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  1. no it isnt i tried it on a local carand it worked , its just on my personal vehicles and i dont know why
  2. I cant get into any of my car inventories therfore cant do coke runs etc. if you know anything on how to resolve this please can you help the game is pretty much unplayable without been able to access my inventories
  3. Yeah, i didnt lie about not having a gun as i did actually go hide it somewhere whilst the police werent looking, i also didnt spam call the medic i can send screenshots of literally 2 calls which didnt last full length as i cancelled them and literally 2 messeges telling him "jaime i need you quick" and "answer please" as it was half 3 in the mornin and i wanted to go to bed. I understand i shouldnt do this and it wont happen again but i didnt lie about not having a gun and what jack said on the radio was false i was never cuffed by the police while i was downed i was dragged over by the medic so he could revive me. When i got up i hid the gun in my rented mechanic truck and therefore didnt have it at the time of the kidnapping. Apart from the discord bit i Roleplayed and handled the situation correctly. The fuck you bit wasnt not valuing my life as i was going to die anyway so i went out saying fuck you in full RP. The attached image is the calls and messages at the time of the incident to the medic further proving it wasnt spam as it says lasted a few seconds as i cancelled them. It is wrong and shouldnt happen but as ive explained it wont happen again but proves it wasnt spam call as the medic falsely claimed, this still doesnt take away the fact that i called him and this shouldnt happen as it is fail RP. It wont happen again i apologise for what i did. Also thank you for a chance to defend myself as the other 2 times ive been banned i havent.
  4. @Bowen Orion yeah looking back on it now it definitely would've and if i could go back i wouldnt of done it i am genuinely sorry and have friends that play on here too so i wouldnt wanna get bacnned again or repeat what i did because i would be left out from when they are playing, i wish i couldve avoided this but didnt think at the time, sorry. an unban/ second chance would be much appreciated, please can we make this happen.
  5. @Bowen Orion sorry i didnt see this one i saw the other one after it i do enjoy playing the server but not sitting in jail for 8 hours, ik it was my fault i was in there but i had to go off soon and wanted to get out so i knew of an exploit and tried it. I am sorry for doing that and also taking ages to reply cos its on a browser and i dont get notifications but please give me a second chance.
  6. Yeah sorry for not responding didnt know you replied but please let me have a second chance i wont do it again.
  7. Unban Appeal for Ainsley Brown In-game Name: Ainsley Brown Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198982426059 The date you got banned: 09/04/20 Member of the team that banned you: I don't really know as it doesn't tell you but i think it was management. Reason given for your ban: Using an exploit to escape the prison. In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I take full responsibility for the fact that i was using an exploit to escape the prison, I don't know the exact date or the member of team that banned me as it doesn't say. Why should we unban you ?: Because i really enjoy the server out of all of them i have played it is truthfully the best one or else i wouldn't appeal, i am sincerely sorry and also i have friends on here and i take full responsibility for what i did. Please approve this appeal it would mean a lot and again i am sorry for what i did. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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