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  1. @JasonO thanks man, got a bit out of hand
  2. also stop the forum war and keepit in dms now
  3. swear the morrisons drove you off your turf for real yesterday? and yea it is second home of ballas cuz we good with ballas since most of them are ex mara legends #originalmafiosas
  4. Status: Chilling like a villain

  5. Thankyou for clarifying this, obviously I don't know the triads very well irl or ever speak to them, just feel like I've heard those voices before. Also pasghetti bolognase is the best.
  6. Report a player Your In-game Name: Tujm Makmud Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 'Elf Gang" is their alias Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 07/04/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 1820 What best describes this incident ?: combat logging Please (in detail) describe the incident: they drove by turf and have attempted to kidnap our boys a few times, so when we saw them pass turf we chased them down, we lost them and they started chasing another Marabunta while threatening to shoot. We rushed to help and killed them, as soon as we did, all of the people inside of the Stinger shown in the video left the server, we have been unable to resolve the situation because we were unable to find their ids or get them in a teamspeak since they left the server. In the video i state that its triads however I'm still not 100% sure, we,ve had reason to believe it could be triads and its sounds like a member, however take into account it may not be a triad, just speculation. further adding to point of that, they turned up at turf literally minutes afterwards and were chilling on triads turf minutes before the incident which you can hear one of our boys announce on the radio. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/6Y00vl_PoVI This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  7. After a year in the server I can confidently say that you've made an amazing community, making the server as fun as it is. So far I've enjoyed rpuk and without you I hope it stays that way!
  8. Story Of Tujm Makmud


    Tujm grew up in mirror park with his childhood friend Cal and his illegally immigrated uncle rajesh. He liked beefing with kids from Vespucci boulevard and chilling at mirror park Gas station with his uncle rajesh. Until one day, when he was 13, the Vespucci boulevards gang, triads, rocked up with uzi's and scorpions, brutally murdered his uncle rajesh in attempt to show Tujm not to mess with them and shot an oil tanker leading to 3rd degree burns all over his arms, severely damaging nerve endings and causing traumatic damage. Tujm's and Cals' eyes became red with rage and revenge as they saw Rajeshs' brain gruesomely scattered across the white tiled floor, he couldn't believe his eyes and yearned for revenge.

    he knew that he could never trust those people again and Throughout the next few years Tujm started hanging with the neighbouring gang in fudge lane and met people with experiences just like his. They took him in despite his indian heritage, he found a place where he belonged and was respected by the rest of them and they became Tujm's true family, accepting him and showing him his true worth. He and his salvadorian family are still longing to kill the triads for good to this day.

    1. Tujm Makmud

      Tujm Makmud

      A flow of new members, new people, new competition and new changes has lead to Tujm forgiving triads with mutual feeling beyond both parties, after being appointed by the rest of the gang and the main candidate for El jefe he decided to rethink why marabunta were still beefing triads, was it for revenge or just because... He had already got it multiple times and it kept going, there was no point to being at war with a gang who show mutual respect and like-minded people. Hopefully this alliance brings a new dawn to the marabunta grande, and refreshes the city from the past and brings new fresh unclouded air. Big Plans are coming...

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