. This would in turn prevent people from being to loot that vehicle when a different copy of it is being actively
  16. After reviewing the video I can agree it does show this person shooting in the direction of all of us whilst my toon can be seen walking away from the edge of the cliff towards yourself. So I can't dispute that any longer. However. There was a multitude of other options that could have been taken instead of what you chose to do. You could have got in your car and driven off, you could have told me to tell them to stop shooting at your via radio or phone and gone on from there, you could have done almost anything. However you chose to just pop me, a compliant unarmed person who posed no t
  17. This doesn't indicate whether you were shot at before or after you executed me when I was fully compliant and I personally can't regard it as supporting your accusation. But it's not ultimately up to me
  18. Do you have evidence to support your accusation that Crips were shooting at you before you decided to execute me? Unfortunately it seems that you're struggling to remember that for numerous days you've committed acts in-game that I and many Crips believe would be sufficient grounds to report but because of what little remained of our friendship it was let go. I can't count the amount of times you've come to me in-game asking for allegiance and help in your conflict against the Lost MC, even tried to force my hand by attacking convoys and junior gang members when they were on their own. Up u
  19. Your In-game name Jay Bishop Name of the player(s) you are reporting Jake Floyd Date of the incident 08/25/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 2330 What best describes this incident ? RDM Poor/Low Quality RP Which server did the incident take place on Altis Life Please (in detail) describe the incident Attempted to have conversation with Jake Floyd to put to bed the childish onslaught he had been making on the Crips which then led to him holding me up, was fully compliant and then he shot me for what could be considered as little to no
  20. i've noticed a similar decrease in the top speed and acceleration of the ninja h2 before i'd got it up to 190+ but now haven't got it over 180 with full upgrades and a pretty hefty price tag
  21. https://streamable.com/pd1aji Supporting evidence for this, just happened to me
  22. I like the new menu but I wish it was bigger so I can read it
  23. Evidence - https://streamable.com/52006o So I was trying to organise my armoury alphabetically so it wasn't a mess and I noticed while withdrawing and storing my uzis that the ammo count was being reduced down to 46x bullets every time I was putting it in
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