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  1. HyperG1

    tree cutting

    ile try it soon for you so far only some restarts stopped me cutting it and my mate but ile try again on each restart
  2. HyperG1

    tree cutting

    yh thats the issue im having
  3. HyperG1

    tree cutting

    im not sure ive only tried the cedar field
  4. HyperG1

    tree cutting

    hello not sure why but when we try to cut trees nothing is going into the inventory tried 60 trees and still nothing
  5. Unban Appeal for HyperG1 In-game Name: Parsival stone Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198071409527 Ban ID: rpuk5874 Reason given for your ban: G2.9 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: i was banned for G2.9 which is stated transferring items / money between characters. Why should we unban you ?: Hello, Well when i first got unbanned i did make a promise that i was going to keep my head down and just keep to the rules and help where i can with new or other people. i have stuck to that as i did really enjoy helping others who had joined the city and lucking for guidance. i put a lot of focus and effort into new things i could and new ways to help people giving them a better roleplay rather than join not understand it and just cause an issue. i have always regretted from the day i even joined its been a big regret in getting banned after i promised i would not be back here which i am sorry for having to bring you here again to deal with my self. Since my last ban and since i spoke with a couple of admins on the team speak i even said i understand the ban i have to be punished as its a rule in place for a reason and i understood what i did was wrong. I broke the rule by 1 breaking character saying oh my cousin has a car which either way I'm not suppose to know that as its meant to be a different character. 2 was rather than put it back in the account that it came from i was lazy and just shot it in my own which again i broke a rule. I do get what your saying when you look at this you probably will think yeah yeah what ever of course that's what you did don't lie. I cant make you see that I'm not lying however i know what happened and understand i broke the rule plain and simple and all i can say is i am sorry for that it was very stupid of my self to do so. Since i was banned i have looked over many of the rules some i was unsure of so i went to the team speak to ask about them and happily was explained to me the ones i was unsure about. i do hope i can come back and keep helping how i enjoyed my roleplay experience with helping others who are new or want something more. if this is something i can do fantastic as i have missed been on chatting roleplaying and meeting new people and just all out having a fun time. again sorry for any trouble or mistake i have caused and i hope to here back from yourself very soon. Take care HyperG1 Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  6. HyperG1


    hello. unfortunately not yet as my ban is still on ging but if i get back in i will try and re do the error.
  7. HyperG1


    hello not at the moment ile do my best to get it sorted for you as soon as possible
  8. Hello Robbie. Look i get what your saying how many time would people lie on the unban appeal? i mean yes the way we did it was out of charectar and RP so i get what you are saying i broke the rule there im not saying i didnt nor am i saying it was someone else doing it on my account. i even put that i had no means of gaining a 30k car when in total it cost 50k sending and selling. i had around 5mil of cars and vans at that point so i know this is hard to believe but i no intention of thinking 30k car nice ile have a big advantage with this. i know its very hard to come by someone on here who tells the truth which is a shame because it means you wont believe the next person. i have no reason to lie i know no matter what anything i type is not going to be believed due to my last ban even though everything i put in it i have been doing, but yes i agree with you i broke the rule which i am very sorry about. Worst thing i did was send it to mine instead of putting it back on the original account and also doing it out of RP and out of charectar so im not saying what you said was wrong all im saying is i made that mistake my self and something i regret as it should have been doing in RP and in charecter. The mistakes i made whch im been honest with is what happened, doing it out of charectar and roleplay. I know you /staff might look at me here again or what im doing in game and not want me back or think im an arsehole. i cant change your opinion on me at the end of it all i try but it will always be in the back of my mind that thats how ive come across to you. i did make a big mistake by sending it back to my person whether i was selling it or not i sent it back to an account which did not buy the car so for that im sorry i should of put it to the original account an none of this would be happenin. I did keep to my promise that my name in game would not get brought up bad from anyone as my intention to help new people seemed to go well as i kept in touch with 7 of them n they are still fishing / tow trucking and enjoying them selves rather than me going back into a big gang starting shit up then getting angry and causing issues again like i promised i wouldnt do.i hold my hands up to the part of it coming bk to my main account which in sight is classed as transfering across no matter what i was doing with it before hand i still sent it to my main account so big sorry for that. im sorry you had to see me back here. if i have to be banned i understand im gutted as i was enjoying helping and seen other people progress but i cant change the opinion or thoughts use have of me. all i ask is to be given the chance to show you it was mistake it wasnt my intent and you wont see me here again. i know i said the same thing before but im here because rather than putting it back i just had it sent to mine which is why theres rules in the first place. if i can be given the chance to once again return ide like to keep helping people / new players in the city and keep out of trouble here on out. If i need to have a ban from this i understand as i did break a rule regardless of how it came about i hope not but if it has to happen ile respect that decision i do derserver a pusnishment as regardless i broke a rule im trying so hard to not be perm banned if i had to be banned whether thats 7 days 30 days or 60 days ile accept that but ide really like it n hope its not a perm ban. Thanks Again
  9. I agree with you what i said in my last 1 i have kept to it ive focused on helping people doing what i can to show them around and help where i can ive had situations pop up that could have got me in trouble i walked away because i want to help people and not be on a bad path. This was a genuine mistake and misunderstanding on my behalf i had no intention of gaining something from it or advantage.. All i have focused on ia helping new people when they joined and bringing new things to the city within rp thats all ive done. Ive had good interactions with people ive not just went and did something because i didnt get my own way ive rp everything out properly when there was a situation where i could of got banned i instantly walked away as i promised i wouldnt cause issues with people or staff. On this occasion it was a honest and genuine mistake and apart from this ive kept my word on everything i said to bowen before. Im not 1 of these kids that will give 1000 lies of my game crashed or it was my. Dog that did it. Use gave me the respect by listening to me so i always return the respect to you by been honest. Im 31 im not a kid ivw been trying to do right and keept. My head down and not go down the same. Path which i havent it was a genuine mistake wont happen again. Im not going to sit at 31 yr old and come up with a lie i was truthful in my last one and its the same on this one it was a honest. Mistake.ive went right threw the rules ive even got them saved incase im ever unsure. If you look at my log you can even see the amount of things ive bought for new people or given away to people to help them as thats the path i wanted to keep on i bought a gas station to start setting up off road racing and meet up because it gives more rp to racers and car enthusiasts. In 5 weeks of me been back ive help over 8 people with cars bikes fishing rods guidence within reason. All i want to do is help people and have a great rp with people in the city. Thats why ive not been to prison or anything. Ps. I do get what you mean charles from when i spoke to bowen. But its not. My intent to be here to cause a problem or go on a bad bath again. Genuine mistake and big apology from my self for that mistake but i am sticking to what i told bowen im following a path to help people not cause mayhem or issues.
  10. HyperG1


    Yeah thats fine as soon as i can get back in i will record it and send you. It. Wasnt sure if maybe my internet lagged out and conflicted the error but thought ile shot the post up but yeah ile get the recording asap for you.
  11. HyperG1


    Hello. I think it was around 3 daya ago i tried to pqy all my fines i had the. Money in the bank everytime i went to pay them it kept saying invalid request not sure if its. My end or not. Thanks
  12. Hello just a quick one. If you want to apply for nhs or polic3 would i need to use a different character if my main one has been arrested or anything in the past? Thanks
  13. Hello not sure if you have already fixed it but when you are doing a taxi job the passanger falls out the taxi whether you go slow fast or stop it could just be me. But thought ide mention it anyway. Thanks
  14. Unban Appeal for HyperG1 In-game Name: Parsival stone Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198071409527 Ban ID: rpuk5874 Reason given for your ban: G2.9 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: i honestly have no idea i was talking to someone bout selling a shop and the next thing it kicked me out with a ban. the only thing i can think of is on my other guy i had a cheap 30k riata and my guy wanted to buy it which i sent him he then said he didnt want it as the storage wasnt enough so i got it back and left it in garage if that was the case i do apologise as i didnt realise that was the issue ive been trying so much to keep my head down with everything thats went on in the past putting focus on helping new people getting them the help they need to progress weather its info or out on fishing and jobs. i understand theres rules for a reason which we all agree to when we join the server. ide just like to say a big sorry to you guys as this was not my intent to use to my gains or advantage in anyway shape or form on my side was a total misunderstanding and confusion and will make sure it dont happen again and double check everything before i go ahead from here on out. The last item trades i did were i swapped a music mini van for my guys van i bought some cars for my guys i give a car away to help 2 new people in the city as they couldnt affored a car for fishing i bought fishing rods for new fishers and like i said i went to sell a car from my (cousin ) he needed better storage but didnt realise it was only 150 so sent it back so i shot it in my car storage ide be more than happy to delete the car as like i said i had no intention of using it for my gain or advantages and i have more than enough money to buy it so i didnt swap it to me for any personal reason. if that really was the reason i genuinly apologise didnt no i couldnt do a sale that way didnt mean to cause any problems as ive been trying to keep my head down and help people. Why should we unban you ?: honestly ive not been doing anything wrong ive kept to all rules and been helping new players and keeping o the right side of everything which you will be able to see that ive been working at bringing new roleplay events and stuff and not hurt anyone or messed about. i understand now that i need to double and triple check if i have any confusion in the rules or roleplay before i sell swap or give something away as i feel terrible that it caused that and it really was not my intention to come across that way at all i hope i can come back and re roleplay again as i am really enjoying the path i was heading and improving my roleplaying skills on here. sorry again and hope to move past this and wont happen again. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  15. I fully agree with you. i mean at the moment every mining job you cant make money unless you sell it to someone or a gang. gangs control the drugs which kind of killed the hole earning respect in the city to find out locations of fields and stuff which was the best because you met so many people like this. You would earn respect working your way up and gangs would fight it out to control the field or processing sometimes if the cops raided gangs would come together at the field which again made a great role playing experience. gangs should never get to just control the drugs the way they do it should be fields and so forth so they could either tax or what not. i think since gangs control drugs its killed a big aspect of roleplay as you should have to go work and grind for the drugs like it use to be. all i see at the moment is everyone stood in car parks or on walls as they say all jobs have got boring because 1 money making is way to low for how much things cost. the tow trucking is broke most times. everyone should be able to do anything from drugs to normal jobs its just worked better so much when you seen people grinding instead of just sat having it handed to them i do hope somethings change in these ways as at the moment theres not a lot to do. ide rather grind and work hard as hell to do drugs rather than just buy it and thats it done Im not hating on devs or out i think the stuff you all do is fantastic so a big thank you for all your hard work. its only the drugs and jobs that im talking about thanks.
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