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  1. bit sus cant even see the evidence
  2. Dont know bout you pal but i would like too see more than a minute long video, maybe might show you going into redzone and being shot at by other members. Your floating around on the edge of the redzone giving callouts to your teammates, which you can hear in the first 10 seconds of the video. Now ill explain the reason why i shot, I was on tha rock being sprayed at by alteast 4-5 members of Posiedon, I had already drove past their once and got killed without going into the redzone by Akula or something and the second time I came back, which was the life where I got that sweet hunte
  3. only thing worse than the quality is the kills.
  4. if u make the watermark cover the whole screen this might be watchable
  5. my 1 month ban is done, hi @Samantha

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    2. Tertiary Page

      Tertiary Page

      Encouragement to ban exclamation mark.

      dis joke plz no.

    3. Niko


      keep him banned

    4. Clarkk
  6. they need to add a poop reaction the this forums
  7. k well he does know how to turn off engines, its other peoples engines that are annoying and loud and especially when they lock them...
  8. We know @Ginge The Bastardis missing Invictia, so ill let you know that we will come back once some quality of life suggestions get implemented (plz dont ban me for writing this)

  9. https://gyazo.com/92a13c8f0afb0b299618c8002733fd36
    the best yeh? 

    surely should of been judged off kills, aUjWeGo.jpeg

    not how long jimmy can sit afk in a zone while we all get the kills


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    2. Coco


      King of the hill, not king of the kills

    3. Adam Braz

      Adam Braz

      probs shouldnt of put best of the best gets the reward then :S


    4. M


      your fault for not being a team player 😛

  10. Invictia will take the Opfor faction thanks.
  11. dead, admins editing my post.Heres an idea for your balance change, give fullscreen NV to everyone and get rid of the goggles.
  12. yeh, not sure why people -1 it lol like they would rather the goggles
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