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  1. Not had this but think it's either changing to voice activation or game is thinking people are holding down their PTT.
  2. Video will speak for itself, but for the last week this truck on LS Freeway has been causing me & others issues. Recordings are from different days, including just after a restart.
  3. Thanks for organising, shame it got cut short.. You planning any others?
  4. Since the latest update modifying your car at Bennys causes you to fall through the floor.
  5. Mangos

    Seatbelt bug

    Taking seatbelts off is, at times, still bugged and launches you out of the vehicle. https://i.gyazo.com/7ed97cc9988fcd31ae416fafff19d771.mp4
  6. Unsure if it's since changed, but smelting was a similar issue. Doesn't tell you before & instead you wait ages for the progress bar to finish to be told you have no room (but you would if it calculated the space minus the resources you're processing). Coal to coal coke I had to process 1, then gradually increase the amount each time until it was all processed. Inventory of 44 transfered to 22 but says you don't have enough space if doing it in one go, so have to do the above method.
  7. I'm the other party involved (in black). Of note for whoever looks into this, we strongly suspect ID 744 to be the same as ID 524 (guy from my report I'd called out) who had logged out on cocaine field whilst in the presence of us. General perception is that he then made an alternate character, metagamed in knowning we were on the hill and tried to steal from the trucks. I have an alternate perspective recorded also if required.
  8. Report a player Your In-game Name: Jason Dimples Name of the player(s) you are reporting: ID 524/694/695 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 11/18/20 Time of the incident (GMT): 132 What best describes this incident ?: RDM & RVDM Please (in detail) describe the incident: Drove to Pillbox hospital to pickup a police impound. On arriving I have tried to identify the vehicle that needs lifting. Once doing so I'm approached by a group of 3. ID 695 RVDMing, with ID 524 & 694 pulling weapons and RDMing. I have never me
  9. Mangos

    Trunk Access

    Larger vehicles like the Packer & Benson are most notable for issues, but smaller vehicles like the Bison/Audi RS6/RS4 are also effected.. Unable to acccess vehicle boot space & get stuck in an animation. Edit: Seem to struggle with owned trucks but stolen trucks are fine.
  10. Been meaning to post this, but to save posting separate thread for a similar issue... The RS6 is underwhelming compared to the RS4, and despite being fully upgraded there's no performance difference. Is this something that can be looked into? Thanks!
  11. Been a big issue I've experienced also. If this is intentional, can we consider this a suggestion?
  12. Mangos

    Mechanic Levels

    Not sure if this has already been reported, but 2 things to raise. The initial being that once you level up mechanic levels, you have to leave/rejoin the service for it to refresh the level. Second is on hitting level 4 the following pops up in the top right of your screen (as also seen in the GIF). This persists on relogging.
  13. It'll be linked to this one
  14. Mangos

    Jerry cans

    I'll edit this with a video later but there seems to be a minor issue with Jerry cans refilling your vehicle so long as you have money on you. You can fill up until the equivalent amount you can afford at a petrol pump then it cuts out. It does not take money from you and you can press E again to continue the refill. No issue if you have excess of £20 or so, but if you have £3 you'll only fill for a couple of seconds. With no money: With £3:
  15. I don't think there's a faction for them. The mechanic role allows you to rent one of their vehicles, so I think people use it mostly for a brief get-around.
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