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  1. I'm going to reply to this since it was my clip of using session heads. Using session heads in order to determine a location of a player would have in fact been a rule break but I believe it's very clear that this wasn't my intention. I don't think it's relevant that there was an ongoing situation. I believed there was rule break so I attempted to get your ID for if it was to be taken to a report as we were unhappy with the situation. I still believe your ID would have shown if you were in the corridor due to how close I was to the building (I'm sure this can be tested by staff if required) which leads me to believe it didn't show due to the MLO being broken which I know you're aware of being an ex Azteca fighting against the Vagos in the past. I did attempt to retrieve your ID via OOC communication as will be shown in the OOC chat logs to which I don't believe I got a response. I'm going to attach a screenshot below which clearly shows my intentions of using session heads where I requested the name of who was inside the building to which I received no reply. I also messaged JB OOC to ask who it was inside the building abusing the bug. Both screenshots will be attached below: OOC Chat - https://gyazo.com/45a60b8a89a3dee84140314726fb7b0b DM's with JB - https://gyazo.com/d308c00254813bbb4068e9b6e1e04317
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  3. Still happy to come to TS and discuss it but I don't understand why you're so insistent on keeping the report up if it can be resolved. All I've seen so far is 3 reports from the situation that in my opinion are all for very petty reasons and all of us get the impression that these have all just been put up for the fact that you guys lost a situation. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the feeling the vast majority of us are getting right now. I also feel like the way you have described this report is pathetic. To say that I didn't want to roleplay and that I barely spoke is stupid. I was speaking to you and other officers the entire time. I took it upon myself to leave the building and have a face to face discussion in an attempt for us to leave with free passage and for us to hand over the hostage. I feel like the bit you're upset about is me asking for a new negotiator. I can tell you now it didn't matter who I got I was going to ask for another negotiator, we had a lot of materials in the basement that was going to be impossible for us to move out. So I had to buy the people down there time in order to finish processing. So don't take that as me not wanting to "Roleplay" with you, take it as more of a tactic on our end. One thing I feel like you're failing to remember is that we still had someone hostage inside the building which was made very clear and which was shown to the officers at the other side of the building. So to say to me I didn't value my life is a bit stupid. I already informed you that whoever shot that cannister had absolutely nothing to do with us in the building so I could argue that by you storming the building you were failing to value the life of the hostage. Also I don't know if you realise but I already had my gun drawn in anticipation of you trying to arrest me. From my POV it was 1v1 situation, I ran inside in order to take a better position. Why would I not go back into the building knowing where 10 of my other gang members are waiting? The call to kill the police was made after people started getting arrested and shots went off, that was so the people outside would know to push in. In terms of other gangs being there, that is something you might want to take up elsewhere. Maybe write a rule suggestion for gangs? As for the "our scene commander co-ordinated units only expecting there to be 4-5 people inside" then this is just something that went wrong on your end. You could have asked how many of us were in there? You can't use I thought as an excuse. Ask the question, investigate it and find out the information like someone in the police should. At the end of the day I feel like we were better organised and were prepared for whatever you had to throw at us. We tried to not let it end in a gunfight as much as possible but that was on the police as they decided to push into the building. Now, I know this isn't all police but I would just like to say that it doesn't matter if you take a loss. To say that you were left in an "angry state" over a situation that happened on a game says a lot to me. This is all I have to really say to this report, I will continue to answer any questions you have for me but other than that I'll just leave it up to staff.
  4. Will respond to this later. No interest in speaking to me in TS at all no?
  5. Report a player Your In-game Name: Jack Mckenzie Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Harvey (Triads) / ID 647 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 07/14/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 00:15 What best describes this incident ?: No Value of Life / Powergaming / Fail RP Please (in detail) describe the incident: We pulled up to Paleto Hospital after hearing that two of our guys were injured and brought there by The Vagos. Upon arrival we secured the building and the roof area to which Harvey was lied down on the roof. We asked who he was to which we received no response and he started to walk off which is when the rest of the boys pulled guns on him to get him to speak. He then wrote a message in /me to say can you hear me? To which we replied no. Shortly after whilst still having weapons pointed at him he decided to write another /me message saying "Gimme a sec let me sort out my voice box" and then instantly ran away from the situation to which people followed him in an attempt to rob him. Whilst having guns pointed at him he walked round the corner and drew his weapon and opened fire on us. To me it felt like Harvey was abusing the /me feature in order to get out of roleplay/getting robbed. Aztecas have had multiple issues with Harvey in the past to which were all resolved in TS. However I feel we have gave him to many chances hence why this report has been put up. ID is shown at the very last second of the video. However in case it is hard to read then I will attach this screenshot. ID 647 - https://gyazo.com/4b2f3f93ba7826fcc6463617bddf2d8b Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnI3H-HCP-E This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  6. Replying to this on behalf of Jaffa as he is currently forum banned. As far as I am aware yes the only safe zones were Hospital, Legion, Mine and Smelter. Everywhere else was fair game and as long as colours were presented anything was fine.
  7. This comment was never made by me and Eddie. The key word in this is "assume" which just looks like you are grasping at straws and looking for any excuse to get me banned. This was an OOC liason. I hold no grudges against anyone OOC about what happens in RP so I would have no reason to aggravate him. Again, this comment wasn't made by me or Eddie and if anything I defended you lot about the accent comment and I don't feel like this has any relevancy to the report. I never once changed any subject. This entire comment makes it seem like an OOC issue. Saying that I shouldn't play online games over something that happened in RP. I don't care what was said. My entire point was that the abuse given warranted the attack. You're also in a gang so when you give out abuse you should expect the consequences that come with it. We came to an agreement in TS that it was not RDM and Warwick agreed that I didn't break the NVL rule. I will leave that up to another staff member to decide but I don't think I did anything wrong. I guess this comes down to a difference in our characters. Aztecas and my character has built up a reputation of not taking any shit. Just because in that situation your character wouldn't retaliate doesn't mean mine shouldn't. Every character has a different story and background. Not once did anyone take the mick about how Rikka speaks and if this is the case then I would like to see a clip of it. He never came back to speak to only me. I've already mentioned that I don't think it was RDM so I'm going to leave that down to the staff team to decide the final outcome. If JB has a problem with what I did then he knows how to contact me and we can discuss the situation. Although after speaking to him he didn't seem to happy that this report went up in the first place. Like I said if you try to force a reaction out of someone and aggravate them you should expect this sort of outcome. I am not going to be commenting any further on this as I feel like this is going around in circles and becoming more of an OOC issue so I will leave it to the staff team to make the decision.
  8. This isn't exactly true. I asked Warwick to join the TS channel due to people constantly speaking over each other and to ask for his opinion on the NVL accusations. If the situation wasn't resolved then why did Rikki say "We'll just leave it at that then boys" as shown in this clip? https://youtu.be/Ef_TmwSCG1Y Elijah instantly came and stood in my face and goes "My guy right here bro" and then proceeds to try do a shared animation with me. So you know me and Eddie are apart of the same gang yet you expect me to sit there and let you talk shit to him? The abuse was aimed at Aztecas in general as clearly shown by your clip. This is kind of irrelevant. The situation had quite clearly escalated enough to warrant an attack on your gang. So you say it was quite clearly RDM. The TS conversation says otherwise as you can see at the end of this clip. https://youtu.be/cvfw-Tqv6D4 Again, this is irrelevant as I did get out unharmed.
  9. First of all I am unsure how this has gone to a report after everyone was in agreement that it wasn't RDM and that they had no problem with the 2 members being downed. It was also said that this wouldn't go any further but I guess it has so I will respond. At the start of the situation you pulled up and were bragging about pulling up to our turf and tagging it with your colours and started asking where the Aztecas are full well knowing me and Eddie were stood amongst the crowd. Maybe you were unhappy that you when you pulled up to our turf that there was no one there? To me the entire situation felt very forced and you came with the intent of aggravating us and trying to get a reaction which is fairly clear to see in the video. After several minutes of abuse I decided to get my bike out and give you the reaction that you so clearly wanted and hit you with my gun knowing that I could quickly injure one of you and get away with no time for you to react. I don't really feel like there is much more for me to add and I don't feel like I broke any rule in this situation. However, I will leave it down to the admin dealing with this to make the decision.
  10. I don't really understand why this has ended up here but since i've been mentioned i'll reply to it. I can't seem to understand why you would expect this outcome to be any different. You put a hit on the leader of The commission as well as trying to make multiple assassination attempts on his life before shooting him. Did you really expect to walk away with just a couple of items being taken from you? Also, I feel as if you are taking advantage of the fact that you having money will save your life which in my opinion shouldn't be the mentality to have and brings a poor standard of RP to the server.
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